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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/1/07

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Written By Richard

Reva went into the hospital lab and she had to find out if Cassie changed the paternity test. Just then, a lab technician came in and he asked Reva what she was doing.

Josh and Cassie sat together. Cassie told Josh that she saw Tammy when she was floating in the water and she felt that it was OK to go in the water because she was going to see Tammy once more. Josh felt that it was his fault that she went in.

Dinah was looking around her Apartment and she found a briefcase hidden there.

Reva said to the lab tech that she was only there because she was concerned that her cancer tests were done right. The lab tech recognized her and identified with her reasoning. Reva asked the lab tech to go get her some water and he did. Reva checked the computer and she found out that the tests for Alan and Beth's baby was changed and Alan was the father. The lab tech came back in and he told Reva that there were security tapes that reveal everyone that comes in there.

Cassie told Josh that she did not blame him. Josh said to Cassie that he loved her and that he was sorry for what he did and he wanted to start over with her. Cassie was happy that he wanted to be with her again and she hugged him and kissed him.

Josh went to see Matt and he had told him that he and Cassie were back together. He told her that he was planning to get married tonight.

Mallet came home and he talked with Dinah. She was mad that he was doing things that can put his life in danger and get him killed.

Reva came to Cassie's and she was upset with her for changing the paternity tests on Alan. Reva showed Cassie the security tape that had her on it. Reva told Cassie it was wrong to change them, and she told her that she was using Tammy's death to do things that she knows are wrong.

Reva told her that she should stop what she is doing because it is not justice. Cassie told her that it was right that Alan loses the baby because what he did to Tammy. Cassie said that this was the exact thing that Reva would do. Cassie said that the baby will have more love with Beth and Rick as the parents.

Dinah and Mallet had talked about the risks he was taking and he told her that he didn't want to put them in danger. Mallet told her that he loved her. They made up.

Mallet went out the door to get some things and he was greeted by one of his old friends.

Cassie said to Reva that understood why she and Josh slept together. Cassie told her that they have something real together and that they should be with each other. Reva said to her that she pushed the two of them together because she thought she was going to die and she wanted them to be together. Cassie told her that they are together and that Josh loves her.

Reva left and Cassie was by herself.

Josh came in and he surprised Cassie with flowers. Josh asked Cassie to marry him. Cassie told him that she wanted to marry him but she wanted him to do her a favor and spend the night with Reva.

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