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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/19/07

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Written By Dani

Mallet struggles with the right thing to do, the only thing to do. Griggs is placing enormous pressure on Mallet to assassinate Matt. Griggs wanted the job done yesterday. Dinah’s life now hangs in the balance depending on what Mallet decides to do. Mallet loves Dinah more than he feels compelled to do the right thing and has decided he must protect Dinah and the only way is to kill Matt. Mallet packs his gun with the silencer into the breast pocket of his leather jacket. Griggs calls to reiterate his threat upon Dinah’s life if Matt isn’t taken care of today. His patience is running low. Dinah comes out of the shower trying to be flirty with Mallet who is preoccupied. After snuggling up to him she feels the gun in his jacket and knows right away that the pistol is not his service revolver. Mallet claims it is only for their protection. Dinah buys the excuse although she knows Mallet has decided to kill Matt. Dinah believes they can beat Griggs at his own game they have gone up against a lot worse people in their lives and together. Mallet isn’t so sure but tells Dinah what she wants to hear. Dinah wants to bring the Feds in and handle the situation legally, legit. Mallet just wants time to think and figure out the best idea for everyone, including Matt but especially Dinah. Mallet gives in to come up with a solution until Dinah stumbles into the street and is almost run over by a passing car. Dinah believes it was merely an accident, she is the one who stumbled but Mallet has another opinion. Mallet believes the near miss was a sign, for him to get the job done he has been assigned. Dinah dismisses Mallet’s concerns. The first thing that Dinah wants to do is speak with Matt and give him a heads up.

They locate Matt at Company, but Matt isn’t alone Vanessa is with him. Dinah goes in to join them while Mallet takes a call he says is from the station. Griggs is reminding Mallet time is running out and he wants Matt gone before the end of the day. Mallet tries to reason with Griggs to spare Matt’s life but Grigg’s wants to make an example of Matt for others who try to slight him in business. When Mallet joins his mother-in-law and step-father-in-law they have good news. Vanessa announces she and Matt are getting back together and better than that Matt has a new business deal that is legitimate and will give him the opportunity to pay back the money on the deal that went south, it will take 20 years but he will be able to pay it back. Dinah, Vanessa, and Matt are thrilled and ready to celebrate with champagne. Mallet is acting sketchy and asks Matt to take a walk to the jewelry store with him. Mallet claims he wants to buy Dinah a piece of jewelry and wants a second opinion. Rather than going to Main Street Mallet leads Matt to the docks. Matt is confused. Mallet tells Matt the truth. The guys that Matt borrowed the money from don’t want re-payment they want to make an example of him. Matt thinks that is easily solved he will take Vanessa and Maureen and leave town for a while. Mallet pulls his gun, leaving isn’t an option. Mallet whispers “I’m sorry, Matt.”

Dinah returns from the restroom surprised to see Matt and Mallet missing from the table. At first she doesn’t put it together that Mallet could be pulling off the ordered hit on Matt but when Vanessa confesses Mallet’s surprise for Dinah she figures out , if Mallet wanted a second opinion on jewelry Vanessa would be the second opinion not Matt. Dinah becomes concerned for Matt’s safety.

Marina sleeps with a can of pepper spray and is startled when Frank enters her room. Frank and Marina are both obsessed with Cyrus but for different reasons. Frank knows marina has fallen in love with Cyrus and Marina knows that her father is aware of her feelings for the thief. Marina tries to assure Frank who has always protected and looked after his daughter that she will never get involved with Cyrus and Frank must let his vendetta to get catch Cyrus go. Frank receives a call from Cyrus’ undercover tale, he is informed that Cyrus is alone in Company with Buzz. Frank doesn’t tell Marina but leaves to take care of the supposed situation .

Buzz writes a letter in front of a picture of Jenna, he is using an expensive antique pen. Cyrus who is waiting for his boss, has a cup of coffee and admires the “stolen “pen. Buzz is aware of the value and origin of the pen that Jenna gave to Coop. Cyrus knows the pen has been stolen from a European estate as does Buzz who defends the wonderful ability Jenna had at acquiring stolen antiquities and jewels. Cyrus is intrigued, Jenna Bradshaw is a legend in the industry. Cyrus is impressed and wants to pick Buzz’s mind. Buzz is willing to speak freely about the wonderful woman and her many talents and large heart to the young thief who admires Jenna. Buzz slyly tells Cyrus about how she gave up her criminal life for love. Buzz goes on to compliment Jenna’s switch from international thief to mother and wife. Cyrus asks about how his family handled it. Buzz is and was confidant in the strong and undying love he and Jenna shared. Cyrus listens intently. Buzz knows of the vibes that Cyrus and Marina are letting off for each other and inquires about Cyrus’ attempt to go legit. Cyrus assures Buzz, yes he will miss his old life, but he is going to make a real effort to stay straight. Alexandra overhears as they talk about Cyrus’ job with the Spaulding’s. Frank busts in and breaks up the conversation. Buzz stands his ground with his son. Buzz is quick to tell Frank that he and Cyrus were enjoying an cup of coffee and beer (later on into the conversation) along with conversation that was wanted and invited. Buzz reminded Frank that he owned Company and could converse and sell coffee to whomever he pleased. Marina walks in to find everyone in disagreement and assumes that Frank is bullying Cyrus on her behalf, after he promised to let up off the former criminal.

Outside Cyrus and marina share a close intimate moment as they are drawn into each other while they agree they must stay away from the other. Alex fetches Cyrus to get her to the office. Marina joins Buzz who believes in second chances and tells marina she will never know if Cyrus is true until she gives him a chance to prove himself one way or another.

Rafe watches the Cubs game while Gus and Harley gush over the fact that the Cubs are Gus’ favorite team also. Gus tries to cozy up to Rafe. Rafe is stand-offish yet accepting of hearing what Harley and Gus have to say. Harley breaks it to Rafe that her family will be stopping by to meet him. Rafe is curious about the family break down between Harley’s clan and Gus’s lack there of. Zach joins the conversation asking about Grandpa Alan. Gus and Harley try their best to explain the situation. This sounds interesting to Rafe who asks if maybe Alan would watch a Cubs game with him. Gus doesn’t answer.

Change of subject, Harley shows Rafe a cake she made for him, claiming it is tradition in their family to make a cake when something special happens. Rafe becomes agitated and aggressively tells Harley he doesn’t want her cake. Before joining his step-dad and new big brother on the couch Zach found a syringe in Rafe’s duffle bag when playing in the floor. Zach keeps the syringe secret for a while but reveals the filled syringe when Harley jokes that he has been pretty quiet. Harley blows up in anger and approaches Rafe herself not letting Gus get a word in edge wise. Harley accuses him of only being out of juvie two minutes and he has scored. Rafe takes the accusation personally and storms out. Harley is angry that Gus didn’t do enough to back her up. Gus goes outside to speak wit Rafe. Assuming, also, that Rafe is using drugs Gus tells Rafe about his drug addiction. Rafe listens and asks questions. He is kind and doesn’t judge but when the topic turns back to his drug problem Rafe is forced to tell Gus the truth. Ashamed of the truth and Natalia being the only person who knows, Rafe tells Gus that he isn’t using drugs, he is diabetic. Gus feels horrible and apologizes on behalf of himself and Harley. Gus asks Rafe to please forgive them both and to stay and live wit them for a while. Rafe is contemplating leaving until he walks back into the house with Gus and sees a photo of Daisy and Harley sitting next to the cake Harley made for him. Rafe agrees to stay.

Daisy write a letter to her unknown to her beau, hoping to someday have the chance to give him the letter. Dylan comes to visit. He knows about a boy that daisy is interested in. Dylan is loving and asks about the boy. As Daisy, who is a little embarrassed, tells Dylan a little about the mysterious boy. Dylan listens with love in his heart as a friend not a father daisy opens up more. Dylan is understanding and supportive. He also sees that Daisy has changed so much and is a different person that when she first came to juvenile hall and when he returned to town to help with her many problems. When Dylan points out that he sees a difference in her attitude, Daisy admits her mistakes but also admits she is happier and wants a different life for herself. She can’t wait to get out and she is even looking forward to living with Harley. Dylan is convinced his daughter has made a true change in the positive. Dylan volunteers to make some calls and do what he can to get Daisy released.

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