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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/10/07

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Written By Dani

The wedding is off! Yes, Guiding Light viewers, today was a sad day for Buzz Cooper.

Today’s episode picks up exactly where it left off yesterday. Buzz looks at the photos of Olivia kissing Jeffery. Buzz picks up the phone receiver “Bring Olivia to me. Bring. Olivia. To. Me. NOW!” he says to Coop. Olivia and Ava are putting the finishing touches on their wedding preparations. Olivia looks at herself in the mirror, Ava senses the doubt that Olivia is having. Ava tells her “I know what you are looking for. A flaw.” Coop knocks at the door, Buzz wants to see her. Ava doesn’t want any bad luck and doesn’t think Olivia should go but Olivia feels she surpassed any bad luck. Olivia arrives excited to be marrying Buzz. She asks “Can’t you wait until the minister say it’s okay to kiss your bride?” Buzz pulls away “Oh, I think I can wait, but obviously you can’t.” Buzz tosses to the photos on the table, crushed Olivia looks at them. Buzz is angry and throws some things around the room .Olivia demands to know where he got the photos. Buzz cannot believe what he is hearing. Olivia is very quick to point the finger at Alan Michael. Olivia begs for forgiveness telling Buzz that he knows Alan Michael hates her .

Olivia is crushed and tries her hardest to explain what actually happened but she keeps tripping over her words and everything comes out wrong. Olivia begs Buzz, taking him by the hand to please come with her and marry her. Buzz can’t, and asks Olivia to leave.

Ava becomes concerned for Olivia and wants to go check on her. Coop tries to stop Ava, he doesn’t know exactly what is going on but feels Buzz and Olivia need time to sort through it. Ava insists on checking anyway. Alan Michael cuts her off just as she gets around Coop who is blocking Ava’s way. Alan Michael apologizes for their run in yesterday and asks her to have a drink in the bar with him. Coop and Alan Michael argue over who should be in Ava’s life and who should leave her alone. “Enough!” she yells and makes her way to Buzz’s room. Olivia practically runs Ava over trying to get out of the room, offering no explanation. Ava asks “Should I tell everyone you are going to be late?” “No tell them I’m sorry.” Buzz answers.

Olivia runs to the dining room throwing her bouquet in anger. Crying and questioning what is wrong with her Jeffery appears. Olivia shoves and yells at him to leave her alone. “It’s over” because of him she says. Jeffery tries to get her to admit that there is more between them than just a really bad incident in their past. He grads her by the wrists, she is past hurt and angry now, very angry. The kiss passionately.

Alan Michael slips into Ava’s room to wait for her. As he waits Alan Michael calls to arrange the jet to be fueled and ready to fly to Paris and he will not be traveling alone. Buzz jiggles the door trying to get in. Alan Michael thinks it is Ava and opens the door. Buzz attacks Alan Michael violently. Alan Michael warns “Old man you don’t know who you are messing with” Alan Michael has a smug, proud attitude. “MY family owns this town.” Before going to seek out Alan Michael, Buzz called Alan to enlist his help.

Just as Alan Michael thinks he has gotten the upper-hand Alan walks in with full support of Buzz. Alan demands that Alan Michael get out of town immediately. Alan Michael refuses believing he can be an equal adversary of Alan. Alan threatens to frame Alan Michael for embezzlement if he doesn’t leave quietly.

Buzz walks in on Olivia and Jeffery kissing. Olivia realizes the mistake and begs again for forgiveness. Buzz knocks over the gift table in fury. Buzz calms asking for the truth, once and for all. Buzz takes Olivia’s face in his hands and tells her to just be honest. Olivia sobbing , admits to kissing Jeffery but cannot say why, she doesn’t know why. Olivia believes she must have complicated in her life and she can’t exist without it. Buzz tells her with love in his voice that he will love her and accept her for what she is. He doesn’t expect anything or any more from her. He wants to marry her and start their life. Olivia turns cold and will not marry Buzz. She can’t and she won’t. Olivia leaves and tells Buzz not to follow. “No. No, I won’t” he answers with defeat in his voice.

Alan witnesses the exchange and walks up to Buzz “you and I need to get a drink” he says leading Buzz towards the bar. Alan sits by his friends side in silence letting Buzz speak when he is ready. Alan is kind and offers good wisdom when Buzz is finally ready to talk about Olivia. Alan Michael lurks with anger brimming in the background. Olivia runs to Company . She questions why she went there of all places and turns to go. Jeffery is waiting outside “I had an idea you might come her.”

Dinah and Mallet are the first to arrive at the wedding, with no idea that the wedding will never take place. Marina arrives shortly after, still very weak and dizzy. Marina tries to pick Dinah’s brain about Cyrus, not the crimes he committed but Cyrus as a person. Dinah gives her a little insight but nothing of any substance. Seeing how weak Marina is Mallet insists she lay down in Harley’s room until the wedding. Mallet takes her and tucks her in. After leaving the room Cyrus appears out of hiding. He tells marina that he had to check on her then explains about burning the marked money. Mallet returns in a short while to check on her. Cyrus is just behind the door. Marina becomes nervous but gets rid of mallet. Dinah gets a phone call from Blake’s doctor asking her to come to the hospital as soon as possible. Dinah arrives and Blake is acting flighty scooting around on a electric wheelchair. Blake is getting on Dinah’s nerves, who doesn’t understand why she is even there. Blake finally gets to her point, she wants to stay with Dinah and Mallet while she recuperates. Dinah is hesitant but doesn’t tip her hand. Mallet agrees when Dinah calls him to break the news. Mallet feels it is best to keep her close until they know what Blake knows of his past.

Ava and Coop wait on Main Street knowing what a mess their families are right now. They question love but Coop breathes new life back into the concept with some deep words.

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