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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/8/07

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Written By Dani

Ava helps her mother Olivia with last minute wedding plans. Her wedding planning is interrupted by Jeffery. They speak as father and daughter. Ava wants nothing more than for the three of them to make peace, preferably before the wedding. Jeffery is resistant, not seeing the relevance. Ava feels if Olivia can just “get past that night” they can all be happier. Jeffery thinks Olivia wants to be angry at him, to have him and the rape as an excuse for everything that goes wrong in her life. Ava doesn’t feel the same. The more Jeffery resists the more Ava begins to see it’s not that Jeffery doesn’t want to make peace but the truth is he has more feelings for Olivia than he is letting on. Ava calls him on the fact.

Ava is proud she hit the nail on the head. Jeffery drops the tough guy loner act and opens up to Ava. Jeffery explains he has so many regrets and questions about what his life, Olivia’s life and Ava’s life would have been like if the circumstances had been different. Jeffery is saddened that he missed Ava as a child and important moments as she grew up. Ava makes another move for her to arrange a meeting between him and Olivia. Jeffery still will not agree to sit down and speak openly and honestly with Olivia. He is regretful but doesn’t feel he can do it. Jeffery leaves his daughter to get back to her work.

Uniformed officers surround Cyrus Foley’s car. Marina is inside very weak and sick from infection and hand cuffed to the steering wheel. Marina is so weak she can’t yell out her identification. Officers begin to move in closer calling for Foley’s surrender. Fearing that the officers might shoot Marina not knowing who she is, Cyrus throws his hands in the air and surrenders. Cyrus gives up without resistance if they police will get Marina to the ER immediately. When Marina is clear of the scene and safely on her way to Cedar’s Cyrus sets off an explosion in his car, causing a diversion so he can get away. Cyrus runs but returns to the warehouse to retrieve the stolen money.

Marina’s temperature begins to come down . She is tired but feeling better. Frank waits at the hospital for her and stays by her side except for a short visit to Company. Mallet and Dinah get the call about Marina being held hostage and Cyrus being on the run in Springfield. Mallet and Dinah arrive quickly to visit with Marina. The couple goes to the warehouse to try and locate the money before Cyrus can get to it, after Marina tells Mallet that the warehouse is where the money was stashed. Dinah and Mallet are too late. They return to the hospital with their heads hung low in defeat. Frank isn’t worried. He tells them all ,Marina included , that Cyrus has one last surprise waiting on him. Marina becomes visibly worried for Cyrus. Marina has already asked Frank and mallet to, please, make sure Cyrus is not hurt when he is apprehended. Marina’s preoccupation and concern for her captor worries Frank. Frank meets Jeffery at Company and asks his help if there is a fall out when Cyrus is apprehended. Frank does not want it to appear that Marina is anything other than a heroic detective rather than a possible accomplish. Jeffery agrees to help in any way he can and heads for the hospital to get to work right away.

Alan pops in on Alan Michael who is held up in his suite at the Beacon plotting to exact revenge on not only his family but the Cooper’s and Olivia as well. Alan is strong and certain protecting his position within the business and family. Alan Michael does not want to hear what Alan has to say and tries to scare him off spouting insults about Alan and those he loves. Alan remains course and business like presenting legal documents for Alan Michael to sign. The documents state that Alan Michael is to relinquish any claim or stake to not just Spaulding Enterprises but the family as well. Alan Michael will not sign the papers and takes this effort as a sign Alan is afraid of him and sees Alan Michael as an equal threat in business. Alan assures Alan Michael with an almost chuckle in is voice that he feels no threat what so ever, this is simply a business move that any other employees would be given. Alan Michael asks Alan to leave. Before exiting Alan Michael’s suite Alan finds an itinerary for Buzz and Olivia’s wedding. Alan inquires as to why Alan Michael would have this information. Alan Michael begins to show the true state of his mind. Alan changes his tone trying to speak to him calmly, kind, and rationally, but there isn’t a rational thought going through Alan Michael’s head at current.

Fearing for the worse and completely unaware of exactly what his son is planning Alan decides to take his information to Frank. Locating frank at Company he tries to get Frank to listen. Frank has his mind on Marina and Cyrus and does not want to hear what Alan has to say. Alan finally gets a moment of Franks attention and explains the details and facts that he has warning Frank that Alan Michael is planning something. Frank disregards the warning, passing it off as a ploy to get the police to pick Alan Michael enabling Alan to pull some kind of back handed business move. Alan with true concern for Buzz begs frank to take him seriously. Frank leaves claiming he has problems of his own.

Alan Michael tracks Ava down after his chat with Alan. Alan Michael is breathing heavy and in a hurry. Ava believes the intrusion to be Jeffery returning but jumps in horror when she turns to see Alan Michael. After seeing how she reacted to seeing him Alan Michael lunges for her trapping her against the wall. Alan Michael confidant that he has alan running scared because he is that good at business offers Ava a job with him to take back what is rightfully his. Ava turns down the offer in disgust. Her refusal to not only work for Alan Michael but to give him the time of day Alan Michael turns over a table and throws some things around in frustration. Ava who was once afraid stands strong calling Alan Michael a liar and distrustful . She goes on to explain with resentment that he cost her Coop and she will do anything to get Coop, a good man, back. Alan Michael grows angrier calling coop a loser. Ava remains strong defending Coop and the Copper’s. Alan Michael realizes how erratic his behavior is and storms out spouting vague threats to Ava, Olivia, and Coop.

Ava, who is shaken, calls jeffery and tells him about the visit from alan Michael. Jeffery , concerned for his daughter safety, hurries to her. Ava assures jeffery she is okay but uses the incident to plead to her father one last time to talk with Olivia. Knowing he is defeated by something only a father can feel for his daughter Jeffery agrees.

Cyrus’ surprise that Frank mentioned earlier is; the stolen money is all marked bills. When Cyrus discovers this just before leaving his apartment he is angry and defeated at the same time. With the money being absolutely useless to him he begins to burn it. Marina lies in her hospital bed broken hearted.

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