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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/28/07

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Written By Richard

Billy and Gus talked about Daisy and Gus told Billy that he wanted to be a father figure to Daisy. Since he can't have kids of his own.

Remy and Natalia was at the diner and Remy was asking her about her son. Remy told her that he thought that her son had to be Gus' son.

Josh was very upset with Reva for her telling Cassie that they slept together. Reva said that she didn't want to hurt Cassie. Josh told her that she told Cassie to hurt her.

Josh told Reva that Billy told him that Reva would try to break up him and Cassie. Josh asked Reva what exactly she told Cassie. Reva said that she told Cassie the truth and he should have told her himself that they slept together.

Coop went to see Ashlee in the juvenile jail and he had to talk to her. He wanted to see if she was OK.

Gus broke up a fight between Natalia's son Rafe, and the guard.

Natalia told Remy that Rafe was the son of her and Gus. Natalia told Remy that Gus did not know about their son and that he left her alone to protect her. The Mob was on his trail and he wanted to protect her and that was the best way he knew how.

Coop had a good conversation with Ashlee about Alan. Ashlee broke down and she told him that she felt upset that she shot Alan. Coop told her that the Spauldings are no good.

Reva told Josh that he was only making himself think he loved Cassie. Josh told her that he does love Cassie. Reva told Josh that how could he want Cassie when a woman like Reva who he loves is standing right before him. Josh left to go find Cassie.

Josh was inside his Apartment and looking for Cassie. Josh was yelling and he couldn't find her over there and the Priest came in and saw him. Josh told the Priest he should not become a minister.

Coop was on the Main Street and he ran into Ava over there. Ava told Coop that she had a job that was from Spaulding that would pay well and all Coop had to do was write. Coop wasn't sure about the job and Ava wanted to talk about the job in depth over dinner.

Josh talked to the Priest about not becoming a minister anymore. The Priest told Josh to sit and think about what he was doing. Josh opened up a drawer and he saw the Bible in the drawer and he thought that maybe it was a sign.

Reva and Billy had a drink together and Reva told Billy that Josh and Cassie were not meant for each other. Reva told Billy that she and Josh are the two that should be together.

A guy came over to the table and he liked Reva. He wanted to ask her out to dinner. Billy pushed him to go out with Reva and she didn't want to. Reva then saw Josh come in and he sat down alone. Reva told Billy and the guy that she wasn't available to date right now.

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