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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/12/07

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Written By Eva

(Towers) Marina works security for the find your light fundraiser and notices Cyrus arrive with Alexandra. Cyrus and Marina compliment each other on their clothes and Alexandra gives Cyrus a key to his new home in her guesthouse. Alexandra explains to a confuses Cyrus that this way she can have him close by whenever she needs him. Marina has a suspicious look on her face and excuses herself to go check things out at the party.

(Company) Jeffrey advises Ava that she should eat before they go to the fundraiser because they serve very little food at fundraisers and this will keep her from being hungry later. Jeffrey wonders why Ava invited him instead of Coop or her mother and Ava explains to him that she wanted to invite Coop but she didn’t want it to seem like she was pressuring him to get back together with her. Ava also tells Jeffrey that she didn’t invite Olivia because she knows that Olivia feels uncomfortable among the Spaulding’s and she didn’t want Olivia to be hurt. Ava tells Jeffrey that they don’t need Olivia anyway because she wants to spend time alone with her father. Olivia arrives and overhears the last part of Ava and Jeffrey’s conversation and is very hurt by Ava’s words so she leaves without being seen by Ava and Jeffrey. Ava wonders what Jeffrey is doing for father’s day because she wants to celebrate it with him and Olivia as a family. Jeffrey tells Ava he doesn’t deserve to celebrate father’s day with her because he was never a father to her. Ava reminds Jeffrey that he didn’t know she existed and that was the reason he wasn’t able to be her father. Jeffrey also points out that he has made a lot of mistakes and he doesn’t deserve to be honored like a good father. Ava tells Jeffrey she wants father’s day to mark a fresh start for all three of them as a family. Ava is concerned that Olivia will think she is trying to get her and Jeffrey together by having them both at the father’s day celebration so she begs Jeffrey to invite her and since Jeffrey is unable to refuse his daughter he agrees to invite Olivia to the father’s day celebration.

(Beacon) Mallet has a drink at the bar and recalls that Griggs wants him to kill Matt and wonders how he is going to get out of this mess and not have to kill Matt. Dinah gets a call from Griggs who is using a fake name and he tells her that he is very interested in syndicating her show. Dinah thinks that she can give the money from the syndication deal to Matt to pay off Griggs. Dinah agrees to meet Griggs on the waterfront in 15 minutes.

(Police Station) Mallet arrives to talk to Frank and tell him all about his past and that Griggs wants him to kill Matt Mallet struggles to find the words to tell Frank the truth but Frank shows Mallet an article about the crime commission with his picture and quote in the article. Frank jokes that he hopes that Mallet won’t get so famous that he forgets about his friends. Mallet tells Frank that he doesn’t care about the article and that won’t matter to him once he finds out about his past. Mallet starts to tell Frank his secret but gets a call from Griggs telling him that he has a meeting with Dinah soon and he plans to have a very nice evening with his lovely wife. Mallet warns Griggs to leave Dinah alone or he will kill him. Mallet hangs up the phone without saying a word to Frank about his past. Mallet begins a frantic search for Dinah all over Springfield but is unable to find her. Mallet searches their room first but Dinah didn’t leave any clues and he discovers that he can’t reach her on her cell phone because she left it on the table.

(Towers) Alexandra is impressed at Cyrus’s talent for talking to everyone at the party and making them feel comfortable enough to want to give money to find your light. Cyrus excuses himself to get Alexandra a drink and marina tells Cyrus he must be happy because now he has a way to rob Alexandra in her very own house. Cyrus is hurt that Marina doesn’t believe he has gone straight and tells her the job, as a driver is just a way to try and get a better job. Cyrus insists he would never steal from Alexandra because she does believe he has changed his ways and she was the only person who gave him a chance. Olivia arrives at the party and heads to the bar to get drunk because of the words she heard Ava tell Jeffrey. Alexandra walks over to talk to Olivia and Olivia wonders why she invited her to the party. Alexandra explains to Olivia that she wants to invest in her project to expand the Beacon into a franchise. Olivia figures out that Alexandra needs a proven moneymaker to improve her standing at Spaulding so the two women become business partners and discuss the terms of the deal. Ava arrives with Jeffrey and Jeffrey walks over to a drunken Olivia and invites her to a father’s day celebration with Ava but Olivia turns him down because she overheard Ava say that they didn’t need her. Jeffrey tries to explain but Olivia won’t listen and walks over to the bar and begins to flirt with a man. Ava asks Jeffrey what Olivia said and he says that she doesn’t want to come and he has something he needs to do so he won’t be available father’s day either. Mallet arrives looking for Dinah but can’t find her so he takes out his anger on Cyrus saying g that he must know where Dinah is since this is his entire fault. A puzzled Cyrus says that he has no idea where Dinah could be. Marina sees mallet is upset so she follows him outside and asks if she could help. Mallet asks her to call him if she sees Dinah. Cyrus follows Marina and he tells her one more time that he is hurt that she doesn’t believe he has changed his ways. Dinah challenges Cyrus to prove to her he has changed. Cyrus asks Marina to dance so he can show her how he used to steal things from women. Marina accepts the challenge and while Cyrus is dancing with Marina he kisses her and steals the wallet from her purse. Frank arrives and sees Marina kissing Cyrus he almost goes over to break them up but Alexandra arrives to stop him. Alexandra tells Cyrus she needs him back inside and marina goes back to work. Frank arrives and asks Marina how things are going and she tells him there have not been any problems. Jeffrey stops a drunken Olivia from leaving with the guy at the bar. Olivia gets angry and tells Jeffrey to stop acting like her keeper. Jeffrey tells Olivia it was his job to get her home safely all those years ago and he didn’t do it so he was just trying to keep her from getting hurt again. Jeffrey asks Olivia if he can take her home the right way this time.

(Beacon) Mallet is relived to find Dinah waiting for him in their room and he explains to her that Mr. Kelly whom she met at the docks was really Griggs who was trying to show him that he could get to her and hurt her if he doesn’t kill Matt. Dinah gets angry and her and Mallet decide to find a way out of this mess together. Dinah goes in the bathroom to take a shower so she can think and then she and Mallet can come up with a plan to save Matt. Mallet gets a call from Griggs and warns him once more not to touch Dinah or he is a dead man. Griggs tells Mallet the only way to keep Dinah safe is to kill Matt so Mallet promises to call Griggs tomorrow to talk.

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