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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/20/07

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Written By Dani


Today’s episode picks up just where it left off yesterday with Dinah returning to the table to celebrate and discovers matt and Mallet are missing. At first Dinah jokes with Vanessa then the truth hits her. Dinah realizes mallet left with Matt for a reason, to assassinate him. Dinah panics and makes Vanessa to stay there until she gets back and rushes off to find Mallet. Dinah does make a quick stop at the jewelry store just incase she is over reacting but the jeweler tells her he has not seen any men. Dinah searches and calls desperately trying to find mallet before he kills Matt. After leaving A.C. a heartfelt tearful message begging him to just come home because they can work it out and figure a way out of this situation Billy stumbles across his ex- daughter in law. Billy tells Dinah how proud he and Vanessa are of her after getting her life straight. Dinah credits Mallet for all of her progress.

Mallet hold Matt at gun point and tells him everything. There is no deal to be made, Griggs wants to make an example out of him and it’s not personal, he likes Matt just fine but he loves Dinah more. Mallet explains he will do anything to save Dinah and keep her out of harm’s way. Matt moves to disarm Mallet and the gun goes off. Mallet stands back in shock, gasping for air as Matt lies lifeless on the dock. With no other options Mallet rolls Matt’s body off into the water. Trying to compose himself A.C. paces and sits at the docks breathing hard and taking in what just happened. He seems to be in a state of shock.

Finally Mallet returns home to pull himself together some more. He avoids Dinah’s calls. Dinah sits on the bench outside of Company waiting to hear from anyone. Mallet is brought to his feet when he hears someone entering his suite. Grabbing his gun Mallet hides out of sight. The quiet footsteps of a male enter, Mallet comes around the corner ready to defend himself. It’s a soaking wet Matt! They are glad to see each other and are happy to reveal the details of faking Matt’s death for the benefit of someone watching that had been sent to follow them by Griggs. Mallet has called Vanessa, everything is in place for them to leave town undetected. Mallet can now make contact with Dinah.

Dinah has been let into the loop by Vanessa so she waits for word one way or the other. Mallet tracks her down and they rush into each other’s arms, pleased that the entire ordeal is over. Everyone is safe.

Dinah and Mallet return to their suite to celebrate and relax in ease. Mallet has one more job before the can rest assured. Mallet must deliver proof that Matt is dead to Griggs. Mallet drops a mini-video tape on Griggs’ table at CO2. Griggs plays along for a bit but reveals that he knows what happened on the docks and he also knows that Matt and Vanessa are on their way out of town and Matt is alive. Mallet tries to pull the “cop” card but Griggs isn’t threatened in the least. He does warn, however, that Mallet has made the worst mistake of his life. Mallet returns to his blushing bride and keeps the truth from her. They have a loving wonderful evening together. Mallet stays by Dinah’s side until she falls asleep, he then reloads his weapon and heads out.

Before confronting Griggs, Mallet asks, no insists that Mel update his will tonight, to insure Dinah will be well taken care of. Mel doesn’t understand the urgency but complies with a quick hand written copy that has been witnessed by total strangers to make it valid. While A.C. is with Mel, Dinah is awaken by a frantic message by Matt telling them that they have been spotted. Dinah picks up and listens. After checking the steel briefcase Dinah calls Griggs and arranges a meeting at the docks. Dressed to kill (no pun intended) Griggs assumes Dinah is willing to exchange sexual favors for Mallet’s safety. Dinah is amused at Griggs’ assumption and lack of background on Dinah. He just assumed she was a cops wife. Without revealing her past Dinah volunteers to take Mallet’s place in Griggs’ business. Griggs is close to agreeing moving in for a seductive deal making kiss. Dinah draws a knife ready to stab Griggs in the back. Mallet rushes in screaming for Dinah to stop. Dinah becomes hysterical claiming she has killed a man before and will do it again. Both Dinah and mallet are desperate to do whatever it takes to save each other. Mallet and Griggs draw down weapons on each other at the same time. Mallet steps in front of Dinah and tells her to walk away while he tries to talk Griggs down. Dinah slowly moves away but rushes back when she senses Griggs will shoot Mallet. Dinah screams “NOOOOO!” and jumps between the barrel of Griggs’ gun and Mallet’s gun. A gun goes off and Dinah falls to the ground unconscious.

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