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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/18/07

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Written By Richard

Jeffrey told Cassie that he would help her with the paternity test.

Alan called Lizzie and he asked her to keep Rick away from the hospital so he and Beth could take the paternity test without him knowing about it. Rick came to see Lizzie at her apartment. She told him that she was lighting candles for Sarah and she told him that she felt like she is not meant for happiness. Alan called Lizzie and he wanted to make sure that she was keeping Rick busy so Beth could have her tests without Rick knowing about it.

Jeffrey talked to Cassie about the paternity test for Beth. Jeffrey tried to help Cassie spot anyone who may be taking a payoff from Alan. They were at Buzz's Restaurant. They were watching hospital personals who may have taken a payoff from Alan.

Josh was on the Main Street and he was being held at knife point by a mugger. The guy stabbed Josh in the hand by accident. Josh was shocked that he stabbed him. The guy apologized to Josh for stabbing him. Just then, a police officer came by and he arrested the kid for holding Josh at knife point. Josh looked upset that the kid was being arrested.

Jeffrey came to the table and he questioned the hospital worker who was there at the table. Jeffrey told him that he knew that he was going to make sure that Beth's paternity test revealed that it was Alan's baby. Jeffrey told him that he was going to go to the hospital with him and they were going to make sure he was taking the day off.

Rick talked to Lizzie about how much he wanted to be a good father. Lizzie broke down and told him that he baby might be his and that he needed to get to the hospital to see. Rick was glad that Lizzie told him the truth and he told her that if the baby turned out to be his that he would make sure that she is in the baby's life.

Alan and Beth were getting ready to leave the hospital after the tests were done, and Jeffrey came to their room with the guy who Alan had paid to change the test. Alan was upset and he walked out of the room with Jeffrey and him. Jeffrey told Alan that this guy would not be doing the test anymore.

Buzz came into the room and he was there with Beth, and he tried to comfort her. Jeffery and Alan came back to the room with Rick and Rick told Alan and Beth that the baby might be his. Alan was upset to hear him say this.

Alan told Jeffrey and Rick the baby was his and they were wasting their time Rick told Alan that he was going to see if the baby was his. Alan was angry with Jeffrey and Rick. Lizzie apologized to Beth for not stopping Rick from getting to the hospital in time. Beth told her that it was fine and that Alan shouldn't have put her on the spot.

Jeffrey walked into the hospital hallway and he found Cassie there. Jeffrey told Cassie that the results of the paternity test was going to be fair now.

Beth was upset that Cassie was here at the hospital with Jeffrey. Beth told her that the baby was Alan and hers and she was making trouble for the both of them. Beth asked her if she cared whether or not she gets upset. Cassie said that she deserves what she gets.

Josh went to see the kid at the police station who stabbed him.

Lizzie was excited and she ran into Buzz at the restaurant and she told him that Beth was having a little girl. Buzz said that she never told him that and he was happy. Lizzie said that she was going to have a lot of fun with her little girl.

Josh went to see the guy at the police station who stabbed him and he talked to him and told him that if he needed anyone to talk to to get his life back on track, he would be there. Josh gave him his email and he walked out.

Jeffrey went to his apartment and then he unpacked his suitcase. He decided not to leave.

Alan and Beth and Rick waited to find out the results of the paternity test.

Cassie hacked into the hospital computers and she found out the results of the paternity test. The father of Beth's baby was Alan Spaulding. Cassie thought about deleting his name from the computer and changing the test.

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