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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/11/07

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Written By Richard

Olivia and Jeffrey argued about her and Buzz. Olivia said that Jeffrey was the one who ruined her wedding.

Beth and Lizzie were shopping around the town. Beth was tired of getting things at the store and Lizzie wanted to be sure that she got everything for the baby. Beth had noticed that Lizzie had a list of clothes that she had already bought for Sarah as well.

Cassie went to see Josh at the Lighthouse and she before she found him, she started to talk to Tammy who wasn't there. Cassie took out the dress that she got for Tammy. Josh came in and she tried to hide the dress. He told her that he couldn't come home because he had to work.

Josh and Cassie talked about readjusting to his life now that he is out of jail. As they continued talking, Remy came over and he started talking with Josh. Cassie went over to the ledge and she got close to the water and Josh went over and grabbed her.

Beth said to Lizzie that she was worried about her thinking about Sarah too much and Lizzie told her that she shouldn't worry about her. Lizzie was talking about her and the new baby and the things that they would do together and Lizzie said that they were going to go to Mommy and Me meetings. Beth was upset that Lizzie was getting too close to the baby and trying to have it take Sarah's place.

Buzz was upset that the wedding was ruined. Ava tried to calm Buzz down and she told him that he shouldn't give up hope.

Olivia and Jeffrey argued about the wedding. Olivia wanted to drink her sorrows away and Jeffrey tried to stop her. Olivia told Jeffrey the reason she couldn't get pass things in her life was because of what happen between them. She said that she had always felt hurt by the way their relationship ended.

Jeffrey tried to calm down Olivia and she told him about how she felt all those years. Olivia said to Jeffrey that she had all this rage with her all these years. Olivia told Jeffrey she saw some good in him and it changed everything when she did.

Josh made sure that Cassie was OK and he wanted her to get some rest. Cassie told Josh she was going to go home and leave him to do his work. Josh and Remy talked about Tammy and Josh told Remy that no one should have to go through what Cassie is dealing with. Josh said to Remy that he has some faith that there is a higher power that is out there.

Beth and Lizzie argued about how Beth thought that Lizzie was trying to use her baby to take Sarah's place. Lizzie got mad at Beth and the fact that she said that to her. Lizzie said that the baby was Rick's in a huff and she got up and walked away. Beth was upset.

Cassie came over to help Beth and she apologized for arguing with her before. Cassie offered to drive Beth home and she grabbed he packages out of her hand and she wanted her to follow her to the car.

Josh said to Remy that he should believe that there is a reason for them to do good while they are on earth. Remy still carried a lot of anger toward God after what happen and he didn't agree with Josh.

Olivia told Jeffrey that she has some feelings for him and she didn't want to lose Buzz for good over him. Jeffrey wanted Olivia to stay there and talk to him but she would not. She went back to her hotel.

Olivia got a visit from Ava and she blamed herself for ruining Olivia and Buzz's big day by telling Jeffrey to go and see Olivia. Ava said that she was glad that Olivia wanted to help get Coop to come back to her and she wanted to help get Buzz to come back to her.

Jeffrey was in the diner and Buzz came in and he went up to Jeffrey. Jeffrey told Buzz that he could hit him if he had to to. Buzz laughed and he said that he didn't come here to hit him and he wanted Jeffrey to do something for him.

Buzz wanted to know why Jeffrey couldn't let go of Olivia. Buzz was upset. Jeffrey told him that he cared about Olivia and that they have a connection with their child. Buzz said that it was much more.

Olivia couldn't get passed the fact that she has these feelings again for Jeffrey. Ava wanted to convince Olivia to give it a shot and work things out with Buzz again.

Cassie took Beth to the Lighthouse and she wanted her to do something for her. Beth was tired and she wanted to go back. Cassie convinced her to go along with her and follow her.

Olivia went to see Jeffrey. She found him at his Apartment as he was getting ready to pack up.

Olivia wanted to convince Jeffrey that he should stay and not leave because of Ava. Jeffrey told her that he had to go and he packed up and he walked out the door.

Josh and Remy worked together to fix the Lighthouse. Josh walked over to the end of the dock and he found the dress that Cassie had for Tammy dropped on the floor.

Cassie had brought Beth to a back warehouse and she told her that the best thing that Beth could do for her is to convince Alan that the baby isn't his. Cassie wanted to make sure that Beth was going to keep her baby away from Alan Spaulding. Beth was upset and she was nervous and as she tried to leave, Cassie tried to stop her. Beth fell down.

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