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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/16/07

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Written By Dani


Josh wants to give something back to the people. Josh researches the history of the lighthouse and learns bells used to ring for special occasions like weddings, funerals, holidays, and to signal the ships off shore. Josh decides to fix the bells to bring joy and comfort to the town. Josh and Billy work until the bells chime. They celebrate, hugging and hooting. Everyone hears the beautiful lullaby and is soothed, at first. The bells won’t stop, everybody realizes after many minutes. Finally after 37 minutes of ringing they stop, for 37 minutes. The bells continue to ring for days 37 minutes every 37 minutes. The joy diminishes when night after night there isn’t any sleep to be had. Josh, Billy, and Remy continue to work non-stop to stop the bells. Nothing they do will stop the ringing.

Cassie is visited by Tammy. Cassie is preoccupied by a radio announcement she heard for a contest the station is promoting, “Name the Spaulding Baby” Josh walks in on her twice “while in the company of Tammy” she has tears in her eyes and is acting odd. Josh puts it aside for now, until he can fix the bells.

Marina tells Harley that she believes she has feelings for Cyrus. Harley tells her it is normal to sympathies with her captor during a traumatic event and Marina will get over it. Marina doesn’t dispute her aunt but she knows there is more to what she is feeling than a passing sympathy. Cyrus watches marina from afar. Hoping for just a few moments of sleep Marina returns to her room, sad and missing Cyrus. Cyrus walks in from her balcony. Marina is happy to see him but doesn’t show it. Cyrus tells her he stayed because he got a job. They speak for a moment and he is hurt when he thinks she doesn’t feel for him what he feels for her. Marina lays down on the bed. Cyrus gives up without fight, disappointed he leaves the way he came. Marina reaches up and takes his hand. Cyrus and Marina kiss but it doesn’t go any further. Marina passes out from exhaustion when the bells stop. Cyrus tenderly kisses Marina’s face and covers her.

Gus looses it and goes to the lighthouse with a sledge hammer. Josh stops Gus from busting the gears. Gus sits with Josh in frustration more over his life than the bells. Gus opens up about his past and love he shared with Natalia. Josh listens as the wise friend that he is as Gus explains how Natalia is in town and plans on staying. Gus assures himself and Josh that it is Harley he loves and wants to be with. Josh kindly tells Gus to just tell Harley and deal with it together. The problem and solution are actually quite simple. Gus sees the logic and goes to speak with Harley. In their room Gus sits Harley down and tells her everything. Harley isn’t concerned and understands because she knows that she is the one who he loves and will love for the rest of their lives. Gus is relieved to have that off his chest. They make love.

Josh feels immense guilt calling himself a hypocrite. He has only one option, he’s got to tell Cassie the truth about what happened at the prison with Reva. When Josh arrives at the farm Cassie has tears in her eyes and is obviously in a distant place emotionally. He changes his mind and doesn’t confess to sleeping with Reva. Josh hold Cassie in a few moments of silence but Billy calls and needs him right away at the lighthouse.

Josh can’t take it anymore! He grabs up the sledge hammer to pound away at the many gears and cogs that will not stop sounding through Springfield. Billy tries to stop him at first but steps away believing Josh won’t really destroy what he was so passionate about fixing. Josh is so disappointed in himself. He just wanted to do something good and pure. Billy sees the problem and frustration is with himself not the bells. Josh and Billy talk about telling Cassie of Reva and Josh’s passionate visit. Billy believes it is best to not tell Cassie. Josh begs to an unknown being for a sign to let him know what is the right thing to do. Josh looks down and finds inspirational words etched onto a gear from decades ago. The words read: “There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others. Comes back into our own.”

Billy and Josh take comfort and see how nice the words are. This is Josh’s sign.

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