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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/5/07

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Written By Dani

Harley stares at the photos of Natalia and Gus in their high school years. Frank arrives at Company where Harley drags him to the docks to vent about what she believes Natalia is up to. Frank has a good laugh thinking that Harley is over reacting. Harley makes her case and admits to looking in Natalie’s glove compartment and finding the photos and letters from her past, that she isn’t willing to let go of. Frank still isn’t convinced. Harley does feel better and begins to believe that all she needed was to say it out loud and get it off her chest. Harley feels better after speaking with Frank and leaves to go visit Daisy.

Daisy and Ashley talk about daisy’s crush on the quiet mysterious bad boy and Daisy turns the tables asking Ashley and encouraging her crush on Coop. Ashley doesn’t believe she and Coop will ever be together romantically though she would love to be his girlfriend. Ashley has other worries, she is to meet with the counselor today and she knows Doris will blow her off. Daisy slips away to call Coop and explain Ashley’s problem, he is more than willing to come and be moral support for Ashley.

Natalia pleads with her son to please behave himself so he can get out. She grows concerned when she sees a gash on his forehead. Rafe gets back to work. Daisy recognizes Natalia and thinks she is there to visit with her. Natalia stays to visit not to bring suspicion about why she is at the detention center.

Though Harley had eased up on her opinion of Natalia after speaking with frank, Harley grows defensive when she finds Natalia visiting with daisy. Harley fires Natalia on the spot and accuses her of being a liar and only in town to steal Gus. Natalia tries to smooth over Harley’s accusations but sees Harley isn’t listening and is too insecure. It is too late for Harley to visit with Daisy since she took time out to go off on Natalia.

Natalia is crushed and worried about how she will live and pay for Rafe’s defense. Remy takes it personally and becomes angry at Harley when he learns what she did to Natalia for no reason other than pettiness. Remy sets out to find Harley. When he does he attacks her claiming Harley doesn’t even begin to know what is going on with Natalia. Harley is self-righteous telling Remy he has no idea what a liar Natalia is. Remy begins to tell Harley the truth but backs down. Harley knows something is up and hounds him back to Company wanting to know what it is Remy knows about Natalia. Remy tries to keep it to himself. It isn’t his place to tell Harley but finally spills the beans. Remy tells Harley that Natalia has a son that is in town that is why she must stay. At first Harley believes Natalia needed money for daycare but Remy corrects her, Natalia has a son that she had right after high school. Harley knows! Natalia’s son is Gus’ son.

Rafe and daisy communicate slowly flirting and falling in love through the slit in the wall between their beds. Rafe gets quiet and won’t answer when Daisy asks about his family. Daisy slips him a note “I’m on your side” In the common area Rafe passes her the note back, scribbled on the back he wrote “I’m glad” they exchange flirtatious smiles and glances.

Coop arrives to pick up Ava for a working meeting. Ava is dressed to kill, to impress Coop who notices but isn’t drawn in. Ava grows jealous when Daisy calls asking for Coop to come to the detention center to support Ashley. Ava keeps her nose in her PDA the entire evening until it goes missing. Ava’s jealousy over Ashley gets her no where when Coop does leave Ava to be with Ashley. After a great counseling session Ashley and Coop share a few laughs and Ashley kisses coop on the lips. A guard comes to drag her off before Coop can react.

Alex and Cyrus are strapped with shopping packages when Alex sees Ava and criticizes her for knowing more about Alan’s schedule and happenings that she, Alan’s sister, knows. Cyrus takes the opportunity to introduce himself and speak for a moment to Ava at CO2 . Ava acts as if she is better than him and tries to dismiss him. Cyrus takes his cue and returns to the car where Alex is waiting, upset that he is late. Her anger soon resends, when Cyrus produces Ava’s PDA. Alexandra is pleased with his work and loyalty. She is off for a facial and Cyrus settles in to wait in the car.

Marina who has been watching from afar jumps into the back seat and attempts to interrogate Cyrus about stealing Ava’s missing PDA. Cyrus denies stealing it but admits to “borrowing it” Alex spies Marina sitting in the backseat of her car and fears marina is harassing Cyrus so she goes to frank to report his daughter fascination with her driver. Frank jerks the door of the car open and orders marina from the car. When marina is vague about why she was with Cyrus Frank threatens to bump her from detective to a desk job.

With Frank and marina clear of the car and Cyrus Alexandra returns Ava’s PDA finished and grateful for his loyalty. She also gives him an expensive watch to show her gratitude and jokes “Just to make sure you are on time” Alex promises she will not let the Cooper’s push him around.

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