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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/14/07

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Written By Richard

Reva confronted Josh at the Lighthouse and she was upset with him for his worrying about Cassie again. Josh told Reva that Cassie almost fell over the railing and he was worried for her. Reva said to Josh that he should not be coming to her for help while he was sleeping with her sister.

Cassie and Beth were in a back alley and Beth fell down. Beth was shaken up and she was upset with Cassie and she told her to get away from her. Cassie tried to convince Beth to keep her baby away from Alan and to make sure that Rick thinks it is his. Beth told her that the baby is Alan's and that the paternity test would show that. A Police Officer walked over and he asked if there was a problem. Beth yelled out and said to him that there was.

Alan was walking and he ran into Alex and she told him that she was buying a present for Alan Michael. Alan was angry with her and he told her that Alan Michael was out of the family as far as he thought. Alex was angry with him and she told him

Beth was upset and she was feeling pains in her stomach. She told the Police Officer and Cassie that she could not lose this child. Cassie said that they had to get to the hospital.

Dinah and Blake were in her Apartment and they were talking about Mallet. Blake told Dinah how good of a person Mallet was. Dinah was getting jealous of Blake telling her that she liked Mallet so much.

Marina and Frank were on the Main Street and Marina was looking for Cyrus. Frank was wondering whether or not Marina wanted to capture Cyrus.

The Police Officer was ready to take Beth to the hospital. Cassie told Beth that she wanted to go to the hospital with her and Beth said she didn't want her to be with her.

Reva and Josh were at the Lighthouse and they were talking about Cassie. They got a phone call from Cassie and she said that there was an accident. She said that Beth was having labor pains and that they were taking her to the hospital. Reva and Josh went to the hospital to be with them.

Dinah said to Blake that she knew that Mallet is going to help her get better but she was upset that she might take advantage of him.

Frank wanted to know why Mallet had wanted to drop the case against Blake. Mallet said to him that Blake is his friend and that the Governor wanted to drop the whole case.

Josh and Reva walked into the hospital and Josh came over to Cassie and he asked her what happen at the warehouse. Cassie told him that they were talking and Beth fell. Josh went in to see Beth and Alan. Reva told Cassie that she thought maybe she pushed Beth and she was upset that Alan caused her lose Tammy and that is why she might have pushed her. Cassie was upset that Reva would say something like that to her. Cassie said to her that she would accuse her of that because she wanted to get Josh back away from her.

Reva told Cassie she wasn't doing that to get Josh away from her. Cassie told her that she would do anything to steal Josh back from her. Reva told her that if she wanted to steal Josh away from her she would not do it this way.

Beth told Alan that Cassie caused her to fall. Alan was upset and he went outside to talk to Josh.

Alan told Josh that he knew that Cassie caused Beth to fall. He threatened to go to use this to hurt Cassie.

Josh went over to see Cassie and he told her that they should go home and rest. Josh was angry with Reva for saying some of the things that she did to Cassie and Reva tried to explain what she meant.

Dinah told Blake that the charges against her had been dropped. Blake was glad to hear that. Dinah told Blake that she was going to spend some time with Mallet and then she left. Blake looked outside the door and she saw Dinah and Mallet kissing and she was upset about that.

Marina got a phone call from Cyrus and he was telling her goodbye. It was a Message that he left on her voice mail.

Alex was having some problems with her driver and she was angry with him. She noticed Cyrus on the Main Street and she offered him a job as her driver. He was happy to help her out. He looked at this as an opportunity for him to be in town.

Dinah and Mallet left and went out together. Blake made a phone call to Matt and she asked him to help her with something.

Beth told Alan that she was worried that Rick might find out that she is in the hospital and he would demand a paternity test. Alan told her not to worry about that happening.

Josh wanted to make sure that everything was alright with Cassie. Cassie told him that she was fine and she wanted to go home with him. Josh hugged Cassie and she was glad that he was there with her.

Frank and marina finally meet up after the dramatic wedding episode. Marina can’t shake the thought and feelings for Cyrus, so much so, she is preoccupied. As she and Frank visit and talk together she is on constant look out for Cyrus. Franks believes she wants to find Cyrus for more than just to apprehend him. Cyrus leaves marina a voicemail that she listens to over and over just to hear his voice. Cyrus is making preparing a cup of coffee at CO2 when Alex pitches a fit on her driver claiming anyone could do a better job. Alex yells out to Cyrus who is just a bystander and asks if he would like a job. Cyrus is somewhat tickled, and interviews on the spot. Great! Cyrus is now employed. He dons the drivers uniform impresses himself.

Mallet learns from frank that there will not be any criminal charges brought in the case of Blake as the Springfield Burns tell-all. Mallet is relieved and is quick to call Dinah and share the good news. Dinah is busy being annoyed by Blake who as an underlying tone with everything that she says. Dinah trying to be ever so cautious tolerates Blake’s bizarre behavior.

Josh is busy doing some maintenance on the lighthouse when Reva confronts him about his relationship with her and Cassie. Josh tries to keep peace in the family but Reva insists there is more. Cassie, meanwhile, is at the warehouse with Beth where they argue about the paternity of Beth’s baby. Beth falls blaming Cassie. A police officer stumbles upon them and checks to see if everything is okay. Seeing her opportunity Beth grabs her belly and pretends to fear for the fate of her unborn fetus. Cassie is concerned and goes with Beth to the ER. Alan is accusatory towards Cassie and the Lewis family at the hospital but very supportive for Beth. Everything looks to be okay with the baby. Josh and Reva rush to Cassie’s side. Josh goes to check with the doctors about Beth’s condition. Reva tries to get the truth out of Cassie who becomes combative and accusing Reva of using this incident to turn Josh against her. Reva is truly only concerned about Cassie and protecting her if she did something to Beth. Cassie has herself convinced everything Reva does is only to turn Josh against Cassie and to win him back for herself. Josh overhears Cassie’s very upset rantings and jumps to her side defending her. Josh recognizes and has for a while that Cassie is not okay but he asks again and again just to try and convince himself. Cassie assures him she is fine.

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