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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/4/07

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Written By Richard

Dinah let Matt in her Apartment and he was upset. Matt told her that he wishes Vanessa would take him back. Matt said that he was going to try to forget about his problems and help Josh with his wedding. Dinah told him not to get in trouble and he left.

A guy from Mallet's past came back to see him and he told him that he wanted him to do a job for him again. Mallet told him to leave. Mallet pulled a gun on him, and the guy said if he died then a letter would be released telling everyone that Mallet was a gun for hire.

Josh and Cassie talked about their wedding but Cassie would not get married until Josh does something for her. Cassie had asked Josh to spend a night with Reva and see if he still has feelings for her. Josh told her that he didn't want to do that, but Cassie insisted and she said that she wouldn't be able to go through with their relationship unless she knows about him and Reva.

Harley called Buzz at the diner and she wanted to know where Natalia worked before she came to the diner. Buzz told her she worked at an Italian Restaurant a few months ago.

Mallet had the gun on the guy and he told him to leave him alone. The guy from his past said he wouldn't leave unless Mallet came to work with him again. Dinah came into the back alley and she was looking for Mallet and he made the guy leave. Mallet said to Dinah that he was driving and he heard a noise, because she saw the gun that he had with him.

The priest came in and he wanted to help Josh and Cassie get ready for the wedding. Cassie said that there is not going to be a wedding until later on. Matt came in and he was going to help Josh and Cassie get ready for their wedding but Josh told him that it would have to be later. After they left, Cassie said to Josh that he better get ready for his spending the night with Reva.

Harley came to the diner and she found Gus and Natalia with each other. Harley asked Gus what was going on and Gus told her that he was trying to help Natalia. She needed money for her bills. Natalia said that she didn't want any help. Gus went away and he told Harley to talk some sense into Natalia.

Cassie said that she wanted to find out how Josh felt about going to spend his night with Reva. Billy came in and he asked if they were getting ready for the wedding. Cassie told Billy what she wanted Josh to do and Billy said that he agreed with Cassie and Josh should know where he stands if he loves Reva or not. Cassie told Josh that she wanted to see if he loved Reva or her.

Harley and Natalia were at the diner and they talked about Gus. Natalia told Harley that Gus and her were lifetime ago like her and Dylan and Harley didn't believe her. Natalia told her that she thought they were getting along and she doesn't have feelings for Gus.

Mallet was having dinner with Dinah at the diner and he saw the guy from his past outside and he got up and went outside. Mallet asked him what he wanted.

Harley wanted to know why Natalia came all the way here. Natalia said that was personal stuff and that Harley had no right to ask her. Gus came in and he said that he knew why Natalie came here, it was because of the Italian Restaurant she worked for and the guy there made trouble and drove her out of town. Natalia said that was why she walked away.

Mallet talked with the guy and he told him he had one more job for him. He told him the kill this guy and he would be out. He handed him a picture of the man he had to kill and it the picture was of Matt.

Josh told Cassie that he didn't want to spend the night with Reva and that he did love her. Cassie told Josh that she wanted him to marry her but she wanted him to be with her without wanting to be with Reva. Cassie made Josh go out the door and go see Reva. Cassie closed the door. Josh called Reva and he told her that the two of them have some unfinished business together.

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