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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/23/07

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Written By Dani

“It takes a man…”

This episode was filmed in two separate places and styles. The first was with Gus in a hotel room drinking and talking into the camera as if it he is speaking to someone. The second is regular daytime filming, showing what is happening in real time.

Gus tells the camera about Natalia returning to town and how she seems to in trouble. Gus emphasizes his history with Natalia by telling about how they were when they were together. There is no doubt he loved her dearly at one time but Harley is his love and life now. Then he explains Harley’s reaction to the return of Natalia. The story of his relationship with Harley and Daisy is the most disturbing in his mind. Gus in an off-handed way criticizes Dylan and Harley for the way they have treated daisy through the years but his point is he loves Daisy as if she were his own. He loves all of Harley’s kids that way. Harley’s children are his children as far as he is concerned. But for now Natalia is in trouble and he feels he owes it to her to help, after the awful way he left her all those years ago.

Natalia is being bullied at a diner that serves beer in Chicago by a loan shark. Gus walks in and saves her. He decks Tony, the loan shark, and tells him to leave Natalia alone. Natalia is irritated that Gus followed her. They exchange some not so friendly words but the mood lightens when the long-time owner of Otto’s recognizes “Nikki” and is pleased to see him. The owner, Josie, insists Nick and Natalia sit at their own booth. Josie runs off to make Nikki his usual. Gus does not want to relive the past but does for the sake of the old man. Gus sees that Natalia and Nick’s initials are carved in the booth they always sat in. Natalia and Gus remember the good times but Gus brings the conversation back to her problems that brought her to meet a loan shark in Chicago.

Natalia will not give up her personal problems. Gus decides to stay and visit for a bit but can’t find the exact words to tell Harley without alarming her. Gus practices different versions of the story and is surprised when Harley walks in behind him. Gus believes himself to in trouble but Harley doesn’t seem concerned. Harley found out where he was from dispatch, she tells him she is there as his partner not his wife. What Gus thought to be an already explosive situation now seems to be bordering on sparks. Harley takes Natalia aside with a beer where they talk heart to heart, woman to woman. Natalia doesn’t hide how much she loved Nick/Gus and still does. Harley made no secret that though there lives are busy and stressful she and Gus have a rock solid marriage. Natalia and Harley like each other and get along well. Gus worries both women are strong. Both women will fight for what they want. And both women love him. Gus sits and waits for a hair pulling fight to break out but it doesn’t.

When Gus sees Harley and Natalia sit at the booth he just sat at with Natalia before Harley arrived. Gus cautiously joins them. Just like her husband had earlier Harley casually turns the topic of conversation back to what originally brought Natalia back to Chicago cavorting with unsavory people. Natalia still does not reveal the depths of her problems but what Harley and Gus knows is money is a big concern. Harley wants to loan Natalia the money. Gus tells her that he already offered and Natalia doesn’t want to impose. Harley doesn’t listen, she takes Natalia by the hand and they leave in search of a bank.

Gus waits at Otto’s. Daisy calls acting upset and tells him that she needs his help. Worried, Gus leaves for Springfield. Though the phone call was a ploy trouble is on the horizon for Daisy. After hanging up the phone she makes googley eyes and smiles flirtatiously at the mysterious tall, dark, and handsome boy she saw yesterday. Her enemy begins running her mouth about what a psychopath the new boy is. Daisy battles back calling the girl a “skanky slut” the girl goes for Daisy’s throat and they begin to physically fight. They fall to the ground, daisy is hurt. The new boy jumps into to defend Daisy. Coop rushes in to break up the fight and ends up being decked in the face by the new kid.

Daisy’s ankle is hurt badly and she waits in the infirmary for medical assistance. Gus is the only one who arrives and is told that he cannot authorize anything for Daisy. Gus is frustrated and tries to beg and plead but the warden makes it clear he has no legal authority over Daisy. He is not her father! Gus is crushed once again he is the outcast in Daisy’s life even though he seems to be the only one who cares about her well-being. Gus tries and tries to reach Dylan and Harley, he only gets voice mail on both accounts. This brings Gus to the hotel room speaking into the camera. Gus explains he has three women in his life that need his help but right now one is in pain and there is nothing he can do. That is why he “has come to you for help” The camera pans to Alan sitting and listening intently. Alan is grateful and happy that Gus felt he could trust Alan with such intense problems and of course he will help, all Gus has to do is name it.

Natalia is easy a big, fat check. Daisy is who needs his help most and if he helps Daisy Harley is a two for one deal. Alan calls Doris and demands she make a call to juvenile hall allowing Gus to give permission for medical treatment.

Daisy sits in the infirmary in pain, begging to God for him to help ease the pain. A knock from the other side of the wall takes daisy’s attention away from her pain. Daisy moves some books to reveal an opening on the other side of the wall the mysterious boy passes Daisy an ice pack. Silent gratitude is passed through the slight opening before a firm knock at the door interrupts “their moment”. the warden enters with Gus in tow. Unhappy about the call from the DA, the warden gives Daisy the much needed pain medicine. Gus sits with daisy until the meds kick in. daisy starts off sarcastic but Gus asks “You still don’t get it do you?” Gus explains how much he loves her as a daughter, as his daughter.

Harley learns about Daisy’s incident from Alan who happens to run into her on main Street after returning from Chicago. Harley doesn’t believe Gus would ask Alan for anything until Alan reveals details that only someone in the know would have. Alan explains what he did because Gus loves Harley and her children. Harley unrepentantly hugs Alan and tears up thanking him. Alan reminds her caring for and protecting children is the most important thing in the world. Though Harley is touched, she stops before walking away and asks what this kind deed will cost them in the future. Alan replies, “I’ll just show up one day, like an old girlfriend.”

With daisy cared for and Natalia and Harley back in town Gus goes to Company to touch base with Natalia. Natalia asks him off the cuff “Is there anything I could tell you that would make you leave Harley?” She retracts the question almost as soon as it is out of her mouth but Gus answers any way, just to clear the air. “No, there is nothing you could say that would make me leave her.” With that said Natalia is preoccupied with leaving work early. Gus suspects it is to handle whatever is weighing on Natalie’s mind but still, nothing is revealed.

Gus meets Harley in a hotel room she rented where they make love and reconfirm their love and commitment to one another. Both are happy and content.

Natalia finally breaks away from work but it is too late for visiting hours. The warden is firm in sending Natalia away but the mysterious young man that Daisy is interested in passes the visitation room. Natalia rushes to his side telling him she has money to get him out of there. The guards come and pull Natalia and the boy apart. Just before they drag the boy out of the room he yells out “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MOM!”

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