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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/25/07

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Written By Richard

Remy found Natalia at the Diner and he kissed her. She asked him why he did that and she warned him that she is trouble. Josh came in and he was looking for Cassie. He told Remy that it was important that he found her.

Reva was outside and she went up to Cassie and she told her that she and Josh made love in the prison. Reva said that she was sorry for what happen and she was sure that Josh had told her. Cassie was shocked she told her and she said that Josh didn't tell her that he cheated on her with her sister.

Daisy went in the hospital along with Gus and Harley and she was a little nervous about getting the surgery on her ankle. Harley told her to relax and not worry about the operation. Harley told Daisy that she and Gus had made her a music CD and Harley brought her a stuffed bear.

Alan ran into Gus in the hospital and he was demanding a DNA test for Beth's baby. Gus had thanked Alan for helping with Daisy. He told him not to worry about the paternity of the baby.

Josh went out to look for Cassie. Remy went to find Natalie who was working in the diner.

Cassie was shocked and upset that Reva had slept with Josh behind her back. Cassie yelled at her for betraying her. Reva said that she didn't mean to hurt her but it takes two people to do what her and Josh did. Cassie yelled at Reva for stealing Josh from her. Reva slapped Cassie.

Harley told Daisy about the bear that she bought her and she told her that she was the one who had sent her all the bears that she got when she was a little kid.

Alan and Josh talked about Cassie at the hospital and Josh asked him if he saw Cassie. Alan said that he did not.

Natalia went to the Juvenile jail to visit someone. Remy was watching her.

Reva blamed Cassie and told her that she sent her there to see Josh in prison and that it was her fault. Cassie found it hard to believe that she made Reva go and sleep with Josh. Cassie stormed off and left.

Daisy was a little bit nervous about the operation and she talked with Gus about it. Gus talked to her and made her feel better.

Natalie went to visit her son in the juvenile jail. She told him that she had a good job now and that she loved him. Remy waited for her to leave and then he went up to her and he asked her what her son's name is.

Alan went to Reva and he told her that he loved what she did to Cassie and the way she hurt her and paid her back. Alan told her that she made life miserable for him and his family and she should feel bad for awhile. Reva said that she did not tell Cassie to hurt her. Alan told her that he was happy that she hurt her sister.

Josh surprised Cassie with flowers and he wanted to celebrate their life. Cassie told Josh that it's just the tree of them now, Her him, and Reva. Josh was surprised that she would say that. Cassie stopped him and told him that she knows he slept with Reva.

Harley told Daisy that when she gets out of juvenile jail, she would have a home waiting for her. Daisy said that she knew that she cared about her.

Natalia was upset with Remy for following her. She told him that was her son. Remy seemed to care about Natalia and what happens to her.

Natalie wanted to see her son and the guard wouldn't let her see him. Her son walked over and he wanted to see his mother and the guard wouldn't let her.

Cassie was upset at Josh for sleeping with Reva and she couldn't understand why he would do it to her. Josh said that it didn't mean anything and that it doesn't ruin their future together. Cassie said to him that it did mean something and she was very hurt. Josh tried to tell her that he was locked away and he was being beat up every day and being with Reva was a place to forget what was happening in there. Cassie cried and yelled at Josh for betraying her and she broke some glasses and she left. Josh went after her.

Daisy came back to the juvenile jail and Gus was with her and they saw the fight between Natalia's son and the guard. Daisy said that it is always like that in the place.

Cassie came back to her and Josh's bedroom and she was upset. Cassie cried and cried over what Josh and Reva did to her and how they betrayed her.

Josh was walking outside and he saw Reva there. Josh was getting ready to go up to her.

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