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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/15/07

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Written By Dani

Mallet and Dinah enjoy their morning of quiet, drinking coffee in their robes and just relaxing. The good feeling abruptly ends when Blake zips in on her rascal wheelchair. Blake asks who wants breakfast. Both are up to eating. Blake tells them she doesn’t feel like eating but they should go out. Without hesitation both jump at the chance for some more time alone. Blake makes a phone call “I need to see you now.” Later a knock at the door reveals that the phone call was to call Matt. Blake explains that she wants to send some work Matt’s way in light of his current financial problems. Not wanting to get involved with Blake Matt agrees to hear her out. “Ramps” Blake says she wants. Matt is bewildered. Why does Blake need ramps at Dinah and Mallet’s place, her stay is only temporary. Blake pays no attention to Matt’s resistance. Blake and Matt tour the apartment , she shows him what she wants done. Blake lets it slip that the conditions are a bit rough because Dinah and Mallet fiercely argue all the time. Matt doesn’t fall for what Blake is trying to pull but does locate Dinah to make sure Dinah is okay. Dinah becomes irritated more so bordering on anger when Matt tells her about the lies Blake is trying to convince him of. Dinah promises she and mallet are stronger than they have ever been. Matt promises to stand by Dinah if she needs his help because she stuck by him when he screwed up.

Mallet returns home just in time to catch Blake as she falls from an attempt to get out of the wheelchair and walk. In Mallet’s safe grip they talk up in the air really but each knows what the other means. Mallet is desperately trying to find out what Blake remembers from his bedside confession . Blake gives an open-ended truth revealing nothing nor confirming anything; only filling Mallet with more doubts. As he gets closer to learning the truth Dinah busts through the door unhappy about what Matt has just shared with her. Blake gives them a moment. Dinah tells Mallet with force that she wants Blake out! Mallet too wants Blake gone but he can’t risk upsetting her. Mallet tells Dinah how close he was to discovering what Blake knows. Mallet is too close to let Blake get the better of them.

Gus and Harley show up at the juvenile detention center to visit with Daisy. Harley is anxious to see her daughter but her joy is squashed upon checking in. The warden tells them Gus can go in to see Daisy but not Harley. What? Harley and Gus ask in surprise. Daisy has left strict instruction that she did not want to see her mother. Gus stands by his wife saying all or none. No, Harley stops him. She wants to make sure Daisy is okay, she would rather Gus go in and ease her mind. Gus doesn’t feel this is a good idea but Harley embraces him and tells him to go in, she trusts him. Reluctant Gus enters the visiting area. Daisy rushes into his unwelcoming arms. Harley goes to CO2 to wait for Gus. Harley struggles with her feelings of failure and guilt about Daisy. With her face in hands Natalia asks if she is okay. Harley invites Natalia to sit and visit with her. Natalia listens as Harley rambles on about nothing really then Harley eases into her personal life. From her troubles with Daisy to, her job, to her boys, and her marriage to Gus. Natalia tells Harley that Daisy is just going through a stage and it will pass. Harley feels there is more there than that and it may be too late. Natalia compliments Harley for the way she works so hard and maintains her family. Harley explains it’s not too hard raising the family because Zac has his future set with the inheritance. Natalia is confused, she just assumed the boys were Gus’. No Harley begins to explain the family break down but Mallet interferes. Mallet asks if they are still on for he and Dinah to take the boys to a Cubs game. Sure, oh and Harley catches her manners. Harley introduces mallet and Natalia. Natalia concludes that Mallet is Phillip. Mallet is amused and makes a joke about all of Harley’s husbands and children. Natalia is very confused as mallet and an embarrassed Harley explain the husbands, which order they came, and which child belongs to which man. This is a lot for Natalia to take in.

Gus is wise to Daisy’s games and isn’t as friendly as he has been. Gus tricks Daisy into admitting she went to Chicago to bring Natalia to Springfield just to cause trouble for him and Harley. Daisy does not hide that she is pleased with herself. Gus is really upset with Daisy and the lies and failure to see how she is hurting the people that loves her most. Daisy can’t wait to hear how Harley is freaking out . Gus disappoints her by telling her Harley is fine and has met Natalia. Daisy determines Gus hasn’t been completely forthcoming about the full extent of his former relationship with Natalia. Harley is anxious to hear all about Daisy and his visit. Gus doesn’t want to talk about it now, he is secretly more concerned when he see who Harley has been spending the morning with. Harley steps aside to make a phone call. Gus confronts Natalia about her motives for coming to town. Natalia tells how Daisy gave her a sob story about Gus being in the hospital and she only came because they never got to say good-bye. Still suspicious Gus accepts her explanation, for now.

Harley calls the detention center pretending to be Daisy’s room mate from boarding school. The warden gives Daisy two minutes. Harley speaks fast fearing that Daisy would hang up. Harley tells Daisy that she loves her and always will, she will also be there for Daisy no matter what. Daisy listens then hangs up without saying a word.

Coop prepares a lesson plan for class. Ava tries to cozy up to Coop who is angry and cold towards her. Coop blames Ava for Olivia breaking Buzz’s heart. Ava asks Coop to go away on a little vacation with her. He is disgusted at her audacity and calls her shameless. Ava defends herself , she explains she doesn’t see anything wrong with asking Coop to just get away from all the chaos for a while. Coop angrily says “I can’t just blow off my job, unlike you I didn’t sleep with my boss to get my job.” Ava is speechless. Coop leaves for class. Ashley is surprised to see her best buddy, but happy to see him.

Ashley feels so sorry for Buzz who must feel all alone right now. Ashley has a good idea and is excited as she jots some notes on a piece of paper. Handing the paper to Coop she proudly offers to give moxie (her dog) to Buzz. At first Coop doesn’t understand but Ashley explains that Buzz needs companionship and unconditional love, like puppy love. Coop is so touched at her kindness and generosity. He knows how much she adores her dog. Even locked up Ashley is a true friend to the Coopers.

Ashley lovingly reads over some papers Coop left with her, Daisy sees the crush that Ashley has on her uncle. Ashley denies having feeling beyond friendship but when Daisy tells her that Coop just told he was over and done with Ava, new hope is breathed into Ashley.

After class coop munches on a sandwich at Company. Ava storms in to set the record straight. She is angry and begins to blast Coop who cuts her off . Coop apologizes for what he said earlier and he knows she is not Olivia or anything like her mother. Ava admits she only asked Coop to go away because she doesn’t know how to ask for a second chance and that’s what she really wants to ask. Coop offers her part of his sandwich as truce. Coop doesn’t commit one way or another to a possible second chance. Ava takes what she can get. Ava takes the rest of his sandwich playfully, and one more thing she tells Coop. “I never slept with Alan-Michael.” She smiles and heads out the door for work.

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