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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/21/07

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Written By Dani

Josh and Cassie discuss the difference in their faith in God’s will. Josh understands cassia’s shaken faith but Cassie tries to hide her disappointment in God for Josh’s sake. So much so she excuses herself to dress for a meet and greet for the wives of the divinity students.

Beth and Rick have a run it outside of Company where Beth is angry about Rick taking her to court for full custody of their unborn daughter. Rick tries to explain that this isn’t personal and if Beth will simply leave Alan than there will be no problems. Beth tells him she cannot and will not leave Alan. So be it, though that is not the answer Rick wanted to give Beth or accept for himself. Rick goes to Josh for advice and for a favor.

Rick asks josh to host the Bauer Fourth of July BBQ. Josh refuses but with explanation, after he gives his friend a beer. Josh listens as Rick explains that he doesn’t want to demonize one of his oldest friends but he doesn’t know what else to do. Josh feels that Rick is more determined to win Beth for himself than the baby and advises him to decide what is more important, he have Beth or the best for the baby. If the answer is the baby the best thing Rick can do is make Beth an ally rather than an enemy.

Rick returns to his room at the Beacon where Beth is waiting for him, this is only after having a confrontation with Cassie.

Cassie arrives at Company for her meeting with the minister wives. At first she is welcomed and her opinion and experience in fund raising welcomed but Beth approaches and blurts out slanderous accusations that center on violence, hate, and revenge. Trying to play cool the already unstable Cassie snaps grabbing Beth by the wrists and tells her she doesn’t deserve a baby. The minister wives walk out. Beth continues to taunt and bait Cassie until Cassie attacks Beth again. Jeffery walks in and breaks up the physical altercation. Beth goes to Rick’s room to his surprise.

Beth becomes emotional and gets Rick to admit that he doesn’t believe Beth is a bad person or bad mother. Rick gets a page from the ER and must go immediately. Beth stays behind where she retrieves a hidden video camera.

Jeffery aside from breaking up Cassie and Beth’s fight has been busy trying to question Reva about the “missing” weekend with Lizzie. Reva has an excuse for every question and is irritated by Jeffery’s constant badgering. Reva is watching every move she makes and is jumpy knowing that Alan is most likely having her followed. Reva stops by Gus and Harley’s with some things for Daisy. While alone in the house when the babysitter goes to check on the boys Reva calls Jonathan. She tells him she plans to be there tomorrow and asks how the baby is. A sigh of relief indicates the urgent problem was with baby Sarah. All seems to be doing well. Billy is waiting outside to tell Reva he is following her because Alan has people watching her.

Mallet rushes to Dinah’s injured side as Griggs’s makes his get away. Dinah has been shot in the head! Blood rushes from her body at an alarming rate, her eyes are eerily open as life is leaving her body. Mallet weeps and begs aloud for God not to take Dinah. He encourages her with pure fear in his voice to hang on until EMT arrive. Her condition isn’t looking well but mallet and Dinah hold on when they hear ambulance sirens in the distance. EMT arrive and Mallet is in their face demanding they do this and do that. EMT ask him over and over to please let them work. At the hospital Mallet is hopeful when one of the EMT workers give Mallet the bullet that pierced her head. Mallet hopes for some patching up and no damage or death.

Frank and Marina arrive after hearing the call go out over the radio. Mallet admits the hit was intended for him not Dinah but mallet will not reveal a physical description or name to Frank of the assailant. Frank is frustrated but Marina calls frank down under the circumstances. Mallet waits by the door of Dinah’s hospital room expecting when it opens he will be able to see her alive and okay. Unfortunately the doctor has bad news. The doctor asks for Mallet to sign a release so they may perform a very risky surgery. Mallet is reluctant still holding onto the fact that the bullet entered and exited but he is told Dinah’s only chance of survival is the surgery. There is swelling of the brain and they must reduce the swelling for her to live without brain damage. Mallet signs the release and waits broken hearted.

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