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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/22/07

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Written By  Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Reva packs for her trip to see Jonathan and Sarah. After running into Alan and getting a rather cold hearted response Lizzie comes to find Reva and asks if she can leave town with her. Reva tries to put her off kindly but Lizzie insists the only way she can forget about her problems is to party with Reva. Reva insists that she needs this time for herself. Reva is concerned for Lizzie and asks if maybe she should seek professional help. When Reva will not allow Lizzie to accompany her Lizzie turns hateful and tells Reva to leave her alone next time Reva has an issue, better yet, Lizzie goes on, maybe Reva needs to seek professional help. Lizzie’s emotional state is due to her earlier conversation with her grandfather when he belittled her attempt to seek help mentally and emotionally from an internet website for women.

After speaking with Lizzie about nightmares she had been having since her “missing weekend” Alan is more determined to find out what Reva needed with Lizzie during those days. Alan makes a phone call asking for help. Doris Wolfe soon meets Alan at CO2 where he gives her a diamond bracelet and asks for her help, after telling her he wanted to be her friend, and Ashley’s friend. Doris agrees to help if Alan will pay. Done.

Reva makes her way to a privately charted plane and is concerned when she learns the pilot is waiting for one more passenger. Reva assumes it is Lizzie but is surprised when Alan boards the plane smoking a cigar. Reva tells Alan she is going to see her father in Oklahoma, the same excuse she gave Lizzie. After a bit of interrogation Alan pretends to believe her destination and acts as if he is exiting the plane. Rather than leave the plane Alan makes a phone call. The plane turns around and begins to taxi back to the gate, Reva is confused but when she hears the police call out on a bull horn it all makes sense. Reva is arrested on the plane for the kidnapping of Lizzie Spaulding. Reva isn’t surprised.

After leaving Reva’s room in tears she is stopped by Cassie on main Street. Cassie recognizes that Lizzie has been drinking and asks her about it. Lizzie answers only to chase down a couple of anti-depressants. Cassie asks for some and is handed the bottle. Cassie then lectures Lizzie about taking drugs to cover her true feelings. Lizzie’s remorse is too much and she tries to identify with the unstable Cassie who fires back you had Sarah for what a minute, I had Tammy for 22 years. The comment infuriates Lizzie. Regardless, Cassie asks Lizzie to live the life that she still has. The life that Tammy, Jonathan, and Sarah no longer have.

Mallet paces outside Dinah’s room. The surgery is complete, the doctor tells him, but it will take a couple of days to see how successful it was. Marina tries to get information about the shooter from Mallet now that they know Dinah is okay for the time being. Mallet will not reveal what he knows, instead he leaves the hospital in search of Cyrus after relinquishing his service revolver. He still has his non-service revolver. Mallet attacks Cyrus on Main Street accusing him of bringing Grigg’s back into their lives. Cyrus denies bringing Grigg’s to town and admits he wants revenge for Dinah as well. Marina breaks up the physical altercation as Cassie watches taking in details of the accusations thrown back and forth between the two men.

Cassie and Josh discuss the sudden peace she has found after visiting Tammy’s grave. Josh isn’t as convinced but listens and advises Cassie. They speak outside the ER doors because Cassie needed to be in the last place she saw Tammy alive. Marina comes outside and tells them both that Dinah has been shot and may not make it. Cassie’s new found hope disappears. Cassie slips back into her state of despair she has been in since Tammy died. Cassie cannot make sense of her feelings. At one time, she admits, she wanted Dinah dead but now, she sees the true effort Dinah has made to turn herself and her life around and she is a good person now, a person who does not deserve to be fighting for her life. Josh goes to Dinah’s bedside and speaks from his heart admitting he has no idea what he should be saying in this situation. Mallet is grateful for Josh’s thoughts and prayers. Josh speaks aloud to Dinah, telling her so many people are thinking of her and praying for her. Mallet gets a call from Cyrus and threatens him if he is lying. Mallet leaves the hospital to meet Cyrus. Cyrus waits in a room at the Beacon, he reveals Griggs tied to a chair and gagged.

Olivia tries to get Jeffery’s attention by wanting immediate information about a Spaulding contract. Jeffery tells her he will get to it when he gets to it but he has more pressing issues to contend with right now. Olivia becomes upset when she learns Reva is the more pressing issue. Olivia and Jeffery argue outside of Company about her wanting and needing to be a priority in his schedule, Jeffery cannot commit to making her a work priority. Josh stumbles upon them and tries to remind them of what is important telling them about Dinah’s condition. Josh becomes defensive when Jeffery asks if Cassie knows of Dinah’s condition. When Josh verbally attacks Jeffery telling him to leave Cassie alone especially when it comes to Alan and Rick’s custody fight, Olivia jumps in and defends Jeffery. Olivia’s defending of Jeffery surprised and angered her. Olivia storms off to her room where Jeffery followed. Inside her room Olivia pushes Jeffery to the bed and tries to seduce him but he turns her away verbally and physically. This enrages Olivia. Jeffery admits he wants Olivia but not like this.

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