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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/31/07

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Written By Dani

Jeffery and Mel work together at Company. Mel tells Jeffery that she is glad that Jeffery decided to stay in town. Jeffery feels sorry for the lonely Mel and tells her that Rick is an idiot. Mel chuckles and agrees. Olivia peers in the window watching the legal eagles hard at work. After working up the nerve Olivia asks for Jeffery’s help with labor negotiations for the kitchen staff. Jeffery enthusiastically hands the issue off to Mel who is somewhat of an expert on the subject. Olivia pretends to think Jeffery would be the better “man” because union reps are often old school and don’t respect women. Mel sees through Olivia’s ploy. Jeffery gives in and discusses the case with the promise he will get to it next week. Next week isn’t good enough for Olivia she wants Jeffery to get to work right away. Jeffery steps away to take a call. Mel warns, Jeffery is her friend and she doesn’t want to see him in a bad situation. Olivia takes great offence to what Mel is insinuating. When Jeffery returns to the conversation Olivia tries to smooth over passing on Mel for the job by using the excuse that he did so well for Cassie. Mel is curious, “Cassie?” Yeah, Olivia explains Jeffery worked wonders on helping Cassie prove that Alan isn’t the father of Beth’s baby. Mel is hurt and excuses herself. Jeffery knows Olivia’s dig was intentional although Olivia plays innocent. Jeffery is disgusted and goes to comfort his only friend.

Beth and Lizzie wait at the beacon for Alan who is suppose to meet them before going to a function at Cedar’s in Alan’s honor. Rick shows up and is all too enthusiastic to escort the two Spaulding women to the hospital. Lizzie plays right into Rick’s advances and encourages Beth to go along for the sake of all of them, especially the baby. Beth is resistant, she wants her life with Alan to work out. Rick jokes and is in a very upbeat mood. Lizzie enjoys the light heated conversation but Beth just stresses over Alan catching Rick with them and getting angry.

Alan is more than happy to return Cassie’s one time joy over his misery. Alan gloats pointing out the obvious that Josh would eventually end up in Reva’s arms and bed. Cassie tells him to buzz off but Alan doesn’t give up. He keeps hammering away until Cassie snaps and slaps him in the face. Cassie heads for the docks to think in quiet. Alan loiters around CO2. Josh rushes by in search of Cassie who he and Reva learned together had checked herself out of the hospital. “If it isn’t the one man that Cassie hates more than me.” Josh is filled with dread. Alan starts in on Josh with insults about his tainted good nature and fight it as he may Reva is meant to be his. Josh asks him to let it go but Alan keeps on just as he had earlier with Cassie. Alan makes great fun of Josh’s desire to become a minister. Josh punches Alan knocking him to the ground.

Alan isn’t through with his verbal terror yet. He goes to Company to find Olivia helping herself to a glass of wine. Though he throws insults at her he asks for a glass of wine and she pours it for him. They return snide comments back and fourth. Alan leaves a mark on Olivia, who is trying to be strong but is hurting and struggling not knowing what to do now.

Beth and Lizzie wait with Rick in tow for Alan to arrive at the hospital to speak after donating a neo-natal wing. Rick bounces around hamming up to Lizzie, talking to hospital staff and trying to make Beth comfortable and happy. Beth is nervous but enjoys her time with Rick. Lizzie appears to be really happy, she has been drinking wine for most of the morning. When Alan doesn’t show it is up to Beth or Lizzie to speak on his behalf. The mother and daughter bicker over who will speak. Beth doesn’t feel up to it and Lizzie refuses to get up and say nice things about Alan. Before a decision can be made a giddy Rick steps up to speak for Alan. He pretends to be a close friend to Alan and lies telling the crowd that Alan just told him earlier that he believed so much in the project that he wanted to triple his donation. Beth really fears how Alan is going to react.

Mel decides she should tell Leah that Beth’s baby is Rick’s and speaks with him about it. Rick apologizes for the way she found out but Mel is more concerned for what Alan is going to do to Rick. Rick isn’t concerned. When Alan arrives Beth pulls him aside and asks that they make arrangements with Rick, he is the father and has rights she reminds him. Alan, with certainty in his voice, tells Beth that a lot could happen between now and when she gives birth.

Reva finds Cassie sitting on the edge of the dock and yells out for her “Cassie! Stop!” Cassie is irritated because everyone thinks she was trying to commit suicide. They argue over Josh. Cassie gets flustered and drops a key card before storming off. Reva picks it up and notices that it is a lab key for Cedar’s. Reva thinks for a moment and tosses it in the trash at first but decides to go back and pick it up. Reva finds Jeffery and asks him question after question about how he and Cassie broke the lab tech that was being paid off by Alan. Jeffery explains they cornered the guy at Company and drug the truth out of him. Reva presses and presses about when they did or did not go into the lab. The questioning is absurd to Jeffery who maintains truthfully that they never went into the lab.

Reva knows. Reva speaks aloud to Cassie that isn’t present “cassie please tell me you didn’t go into that lab.”

Cassie has a run in with Rev. Rutledge who gives her a clear perspective about life and her life at the moment. Josh finally locates her at the Beacon. She lets him in and explains, it was an accident, she was not trying to kill herself. Josh listens with great care. Cassie tells him how when she went under she saw only RJ at first. Then she began to see Josh and their future and she wanted to fight and hold on. That is exactly what she did she held on and never let go. Cassie opened her palm showing the engagement ring and repeated that she never let go. Josh moves close to comfort her and kiss her, welcoming back their relationship and engagement.

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