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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/17/07

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Written By Dani

Reva checks on her good friend Buzz. She and Frank have a nice talk about Olivia, Frank, and Buzz comparing the situation to Reva, Cassie, and Josh. Reva goes to Buzz’s room although he is trying to isolate himself from everybody. Reva has a mock-hostile attitude, bullying Buzz around making him get up face facts. If he loves Olivia he has got to fight for her. Buzz is inspired for the moment but quickly recognizes Reva feels so strongly on the matter because she is going to fight to get Josh back. Buzz is concerned about his friend getting hurt. Reva speaks with Lillian who asks her to be the poster girl for Cancer research for Cedar’s. Reva tells Josh at CO2 about the offer. They laugh and talk about it. Josh thinks she should accept the offer. Cassie looks on as they joke about Reva’s unorthodox tactics for fundraising.

Buzz begins to eat a T-bone steak and is interrupted by a persistent knock at the door. Buzz yells “Who is it?” No one answers. Forced to leave his steak Buzz discovers Moxie sitting in the hall all alone with a note around her neck. Buzz reads the note that is asking that Moxie be allowed to live with Buzz while Ashley is away. Buzz yells into the empty hall for Frank and Coop to come back and get Moxie, he doesn’t need any company. Buzz acts as if he is angry but he really isn‘t. Moxie has let herself in and has helped herself to Buzz’s dinner. “No, no, no …” he says in frustration.

Josh works on the porch and overhears Cassie speaking to someone. She sits at the breakfast table alone. Josh is worried and keeps a close eye on her. Cassie diligently works on her laptop trying desperately to find a way to intervene in the paternity test and ensure that Rick gets the baby that Beth is carrying. Josh doesn’t see how the paternity of Beth’s baby is relevant to their relationship. Cassie tells him she can’t move on knowing Alan is happy. Josh tries very hard to talk her out of moving further with whatever is going through her mind. Cassie refuses to let it go. In frustration she blurts out “that is what Tammy wants” Josh now, knows Cassie is in a worse mental state than he had suspected. Cassie tries to convince Josh to get on board with her while preparing coffee for them. Josh points out that Cassie has a third mug out that she was fixing just the way Tammy liked her coffee. Cassie claims it was a mistake because she is still tired. Josh asks Cassie one last time for her to release and let him be there for her so they can live a happy life. Cassie pulls away when she sees Josh does not understand what she is going through. After witnessing Josh laughing with Reva, Cassie goes to Jeffery’s room. She needs help and he is the only person who can help her. Jeffery is preoccupied but lets her in.

Jeffery is packing his belongings to move back to NY and live the only kind of life he knows how to. Jeffery has made the necessary arrangements to leave his half of the law firm to Mel. Mel tries to talk Jeffery out of leaving because she sees he is only making the decision because he is afraid of what he is feeling. Jeffery denies that he is running from Olivia and what he feels for her but Mel sees through him. Agitated with Jeffery’s stubbornness Mel leaves him to do what he wants to do. Ava arrives angry with tears in her eyes. She cannot believe he would leave her without saying good-bye. Jeffery tries to explain that it is for the greater good for her and her mother. Ava can’t see the situation as he does. She begs him to please stay and get to know her as a father knows a daughter. He can’t he sadly tells her.

Beth and Alan are happy awaiting the amnio test that the doctor ordered. Beth is nervous that the results will reveal that Rick is the father and Rick will find out. Alan tries to ease her concerns, telling her he knows what name the test will read when they get the results. Beth asks for some of Buzz’s chili. Alan playfully gives her a hard time for wanting Buzz’s Chili, she teases back that he has eaten countless bowls of it. The couple is happy. Rick checks in on Beth while Alan is at Company. Rick brings a personalized onesie. Beth is happy to see him and they have a decent conversation.

At Company Alan sees Leah studying. He takes the opportunity to chat with Rick’s daughter. Alan is kind and offers grandfatherly advice (that would benefit him, not the young teenager) Alan shares that he believes what Rick really wants is to reconcile with his family and he thinks if Leah were to suggest a reunion for her parents that would be just the push that Rick and Mel need. Leah listens intently, in her heart that is what she very much wants. Mel storms in demanding Leah get away from Alan. Alan explains he is worried that Rick is delusional about Beth’s baby being his. Mel is taken aback by this revelation but doesn’t show it to Alan. Alan returns to Beth’s side with her chili. Mel calls Rick asking for a meeting.

Alan doesn’t get angry or react in a negative way when Beth admits Rick stopped by while Alan was at Company. Alan reiterates his confidence in who will be the father when they get the test results. Speaking calmly Alan takes the onesie looks at it and throws it away.

Mel tells Rick about Alan talking to Leah and confronts him about Beth’s pregnancy. Rick tells her he didn’t want to say anything until the DNA test comes back. Mel puts their marital problems aside to extend a helping hand. Mel believes from the way Alan spoke he will cause many troubles for Rick if it turns out Rick is the father and he fights the Spaulding’s for the baby. Mel volunteers to represent

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