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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/30/07

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Written By Dani


Mallet awakes unable to sleep. He tries pacing, drinking coffee, splashing water on his face and finally going for a jog. In the early morning hours, out on his jog mallet runs into Matt who is waiting nervously. Mallet questions him but Matt claims it’s just he has been keeping odd hours lately, since Vanessa kicked him out. Mallet accepts the excuse for now. Dinah is excited to see Mallet when he returns. She asks if he had any nightmares and lies, telling her he slept well. Mallet revisits an idea Dinah brought up multiple times during the Cyrus incident, he asks her if they can just get out of town for a while. Dinah is excited, she thinks it’s a great idea that is long over due. Before they can make any set plans Frank calls asking to meet with Mallet immediately. He has an urgent matter that he feels Mallet is the only person he can truly trust with.

Before meeting Frank Mallet sees a thug hand Matt a thick envelope. Matt takes the packet and looks around before walking off. A car back fires startling Mallet, frank approaches seeing how shaken the detective is. They go to Company where frank explains that he wants mallet to make Cyrus’ life a living hell until he gets out of town. Mallet, not wanting to make waves with the man who knows Mallet’s secret, tries to defend Cyrus and his supposed new start in life. Frank doesn’t buy it and gets frustrated when Mallet continues to believe Cyrus could change, because people do. A.C. gets a text from Dinah and has got to meet her at the docks. When he steps out side he witnesses Matt pass by looking uneasy and checking the contents of the packet he received from the thug.

Mallet arrives at the docks believing there is an emergency but is surprised by his happy wife who has a picnic waiting on him. Mallet calms down to enjoy his afternoon with his wife. They hear shuffling and Mallet’s nerves are on edge again. Dinah sees how uptight mallet is and insists he stay to eat and she will see what the noise was. Around the corner Cassie sits on the edge of the dock crying. Dinah asks how she is doing and why she is crying. Cassie tells Dinah and Mallet that josh slept with Reva and she is here to throw her engagement ring to the bottom of the lake. Mallet, trying to be a friend, tells her she should be forgive Josh. Cassie gets angry yelling at A.C. asking why should she. Mallet stammers over his words trying to justify people making mistakes and getting second chances. Cassie doesn’t have it in her today to forgive Josh and takes a boat out to dispose of the ring.

Ready to resume their romantic picnic the afternoon is interrupted again when Dinah notices Cassie’s boat has over turned and she has gone over. Mallet jumps in to save Cassie without second thought. When he gets her back to the dock he fights to resuscitate her screaming that every life is valuable. He believes her fall was a suicide attempt. Cassie is safely recovering in the hospital and asks to speak with Mallet. She tells him no matter what she would never hurt herself because she loves RJ too much. Mallet is relieved to hear this.

A.C. calls Matt and asks for a meeting. Matt shows up like nothing is wrong but Mallet tells him he saw Matt earlier with a person Matt shouldn’t be doing business with. Matt gets angry and defensive accusing mallet of spying on him. Mallet tries to be a friend and just help not upset Matt. Matt vows he will do whatever it takes to get his family and life back. Mallet points out that, that way of thinking is what caused him to lose what he had. Matt just takes the point and walks away in silence.

Back in his room with Dinah, Mallet tries to talk to her vaguely about his past secret and how he is ashamed of it. Dinah thinks her husband is a hero and his past is what shaped him into the wonderful, trustworthy, loving man that he is today. Mallet is so appreciative of Dinah’s trust and devotion in him. Dinah asks Mallet to make love to her. Down the hall a bell hop shows a mysterious man to a suite that Blake Marlor has reserved for him.

Throughout the events in this episode Mallet remembers what it is he has been running from and trying to keep in his past. The memories are as followed:

Mallet sits in a bar unknown to Springfield. He has a strange demeanor. A blonde woman sits at the other end of the bar making eyes at him. Mallet gives her the eye back. She decides to slide over and chat with him. Wasting no time Mallet invites her back to his place where they have sex. Later Mallet meets with a man in a suit who gives Mallet a stack of photos of him and the woman having sex. The man at the table is pleased. He then shows “Tony” another mark. A balding man in his 40’s. Throughout the memories Mallet plays ball and has conversation with a boy about 11 years old. It is obvious mallet is quite fond of the boy. Mallet returns to his apartment to find the woman from earlier in his apartment with a gun, demanding to know why he used her. She tells him, hurt and desperate, that she thought they really had something. Mallet pretends to be getting items out of his fridge to put a sandwich together but he is really putting together a high tech gun. After Mallet goes off on her about how she used to look down on people for being below her for doing the same exact thing she did. He tells her she is now one of the bad people, the woman tears up and drops her weapon to her side. He explains that he only slept with her and set her up because he works for a man that wants things done. Mallet lets her out. Later mallet is tossing a foot ball around with the neighborhood kid, when he sees the man from the photos coming in their direction Mallet tells the kid “I’m going to throw it and you are going to catch it and run home. Don’t look back.” when the kid is out of sight Mallet screws a silencer onto the end of the gun that he has stored in the stainless steel briefcase he has had hidden. Sneaking out onto the fire escape, when the man from the photo comes into view Mallet fires, assonating him in the alley Mallet was just playing ball in.

Inside his apartment mallet has a grin on his face. He is filled with pride for the job he just completed. He puts his weapon away and goes down to street level to admire his work. Looking on with great glee his feelings of happiness and accomplishment are doused when the boy comes running out to the side of the body crying and yelling “Daddy” mallet goes numb with the pain he has caused someone so innocent that he cared about. Mallet cries and struggles in his apartment about what he has done. He sees an advertisement in a paper for correction officers wanted for Illinois, he tears the ad from the paper and is now set on a path of redemption.

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