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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/6/07

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Written By Dani

“Unfinished Business”

Reva waits, puzzled about a message Josh left on her answering machine claiming they have unfinished business. Josh shows up on Reva’s doorstep wanting to spend the night. Needing to spend the night. Reva stands in the doorway with him on the stoop holding heavy shopping bags. Reva questions why he feels the need to spend the night. It comes out that it was all Cassie’s idea. Reva tells Josh to go to hell and slams the door in his face. She gives in and lets him in. They talk serious at first then they decide to drink and play cards. They reminisce about HB. Josh finds old love letters in the desk when he is looking for more poker chips. Reva tries to downplay the letters. They split the letters among them and read the letters aloud to one another. The letters bring up a lot of memories and emotions. Reva cries and throws out that maybe what they were is real and will always be real. Josh loves Reva and always will but Cassie is who he is going to spend the rest of his life together.

Changing the subject Reva wants to make sandwiches. Josh gets upset because after all the years together she still doesn’t know that he hates mustard on a sandwich. They look at old home movies mainly of their many weddings. Both are saddened by the loss of the happy family they were at one time. Josh slips out a little past midnight and calls Cassie to check on her. Reva listens from the doorway. When Josh hangs up Reva tells him to get the hell out and screams at him about a comment he made to Cassie saying he owed this evening and clearing up their issues to Reva. Josh is tossed out. Cassie sleeps on the couch waiting for him to return. He does the next morning. Josh tells Cassie he spent the rest of the night walking and driving and thinking and he only wants to be with Cassie. Cassie jumps into his arms and they kiss their way to the couch but Cassie pulls away unable to get the vision of Josh and Reva out of her head. Cassie flees from the house to go and think.

Reva calls Alan to the house to hit him up for a donation in Jonathan and Sarah’s name for cancer research. Alan complies though he acts as if it were a chore. Alan finds the love letters and in an off handed compliment reminds Reva of the fighter she is, especially when it comes to her Joshua. Reva sits at CO2 and rereads the old love letters. One of the letters from Josh talks about faith and having faith in themselves and their relationship. Reva tears the letter into many pieces and leaves them on the table. A wind comes along and scatters the torn letter pieces. One slip of paper lands on the bench beside Cassie it says one word, “Faith”. All is clear for Cassie now and she returns home to make love to Josh and show him her sign that everything is going to be okay.

Reva naps and has a dream of Josh carrying Cassie over the threshold of Cross Creek and Reva is watching from outside the window as Josh gives Cassie Reva’s home and he takes his knife to scrape off the carved heart that reads Reva plus Josh. In the dream Cassie comes to the door and declares his victory over Josh because she wanted him more and fought the hardest.

Reva awakes and retrieves a box from a pile of shopping bags. She opens the box and says to herself “time for a new life, time for a new fight” Reva heads out the door in a sexy red dress but turns back when the phone rings. It’s Jonathan!

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