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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/29/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah and Cyrus meet at the docks where Dinah asks for Cyrus’s help about bringing an end to mallet’s problems with his past. Cyrus is more concerned with the feeling he has that someone is following. Cyrus doesn’t want any part in what ever it is Dinah is planning or wants. Frustrated Dinah leaves to return home. Cyrus dips behind a wall to wait for Marina to come around the corner, when she does Cyrus grabs her catching her following her. Marina denies following Cyrus making an excuse that she had other business there but Cyrus sees through the lie. Marina is drawn into Cyrus’ spell until they are caught in a close face to face conversation by Frank. Frank and Cyrus speak kind words to each other with an edge in their tone revealing the truth about what they think of each other. Frank lectures Marina about her past, current and any future involvement she may be thinking of with Cyrus. Marina can’t take her eyes off the path Cyrus took when he left while she tells her father and boss that she is not interested in Cyrus and would never get mixed up with someone like Cyrus. Frank drags marina back to her suite to continue the conversation. Frank produces a phone number of a really nice guy that wants to fix up with marina. Marina agrees to call the guy, though she doesn’t want to, if Frank will go out in public sporting a Sanjaya Mohawk. Frank can’t believe what he is doing but does both sharing a laugh over it. Marina pushes frank out the door telling him to go show Harley.

Cyrus meets with Alex at main Street where she gives him some forms. The forms are for a Spaulding 401K plan and health insurance . Cyrus is touched that Alex would do this for him. Alex has a fondness for the boy that is not quite understood yet. Cyrus looks over the documents impressed with himself. A woman blurts out in concern that her wallet is missing. Cyrus happens to see it lying on the sidewalk and calls for the lady to give it back to her but an off duty police officer slams Cyrus into the wall placing him under arrest for stealing the lady’s wallet. Cyrus denies any wrong doing claiming he was trying to return it. The officer doesn’t believe it but the arrest is interrupted when Marina steps in and takes over. Marina believes Cyrus and turns her suspicions on the over zealous cop. The officer explains that Frank ordered everyone to be alert to the goings on with Cyrus. Marina accuses the officer of side stepping the actual law. Cyrus and the officer are both free to leave. Cyrus is grateful. Marina knows she feels too much for him but pulls the phone number ,of the boy Frank wants her to go out with, out of her pocket. She calls Justin to set up the date.

Dinah finds Blake lying on the bed next to Mallet who is mumbling about a nightmare he is having. Dinah jerks Blake up and takes her to the hospital under the rouse of physical therapy . Instead of physical therapy Dinah pushes Blake into an empty exam room. Dinah has an entirely different attitude than she has had since Blake came out of the coma. Dinah pulls a syringe from her purse yelling threats and her real feelings about Blake. Dinah holds the syringe over Blake telling her if she doesn’t admit what her game is Dinah is going to put her back in the coma she came out of. Mallet rushes in pulling Dinah away from Blake. Mallet asks her to wait in the hall. Mallet takes a calmer approach with Blake. Blake admits she heard everything about Mallet’s past and will tell if she doesn’t get her way. Blake wants mallet. Mallet tells her that he loves Dinah. Mallet explains to Blake that after he pulled himself out of the trouble from his past he was in a dark, dark, place but tried to do good by other people. Nothing worked to make him happy again, until he met Dinah. After meeting Dinah there was sunshine in his life again. Blake is hurt and accuses Dinah of being a horrible person not worthy of Mallet’s love. Mallet smoothes things over the best he can, Blake leaves. Mallet tells Dinah that all Blake wants is to be their friend. Dinah doesn’t quite believe him. At home Blake makes a phone call to someone from Mallet’s past claiming “they seem to have something in common, A.C. Mallet” she tells the man on the other end.

Harley lurks around main Street, up to something. When she spots Dylan, Harley is overly friendly when she invites him to lunch. With nothing else to do Dylan agrees. Gus waits at Company nervous about sitting down to lunch with Natalia and Harley. Buzz is a little surprised when Gus tells him the whole thing was Harley’s idea. Harley arrives with Dylan . Harley plays dumb acting like she didn’t remember making plans with Gus and Natalia for lunch, “Oh well, we can all sit down together.” Gus sees exactly what Harley is up to. Harley doesn’t deny she planned this lunch with the intention of setting Natalia and Dylan up. Gus doesn’t think it is a good idea. Harley questions if Gus doesn’t want to see Natalia with someone else. Gus denies that and agrees to let things play out. Inside Dylan and Natalia wait with their arms crossed, it is even apparent to them that the lunch was a set up. Harley makes nice with everyone and they sit down to eat. The foursome make small talk over lunch. Buzz comes to the table with a phone call from the juvenile detention center. Harley reaches for it but Buzz hands the phone to Natalia. Gus and Harley are surprised and very curious. Natalia steps away to speak with her secret son. She needs to go visit with him and makes an excuse when asked why they would be calling her. Natalia tells Harley and Gus that she had thought about visiting Daisy but decided at the last minute not to and happened to leave her wallet before she left. That is why the detention center phoned her to return her wallet. Gus walks Natalia out who is uncomfortable and in a hurry to visit her son. Natalia confesses she still loves Gus and never got over him but she knows that he is with Harley. Gus asks about her love life after him but doesn’t hear her answer because the department called with an urgent question. Harley tells Buzz why Natalia had to rush out while she is working behind the counter. Harley happens to look out the window and see Natalia pull her wallet out of her purse to look at a photo.

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