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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/9/07

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Written By Dani

“All Dressed in White”

Today’s episode was filmed in a different concept than usual. The entire episode is filmed from the viewpoint of Belinda, the wedding coordinator for Buzz and Olivia. Belinda is constantly on the move throughout the hotel, helping with small details, and overhearing and seeing a lot of personal moments that take place amongst the family members of the Cooper clan.

Olivia is frantic over every little detail. She doesn’t like her make-up. She can’t decide to wear her hair up or down. She can’t find her shoes to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Ava arrives and smoothes everything over. Belinda hasn’t been much help but stands around watching trying to get a word in edge wise between the reunited mother and daughter. Olivia gets even more upset when she realizes she doesn’t have the “something blue, something borrowed, something new, and something old” Ava gives Olivia something she had in high school that is her something blue and something borrowed. Olivia is so touched. Ava tells her not to worry she will take care of the something new. Olivia becomes frantic again when she sees Buzz’s suit hanging in her closet. Belinda takes the suit to Buzz’s suite.

While in route to Buzz’s room, Belinda is stopped by Alan Michael who lies and introduces himself as Rick Bauer. Alan Michael wants to confirm the original itinerary. After confirming Rick is on the invitation list Belinda gives him a copy of the updated itinerary. Alan Michael looks over it in the hall, Belinda finds his intense interest in the exact plans of the wedding suspicious but doesn’t say anything.

The atmosphere isn’t much different in Buzz’s room. A pant less Buzz, Harley and Frank are running around trying to get Buzz ready for dinner. Their worries are eased when Belinda arrives with the suit. Ava goes to coop’s room to make sure everything is A-OK with him. Coop is the biggest mess of all. None of his clothes match, he is disorganized, and didn’t write his best man’s speech. He decided to just speak off the top of his head. Ava and Coop wrestle around trying to get him presentable for the rehearsal dinner. They laugh and joke and it appears they are getting closer again. Belinda watches their interaction jealous of the sparks they seem to have.

At the rehearsal dinner Belinda tries to flirt with Coop while making small talk but his attention is diverted by Ava. The dinner and party is great! Everyone is having a good time dancing and talking. Belinda overhears Frank telling Harley a vague story about Alan Spaulding warning him that something may happen at the wedding. Buzz reads a heartfelt speech to Olivia then abandons his written speech and speaks from his heart. Ava and Belinda tear up lightly sobbing. Both fighting for attention and comfort from Coop. Olivia gets a call from Jeffery and steps out in the hall to speak. Belinda catches the name O’Neil. Frank and Buzz come and drag Olivia back inside to dance. Belinda takes the opportunity to snatch Olivia’s cell phone. Though she does nothing with it.

Later as the party winds down Ava asks about jeffery like an excited school girl. Olivia acknowledges that she knows Ava wants them to make peace with each other and she will call Jeffery back after her honeymoon.

When dinner is complete everyone makes their way back to their rooms. Ava comes onto Coop inviting him in and trying to be very seductive. Coop gives in and kisses her but stops it at just kissing outside Ava’s room. Ava promises to make things right and to never hurt him again. Coop tells her it is that but it isn’t that. When he lost her, he explains, his whole life fell apart and it has taken him months to finally get back on track. Ava tries to understand and make things right for them but he tells her he has got to be right with himself before he can begin to bring anyone else into his life right now. Coop leaves Ava alone for the night and returns to his room.

Belinda passes Harley’s room, the door is open and Harley is sitting on the bed weeping. Belinda checks in to see if there is anything she can do. “No.” Harley say with kindness and tells Belinda about Daisy and why she isn’t going to be at the wedding.

Buzz and Olivia plan to part ways for the evening so as to not bring any bad luck upon them. They kiss and get cute with each other outside their hotel room doors. Both are pretty heated up but Olivia doesn’t want to jinx anything. Each retire to their own rooms enveloped in bliss. Belinda checks in on Olivia for one last check before the big day. Olivia is on cloud nine, she tells Belinda to take her veil. She has decided she doesn’t want to wear it but if it stays in her room she will change her mind. Belinda reaches for the veil but notices there is a large stack of wedding gifts setting on the ledge of the balcony. Olivia is in another room of the suite and doesn’t hear Belinda when she announces she is going to grab the gifts before something happens to them. Belinda steps out onto the balcony. Before she can return inside there is a knock at the door. Olivia rushes to the door almost blushing believing the caller to be Buzz. It’s not, it’s Jeffery!

Jeffery lets himself in, irritating Olivia. They bicker as they always do. Jeffery smells of booze and seems to be irrational as Olivia can tell. Olivia wants him to leave and doesn’t want to hear what Jeffery has come to say. Jeffery insists on being heard. Jeffery tells Olivia about how much he respects her and he has lost so much sleep thinking and worrying about what Olivia went through when she was pregnant. Jeffery wishes he could have done something different and wonders what it would have been like had he. Okay, okay, Olivia conveys and wants him to leave. Jeffery takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Click, click, click……. Belinda hears and looks over. Alan Michael is on the balcony with her taking photos of Jeffery kissing Olivia. “Shhh” he tells her placing an index finger over his lips. Belinda stays quiet for the moment. Olivia pulls away from jeffery and runs to the dining room. Jeffery follows. When he catches her she slaps him hard across the face and tells him to leave her alone. Belinda follows Jeffery and Olivia and watches. Jeffery wishes Olivia and Buzz well and leaves. Belinda asks if Olivia is okay. Frustrated, Olivia tells her she is fine. Belinda tries to tell Olivia about “the man in her room” Olivia just assumes she is talking about Jeffery and blows her off not allowing Belinda to state her point.

Getting no where with Olivia, Belinda goes to Buzz and tries to tell him. He is so excited and busy thanking her for all her hard work he doesn’t listen either. Belinda passes Alan Michael in the hall, who makes an excuse that it is all just a harmless prank. Alan Michael charms the desperate Belinda and she forgets about it for tonight. Olivia, rattled from Jeffery’s visit, goes to Buzz’s room forgetting bad luck. They make love.

The next morning Belinda brings both Buzz and Olivia breakfast in their individual suites. She tries again to tell each of “the man” in each suite Belinda’s warning is interrupted by Ava and Coop. Once again Belinda gets no where.

Belinda checks on things in the dining room where she sees Alan Michael, the man from the balcony, arrive and give an envelope to a waiter asking for it to be delivered to Buzz Cooper. Fearing the worst, Belinda rushes to Buzz’s room for one last attempt at warning him about what seems to be sinister. Buzz is too elated to listen until it is too late.

The waiter arrives with the envelope and gives it to Buzz. Belinda tries to stop him but it’s too late. Buzz opens the envelope to discover multiple photos of Olivia in Jeffery’s arms kissing passionately. Buzz says “Get out.” calmly. Belinda stutters out an excuse causing Buzz to explode in hurt and anger “GET OUT!” slamming the door behind her.

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