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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/22/07

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Written By Dani

Dinah and Mallet dress for Cyrus’ trial, both are nervous what will come out. No matter what they are going to support each other, they promise. Pacing in the courtroom Cyrus has resigned himself to a fate in prison because his public defender is obviously incompetent. Cyrus is left alone with his thoughts when his lawyer has a stomach emergency and must run out of the court room. Marina walks in giving Cyrus the cold shoulder. Marina meets mallet in the hall where they wait for the ADA. When the ADA arrives he speaks with the detectives before the trial begins Dinah has one last opportunity to speak with Cyrus. Cyrus threatens to bring mallets past into testimony. Dinah is very possessive and protective of Mallet begging Cyrus to bring her down and leave Mallet alone. Cyrus does not commit one way or another. When the trial begins Cyrus sees his future going down the tubes since his defense is incompetent , disorganized, and unprepared. Alexandra Spaulding barges into the courtroom while court is in session, she has a stellar defense attorney that she has hired to defend the best driver she has had in a while. Cyrus is grateful and hopeful.

Mallet and marina each testify offering no solid evidence linking Cyrus to the Reardon’s stolen money. When Marina testifies her feelings towards Cyrus greatly play into Cyrus’ defense, she begins to regret turning him in and testifying against him. The judge admits that most likely Cyrus did steal the money but the people’s office failed to prove he did so. Cyrus Foley was found not guilty. Dinah feels that Cyrus will not let up about her involvement and Mallet’s past now that he is free to strike again. Cyrus tells her that her debt is paid in full and he is going legit. Dinah is doubtful but can do nothing accept take Cyrus at his word, for now. Marina watches Cyrus from the back of the courtroom.

Ashley is disappointed on parent’s Day at juvenile hall when Doris will not be visiting. Daisy claims she would pay money for Harley not to visit. Daisy jokes they should switch mothers. Ashley and daisy mop the hall in preparation for the visiting parents. When the girls see the new inmates they begin to laugh and joke about them. Daisy makes eye contact with a handsome clean cut Hispanic male who is equally interested in her and the jokes come to an end. Harley tells Gus just before going to see Daisy that he will not be joining her on this visit. Gus is mad, he doesn’t say anything he is just silent. Harley explains that Dylan will be going with her because he is Daisy’s father. Gus makes a quick exit when Dylan meets Harley at CO2. Dylan and Harley bicker like children. Dylan is still upset with Harley for having Daisy locked up. When they arrive for their visit Daisy wastes no time treating Harley badly and insulting and blaming her. Dylan jumps right in and defends Harley. Dylan sits daisy down and tells her in detail about how horrible Harley felt after giving her up and how they went to find her and had to give her up for a second time when Daisy was just a little girl. Daisy is touched but hasn’t completely come around yet. Dylan takes full responsibility for Daisy being locked up. Lying, he tells her he told Harley to do it. Daisy warms up to her mother for the first time in a long time, she hugs Harley before it is time for Harley and Dylan to leave. Harley is in disbelief that Dylan would lie for her sake and risk Daisy hating him and that daisy hugged her.

Natalia complains out loud when a customer leaves her a fifty cent tip. Remy senses she is having money troubles and makes the comment well it’s a good thing you have a friend that has money. Natalia just assumes he is referring to Gus and tells him she can’t burden gus with her problems. Remy corrects her and tells her he has money and comes from money. Natalia jokes with him that he shouldn’t lend money to people he doesn’t know. Remy has the right response, he invites her out on a date to get to know her better. Natalia is flattered but turns down the date and the offer of a loan. Remy persists after seeing her problems really weighing on her mind. He begins to wonder if possibly she has some kind of legal issue. Remy offers Mel assistance if it is legal troubles she is having. “I don’t want to lie my problems on you.” She tells Remy kindly, “Well lay them on me.” Gus says appearing out of nowhere. Natalia will not tell Gus either. Gus replies in frustration “ Don’t you shut me out, too” Natalia picks up on the “too” and asks her old love about it. Gus opens up about his frustrations regarding Dylan, Daisy, and Harley. Natalia still keeps her secrets to herself, stepping outside to take a private call. The caller is unknown and Natalia asks for help and to meet the person at a place called Otto’s, she believes she is alone having a private conversation. Remy listens from behind a bush. Gus steps outside of Company to check on her, Remy tells Gus what he overheard bringing up the location Otto’s.

Natalia meets a loan shark at a bar. She is handed an envelope then the man begins to stroke her hair, wanting collateral for his money. Natalia has nothing to offer but she isn’t going to have sex with the man as he is insinuating, she pulls away. The man moves closer grabbing at her hair a little more forceful. Gus walks in and tells the man to get his hands off Natalia.

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