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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/7/07

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Written By Dani

Harley tries to stop Natalia just before she leaves town for good. Natalia is confused but Harley makes her motive clear. She knows Natalie’s son is Gus’ son. Harley pushes for Natalia to come clean with Gus because he deserves to know. Natalia refuses because it will change everyone’s life. Harley recognizes that and doesn’t mind. Harley tells Natalia that Gus is unable to have children of his own and Gus deserves to know he has flesh and blood out there walking around. Harley is so happy for Gus and the idea he will have a son. Natalia doesn’t see the thrill that Harley does. Natalia does agree to tell Gus after Harley will not lie to Gus and keep this from him.

Remy hurries around to find Natalia and apologize for letting her secret slip to Harley. When Remy does find Natalia she forgives him and doesn’t hold any hard feelings, as a matter of fact she thinks it’s kind of best that it is finally out.

Rafe passes Daisy a piece of chocolate in a note telling her that he stole it from a guard for her. Daisy is flattered. The guard listens as Rafe and daisy talk through the vent in their wall about taking the candy. Harley visits Daisy who is preoccupied when she sees Rafe. Daisy takes Harley down the hall to look at an art project. The guard that had been slighted out of the candy corners Rafe threatening him physically. The guard makes rude comments about Natalia causing Rafe to fight back. They struggle and Rafe pulls the guards gun from his holster. Rafe holds the guard at gun point. Gus happens in to visit with daisy and sees the stand off. Gus draws down on Rafe. Harley returns and yells for Gus to stop. “He is your son.” Harley blurts out.

Earlier Gus and Beth run in to each other outside of Company. Beth is worried that Alan is close to spinning out of control over the baby, again. Gus calls Alan and tries to talk to him as a son, as a friend, and as a cop. Warning him to keep himself in check. Alan becomes defensive and doesn’t want to hear what Gus has to say.

Beth waits for Alan at the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Alan is late so Rick steps in and is by her side. They talk while they wait for Dr. Sedgwick. Beth is nervous and wants Rick to leave, fearing how Alan will react. Rick will not leave and gives Beth a key card in case she decides she doesn’t want to be with Alan, she has other options. When Alan arrives the territorial male takes over in both Alan and Rick. They argue to the point the doctor threatens to throw both out of the appointment if they don’t lower their voices. Alan and Rick agree and stay quiet in order to stay.

Lizzie sips bloody Mary’s all day slowly getting buzzed. She decides to go shopping but doesn’t have any friends to go shopping with. After shopping Lizzie goes to the docks to be at peace.

Reva cries as she talks to Jonathan and he asks her to do him a favor. Reva fears she can do what Jonathan is asking without everyone knowing but promises to come through for him. Reva goes to the hospital and steals a medical file. From there she finds Lizzie at the docks. Lizzie is glad to see Reva. She shows off baby clothes and toys that she bought. After seeing how emotionally stable Lizzie is, Reva worries that Lizzie bought the clothes and toys for her baby that she believes is dead. Lizzie claims that the gifts are for Beth’s baby but changes her mind about giving them to Beth and decides to donate the items to charity. Reva turns away saying to her self that she “can’t do it…” Lizzie hears the comment and asks about it but Reva makes an excuse. Lizzie goes on to tell Reva how much she cares for her former mother-in-law and how she admires her as a woman. Reva holds a drugged rag over Lizzie’s nose and mouth when Lizzie is talking with her back to Reva. Lizzie loses conciseness.

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