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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/24/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah is awakened by Mallet who is tossing and turning, struggling with terror from a nightmare. When she tries to wake him Mallet rolls over and begins to choke his wife, still asleep. When Mallet wakes up he has no memory of the dream or choking Dinah. At first Dinah is upset but realizes there is something more going on with mallet, other than just a bad dream. Blake interrupts their conversation about mallet’s dream and Cyrus’ trial bringing back Mallet’s horrible secret. Blake claims she wants to be caught up on everyone and everything, specifically Dinah and Mallet’s connection to Cyrus. Dinah tries to talk to Mallet, who is distracted, over breakfast. Dinah asks if he should, maybe speak with someone professional about what he is going through. Mallet denies experiencing any kind of angst. Dinah continues but lets it go when mallet snaps “Stop it!” Mallet leaves after regaining his patience Dinah stays chatting with Buzz. Buzz mentions that he would like to have a beer with his old Army buddies. Dinah thinks quick. Lying she tells Buzz she is thinking about doing a story about Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder and asks if Buzz would mind talking to her about the people he knew that suffered from PTSD. Buzz agrees to meet tomorrow for coffee to speak with her more. Buzz commends Dinah for doing the story. He explains what he knows of the disorder is a frightening thing that if it is not headed off it can be worse than the memories. Dinah is worried.

Mallet in a spacey state returns home calling for Blake. There is no answer so mallet pulls a secret stainless steel briefcase from under the bed. He does not open but sits with it in his lap with a worried look on his face. Blake sneaks out and watches . Dinah is surprised to see Mallet sitting exhausted on the bed when she arrives home. Mallet claims he left work because he didn’t feel well, but he thinks it’s simply that he needs a nap. Dinah offers to get him some juice while he gets comfortable. In the hall Dinah calls Cyrus leaving him a voice message asking for a favor.

Olivia drops by Company to return her engagement ring to Buzz. Buzz is kind and comforting to her who is nervous. Buzz acknowledges that it is best that they ended it before they really got started. Buzz wants Olivia to keep the ring so she will remember one day down the road that a decent guy loved and accepted her once. Olivia tears up and claims that is exactly why she can’t keep the ring, she will always have the reminder of what she tossed away.

Josh is haunted by the memories of the incident with Reva while in prison. After a jog, Josh whispers to himself that “Be honest with her.” He goes in to tell Cassie the truth. Cassie is excited, buzzing around with honeymoon ideas. Josh tries to get her attention so he can tell her what happened but she thinks nothing could be more important than their honeymoon. When Cassie is done just before Josh can confess his sin RJ interrupts. Cassie is excited to see him, she asks him to help her pick a wedding date before he leaves for a sleep over. August 25 is the date they pick. Cassie is so happy she wants to go to the Beacon to make sure it is available on August 25, she rushes out without Josh telling her the grim news.

Cassie runs into Olivia when she is on her way to go ask Olivia about the availability of the Beacon. Realizing a wedding is the last thing Olivia wants to talk about cassie sticks around and talks with Olivia like girlfriends. Reva learns about Cassie’s active role in Alan learning that Beth’s baby wasn’t his from Jeffery. Reva sees how unstable Cassie is and lets it slip that she will be glad when cassie is mentally well again, so at least it will be a fair fight. Jeffery picks up on the comment and asks Reva if she is referring to fighting for Josh. Reva returns a plate to the farm and finds Josh home alone. Josh tells her he is telling Cassie tonight and she will forgive him and he will marry her. Reva is determined but cool. She jokes “Well if she doesn’t work out you always no where to find me.” Josh needs to leave to go check into the Beacon. Cassie wanted to rent the bridal suite to celebrate setting a wedding date. Josh checks in and gets the room ready. Reva stays behind to leave her sister a note. Billy pops his head in to say hello when he see Josh at the Beacon. Josh is frustrated and not as happy as he should be, Billy asks what is going on with him. Josh tells Billy about the conversation with Reva. Billy warns Reva has that look in her eye that makes her Reva. She is so bad she’s good, he laughs. Josh is irritated by his ex but believes that once he marries Cassie Reva will be out of the picture. Billy laughs out loud, Reva will never be out of the picture.

When Olivia goes to confront Jeffery for staying in town Cassie nervously cups a cup of coffee with both hands and tells herself over and over “it’s going to be okay” Reva comes around the corner and sees Cassie who is obviously upset. Reva thinks Josh already told her about the night at the prison. Reva walks up to Cassie. Cassie is almost disgusted to see Reva asking “Not now” and moving away from her. Reva follows “Cassie, I’m sorry…” and the word just come flooding out. Reva tries to explain and make excuses and make it sound like it wasn’t anything serious but when she says “we made love” the impact on both women’s lives was clear.

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