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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/8/07

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Written By Richard

Reva put a cloth over Lizzie's mouth and she fell to the floor, and Reva said that she was doing this for her.

Rick and Mel had lunch at the diner and they talked with their daughter. She asked them what was going to happen with her new baby sister and where she was going to live. Rick said that he and Mel are working on it.

Beth and Alan argued over the baby and if Rick would try to raise her. Alan told Beth that he would make sure that the baby was raised by himself and Beth.

Harley told Gus that he was the father of Natalia's son and he was surprised to hear it. Gus asked her how long she knew this and she said that she just learned it. Gus wanted to know why Natalia had not told him this. Natalia walked in and she was looking for her son. She tried to go and find him. Gus asked her why she didn't tell him that he had a son and he wanted to know.

Reva watched as help came to get Lizzie and get her to the hospital. Reva said to take good care of her, and that she would be right there.

Natalia told Gus that she was scared and she didn't know what to do when she found out she was carrying his child. Gus told her that she should have told him and he would have stayed with her and not left, and raised their son.

Gus asked Natalia why she did not tell him about their child. She told him that they all make choices that they regret. Gus asked Natalia if she raised him herself. She said yes she did raise him herself.

Daisy and Rafe talked from their jail cell wall, and they talked about what is going on in their lives right now.

Reva came into the diner and she saw Alan there. Alan was taunting Rick and Mel and telling them that Rick will not get his hands on his and Beth's child. Rick and Mel got up and walked out. Reva yelled at Alan and she told him that his check that he wrote to the cancer foundation bounced. Alan was surprised about that.

Gus told Natalia that he wanted to know more about his son. Gus told Natalia that he had a lot of catching up to do. Natalia told Gus that she named him Rafe and his middle name was chosen after Gus's father. Gus was happy to find that out. She handed Gus a baby picture of Rafe and he was happy.

Alan was at home. Beth walked in and Alan was angry at Beth for not coming home in time. Beth told him that he was making life hard for her. Alan found a check and he asked Beth were she was going.

Natalia asked Gus if he was happy about finding out that he has a son now. Gus said that he was shocked to find out that he has a son. Gus said that he never thought that he would be a father and now that he is, his son doesn't even know about him. Natalia asked Gus if they were OK with each other and she hugged him also,

Rick and Mel discussed how they were going to get custody of Beth and Alan's baby.

Beth told Alan that she was going to the airport, but she decided not to. Alan assumed that Lizzie made her and the baby come back home to him. Alan hugged Beth.

Reva watched over Lizzie in the hospital and she told her that it was going to get better.

Natalie walked into the juvenile jail and she asked the guard to see Rafe.

Gus walked into the jail cell and he walked over to Rafe, his son.

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