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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/21/07

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Written By Richard

Alan, Beth, and Rick received the results of the DNA test and Rick turned out to be the father because Cassie switched the test results. Rick told Beth that he was going to be a good father to the baby. Alan said that he was going to have the test done again.

Beth was shaken up about the news and she told Rick that she wanted the baby to be Alan's.

Cassie was happy that Rick found out that he was the father. She was glad to rub it in Alan's face.

Marina was surprised to find out that Cyrus was now hired to be Alex's new driver. He met her outside with his outfit on and she was shocked that he was still in town.

Alan was upset with Cassie when she told him this. Cassie asked him if he felt empty inside finding out that he lost his baby. She wanted him to feel as bad as she felt. Alan said to her that he is not upset because he knows that he is the father of the baby and he will get the test to prove it.

Alex came over to find Marina and Cyrus talking and she wanted to know how she knew him.

Josh and Reva were talking to a priest, because Josh was interested in becoming a minister. Josh told Reva that he wanted to speak to the priest just by himself and Reva left. Josh was talking with a priest and he told him that he made a mistake. He told him that he slept with Reva and he was unfaithful to Cassie. Josh asked him what was best for him to do. The Priest offered Josh some advice and he told him to do what he felt was right.

Marina wanted to know from Alex what kind of background check she runs on her employees. Alex said that she checks them out very well. Marina told Cyrus that she is a cop and she has to do what is right. Cyrus reminded her that he did saved her life.

Alan doted over Beth and he talked about the baby like he was the father. Beth was surprised that he was not upset. Alan said that he felt that he is the father of the baby. Alan said to her that he would raise the baby with her as his child because he believes that it is his baby.

Cassie went to see Josh and she was very happy. She told him that she was so happy that Alan was not the father of the baby. Cassie asked him if she thought he was a bad person and Josh said that she wasn't.

The Police Officer turned up and he put the cuffs on Cyrus and he arrested him. Marina was with him when he was arrested. Alex was surprised that she had to drive to limo by herself!

Alan was getting ready to take Beth home and make a room for the baby in the house. Beth told him that he shouldn't be thinking like this because he is not the father. Alan told her once more that he was going to get a test to show that he was the father of the baby and that the other test must be wrong.

Josh told Cassie that he has decided what he wants to do. He told Cassie that he wants to be a minister. She was surprised to hear that. She wanted him to do what was right for him.

Reva was with Billy and she was hoping that since Josh talked to the priest he would tell Cassie that he has feelings for Reva. Billy told her that he wasn't sure if that would be good to tell Cassie that.

Cassie had a vision from Tammy again and she asked Cassie if what she was doing to hurt Alan was right.

Reva told Billy that she had to do what was right for herself and Josh. Billy asked Reva if she loved her sister and she said that she does but she loves Josh more.

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