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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/14/07

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Written By Boo

Spaulding Mansion:

Beth enters the study to find Alex working on something for Alan.  She asks if she can borrow Alex's limo and driver to run some errands.  After getting a few pokes in about the paternity of Beth's baby, she calls Cyrus in and introduces him to Beth.  She hands him a very expensive diamond necklace in a nice case and asks him to also take it by the jewelers to be cleaned.  Alex explains that she has thought of passing it on to Lizzie several times but always gets second thoughts.  Beth is anxious to get going and snaps at the two of them that she is ready to go.  Cyrus leaves to get the car and Alex asks Beth what is wrong.  Beth explains that she hasn't heard from Lizzie in two days and is worried about her.  It is why she wants to borrow the limo.  She intends on going to all Lizzie's favorite hang outs to see if she can track her down.  Alex tells her to relax.  Lizzie is probably resting at a spa somewhere and running up her grandfathers credit cards.  Beth agrees that is probably where she is but is still physically worried about her.  Beth leaves to look for Lizzie.


Jeffery walks in to find Marina reading the police blotter.  She comments to him how many of them are repeat offenders.  She asks him if he thinks it really is possible for any of them to reform.  He makes a joke about Mother Teresa saying that he heard that she was once busted for B & E.  Marina is not amused and tells him she is serious.  When Jeffrey asks what is going on, she tells him to forget it and walks away.  A man comes in and Jeffrey greets him as an old friend.  He welcomes him to Springfield and comments that the man might want to write his next novel about Springfield.  The man replies that Springfield seems pretty quiet.  Jeffrey tells him that he would be surprised and tells him that Marina just might be his next heroine.  He introduces the man to Marina as Rock Hoover.  Marina asks how he knows Jeffrey.  Rock tells her that he used to work with Jeffrey in New York as part of the NYPD.  Jeffrey explains that he now writes crime novels.  Rock explains that he is in town to promote his latest book.  Marina asks the name of it.  She is a bit surprised to hear that the name of the latest book is 'Repeat Offender'. Jeffrey offers to drop him off at the TV station and then meet up later.  Marina comments that she would like an autographed copy of his book.  Rock promises to make sure she gets a copy and the he and Jeffrey leave.  Marina stops herself from thinking that the book just might be about Cyrus.

Room 303 at the Beacon:

Reva carries an unconscious Lizzie into a room and puts her on the bed.  She then scatters empty liquor bottles around the room along with half eaten pizza and other foods and trash.  Then she calls Jonathan and asks him if everything is okay.  She assures him that Lizzie is fine, she has taken care of everything.  She then leaves a still unconscious Lizzie covered in the bed. 

Main Street:

Beth and Cyrus arrive looking for Lizzie.  Beth is getting more and more upset because they can't find her.  Cyrus suggests going to some of Lizzie's friends houses.  Beth tells him that she doesn't really have any friends.  Cyrus thinks everyone has friends.  Beth tells him that she can't keep track of Lizzie like she used to when she was a little girl.  Cyrus asks if Lizzie disappears like this often.  He quickly apologizes for asking saying that he is just a driver.  Beth knows how the staff all gossip.  When Cyrus tells her that he tries not to listen, Beth tells him that Lizzie lost her husband and child in a car accident recently and that is why she is so worried about her.  Cyrus understands that is a lot of loss for someone Lizzie's age to deal with.  Beth's phone rings.  It is a freaked out Lizzie who has just woken up in the Beacon Room and is really scared.  Beth promises to be right there.  Cyrus offers to drive her, but she tells him she can get there faster by cutting through the park.  Beth rushes off to help her daughter.  Cyrus takes out the list that Alex gave him and goes over the errands he is supposed to run.  He looks at the necklace and has a discussion with himself over what he should do with them.  He decided that now that he is legit, he wants to stay that way and heads off to drop the necklace at the jewelers.

Billy's room at the Beacon:

When Reva knocks and realizes Billy isn't there, she lets herself in with her own key.  She quickly lays on the couch and tries to get some sleep when she hears Billy coming home from Venezuela.  He is surprised to find her there and asks why she is.  She tells him she was trying to take a nap until he barged in.  She asks how Bill is doing.  Billy tells her that Bill is fine and misses everyone.  He asks why she is napping in his room instead of at her own house.  She jokes that she likes his couch and the room service.  Billy understands that she may not want to spend time in her own place.  Reva tries to deny it at first then asks if Billy minds if she stays with him for awhile.  Reva accidentally knocks over her purse, spilling the contents on the floor.  When Billy goes to help her pick it up, he finds a fathers day card.  Reva tries to take it away from him before he sees it.  He thinks she bought one for Josh and opens it to read 'To my dearest Jonathan', he looks at her questioningly.  Reva tells him that Jonathan is still alive in her heart and when she saw the card in the store, it made her think of him so she bought it and wrote something to him.  Billy understands that she misses Jonathan and Sarah, he misses them too.  Reva comments that she just hopes they are okay.  Billy assures her that they are happy and gives her a hug.  After Reva leaves, Billy calls the farmhouse.


Josh comes in bearing pastries for the morning and tries to calm Cassie's nerves before Rev.  Ruthledge and his wife show up for dinner.  Cassie is very nervous but Josh reminds her that they are just people.  When the guests of honor show up, Josh introduces them to Cassie as Stephen and Maggie.  Cassie offers them something to drink and while Stephen comments that he is fine, Maggie says she would like some tea.  As Cassie goes to lift the tea pot from the stove, she burns her hand and exclaims 'damn!'. To ease her embarrassment, Stephen tells her that they have a 'curse jar' in their own kitchen that he is sure he personally has filled it with enough punishment to fund their daughter's college fund.  Stephen has brought quite a bit of study material for Josh and the two of them head off to the front room to go over it; leaving the little ladies in the kitchen to get acquainted.  Maggie and Cassie discuss what it is like to be a minister's wife and the roll that Cassie will be playing.  Cassie is clearly still very nervous and Maggie tries to calm her down by telling her that she herself was not a 'church person' before marrying Stephen.  Cassie is visibly surprised when Maggie asks her if she is worried that her stripper past will hurt Joshua.  Maggie explains that when she married Prince Richard, there was plenty of reading to do in the tabloids.  Cassie admits that she is a bit worried about her checkered past, but Maggie assures her that what is in the past will stay in the past as far as the church goes.  She then informs Cassie that the best way she can help Josh is to marry him as soon as possible.  Once the guys join them for dinner, the subject of their marriage comes up again.  Cassie makes a small excuse that there is a lot of planning that needs to be done for the wedding and she doesn't think they can move the date up.  Josh comments that he is ready to be married tomorrow but Cassie wants a nice wedding and agrees that it takes time to plan one.  Cassie tells them that she really can't wait to be married to Josh as that will make them a 'team'. The phone rings and Cassie takes the call outside.  It is Billy looking for Josh.  Cassie tells him that she needs his help in convincing Josh to put off the wedding.  She assures Billy that it has nothing to do with Reva.  She just wants to make sure that he is not distracted from his ministerial studies.  She doesn't want him to just marry her because it will make her happy.  She has no answer for Billy when he asks her if it is about making Josh happy.  Once dinner is over and their guests have left, Cassie tells Josh that she is going to run some errands and find some place to do some reading, taking the books that Maggie brought for her.

Room 303 at the Beacon:

Beth arrives outside the room and bumps into Jeffrey.  She explains Lizzie's disappearance and her frantic phone call and asks that Jeffrey come with her to help Lizzie in case Lizzie is in some kind of legal trouble.  They knock on the door together.  A very frazzled Lizzie answers the door and shows them in.  They conclude that Lizzie has had a very drunken night.  Lizzie tells them that she doesn't remember any of this.  She has no idea how she got there, or what happened.  Jeffrey asks her to try hard and remember the last thing she remembers.  Lizzie thinks about it and tells them that the last thing she remembers is being at the shack on the docks by the lake with Reva.  She tells them that Reva was telling her that she shouldn't get stuck in her grief over Jonathan and Sarah.  Jeffrey guesses that she went on the mother of all benders.  Lizzie is freaked because she has never blacked out before.  Lizzie asks Beth to call and cancel her palates session.  Beth tells her that her appointment was on Tuesday, that was two days ago.  Lizzie is really confused by that.  Jeffrey tells them that because Lizzie is so small, it wouldn't take much for her to blackout.  Beth reminds him that Lizzie has lost two whole days of her life.  Jeffrey understands that, but thinks that Lizzie needs to talk to a counselor.  Not a lawyer.  Lizzie protests saying that she is not a drunk.  Jeffrey explains that he didn't mean it that way and that she should just be patient.  Her memory will probably come back sooner or later.  He tells them he has to get going and takes off.  Beth calls Cyrus and asks him to pick them up and give them a ride home.  Cyrus tells them that he is too busy doing something for Alex and hangs up.  Lizzie and Beth start to gather her things up and clean up a bit before heading for home.


A dazed Cyrus comes in carrying an empty jewelry case and asks Marina if she has seen anyone running by recently.  Marina tells him no and asks why.  He starts to tell her, then decides she won't believe him.  Marina insists that he tell her and he admits that he was running errands and left the necklace in the car.  When he came back, someone had smashed the window and taken the necklace.  Marina is reluctant to believe him.  He starts to take off when Marina tells him that she believes someone took the necklace, she just isn't sure who.  Cyrus tells her to arrest him now if she is going to, otherwise he wants to find the necklace.  Marina goes with him to help find the thief.

Reva comes in to pick up a call in order and finds Jeffrey at the bar.  He tells her about finding Lizzie and Lizzie's memory loss.  Reva admits that she talked to Lizzie two days ago and confirms Lizzie's memory of their conversation.  Reva also admits that she kind of encouraged her to 'let loose' a little bit.  She tells him that in the future, she will advise Lizzie to throw herself into charity work in order to deal with her grief.  When Reva drops something and Jeffrey bends down to pick it up, he notices a small butterfly tattoo on her ankle and asks about it.  Reva claims it is a henna tattoo that she got at the mall.

Shack by the lake:

Marina and Cyrus talk about ways they may be able to find the thief.  Marina still isn't sure if she should believe Cyrus or not.  Cyrus tells her that this job is really important to him.  Marina remembers that he once said he wanted to go out in a blaze of bullets.  Cyrus tells her that was before when his only choices were to go to prison or die in a gun fight.  Now that he has had a taste of being legit, he wants to keep it that way.  He admits that he now dreams of dying an old man in a comfortable bed.  He leaves to find Alexandra
and tell her what has happened to her necklace.

Spaulding Mansion:

Lizzie complains that she has a terrible taste in her mouth.  Beth doesn't believe that Lizzie can't remember two whole days of her life.  Lizzie swears she is telling the truth.  Beth thinks she just concocted this whole story to get out of the two of them going away. 
Lizzie swears she was looking forward to it and shows her mother the travel ticket she bought as her proof.  Alex comes in and is happy to see that the mystery is solved and Lizzie is back home.  She asks if Cyrus brought them back home.  Beth tells her that Cyrus was 'too busy' to bother.  Alex leaves the room and Beth and Lizzie continue their discussion about Lizzie's memory for a bit longer before they decide to table the discussion for now and get some rest and something to eat.  As Lizzie gives Beth a hug, she pulls away in pain lifting her shirt at the right hip to see if she has a bruise.  Beth and Lizzie are equally surprised to see a tattoo of a small butterfly on her hip.

In the hallway, Alex runs into Cyrus and tells him that he should steer clear of Beth right now as Beth is unhappy with him.  He starts to tell her what happened with her necklace when Marina comes busting in.  She tells Alex that she should be very proud of Cyrus.  Marina explains that Cyrus was nice enough to allow the police to use her necklace to catch a thief that they have been trying to catch for years.  She produces the necklace in it's case and hands it back to Alex.  Alex looks not too pleased, but takes the necklace and leaves.  Cyrus asks how Marina got the necklace back.  Marina only offers up that she is a good cop as an explanation.  Cyrus asks her why she did it.  Marina tells him that she doesn't want to be the one to deny him his death in a comfy bed as she leaves.


Cassie sits down with all her new books and orders something to drink from the waitress.  The waitress comments on how much reading she has to do.  Cassie picks up one of the books and looks briefly at it before setting it back down on the table and picking up a tabloid magazine to read instead.

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