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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/7/07

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Written By Richard
Pictures by Boo

Cyrus watched over a sick Marina. He tried to make her smile.

Daisy went into the juvenile jail and she met her warden there. She also met two of the girls who would be staying with her there, and they laughed at her and taunted her, Daisy didn't want to get on there bad side. Then Ashlee came in and she told them to leave her alone and that she was with her.

Harley and Gus saw Natalia at the party and she said Hi to Gus, and she called him Nick as well. Harley was surprised that she knew Gus. Gus said that he knew her from the old neighborhood.

Josh got a phone call from Marah and he was excited to talk to her as Reva looked on.

Cassie was outside and she saw a vision of Tammy. Cassie asked Tammy why she was here again and Tammy told her that she needed her more then ever.

Cyrus talked with Marina as she was starting to feel better.

Ashlee made the girls leave Daisy alone and they left. Ashlee came over to Daisy and she told her that she was happy that she was here with her. Daisy asked her what she was in for and she said that she shot someone. Daisy wasn't happy to be there and she was upset to hear that lights out at 9:00PM.

Harley was worried about Daisy and she told Gus that she wanted to call the judge and let him know that she was wrong to say that she couldn't take care of Daisy. She wanted to tell him that she could take care of Daisy.

Josh and Reva talked with each other. Reva told Josh that she was tired of him talking to her like she was some girl on the side and that it wasn't OK with her that he was with Cassie. Josh told her that he was sorry that he talked to her that way and that he was trying to do what was best for everyone.

Cassie was outside talking to Tammy about her fears about Josh and then Reva came over and she called out to Cassie to see what she was doing.

Marina made a phone call to her family and she told everyone that she was all right. Marina tried to go to the warehouse with Cyrus and he saw that she was still very sick. Cyrus held Marina as she was about to fall down and he kissed her.

Daisy and Ashlee were sitting together at the table in the juvenile jail. The warden introduced them to their new teacher and it turned out to be Coop. Daisy got up and yelled and wanted to know why he was there. Daisy asked him if Harley had sent him there.

Natalia was upset with Gus because he introduced her to Harley as his neighbor and they were more then that. Gus said that he was sorry but he didn't want to get Harley upset since her daughter just went to juvenile jail.

Reva asked Cassie who she was talking to and Cassie told her that she was talking to Tammy. Reva asked her if it was good that she was still seeing visions of Tammy. Cassie was upset that Reva would say that and she told her that there is nothing bad about her having a close relationship with Tammy through her visions. Reva told Cassie that she should tell Josh that she is seeing visions of Tammy and Cassie said that Reva would love that if she told him.

Josh came over and saw that Remy was in a bad mood and he told him to try and not be so angry. Remy said that he was angry because of what Alan did to Tammy and that he got away with it. Josh said to Remy that Tammy wouldn't want to see him angry like this.

Harley went over to Natalia and she wanted to ask her some questions. Harley wanted Natalia to tell her some stories about Gus and his past.

Cassie thought that Reva would use the fact that she was seeing visions of Tammy to make him think that she was crazy and try to steal Josh from her. Reva said that she would never try to use Tammy's vision to hurt her. Cassie said that she was sick of Reva trying to steal Josh from her and that she was upset about the kiss they shared in the prison. Reva tried to defend herself and Cassie walked away.

Josh told Remy that Frank was going to need more men on the Police Force and he asked Remy if he would go back. Remy told him that he would think about it.

Natalia said to Harley that she had to do her work and that she could not talk to her. Natalia came over to Remy and she urged him to take the job on the Police Force.

Cyrus told Marina that he was going to get his money. He told Marina that if she would help him in the warehouse that he would get her a doctor.

Daisy thought that Coop came to spy on her and Coop told the warden that she was his niece and he didn't know that she was going to be there. Coop got to see Ashlee up at the head of the class and he told her that he missed her and that he was happy to see her. Ashlee said to him that she was happy to see him as well. Coop asked Ashlee to keep an eye out for Daisy.

Harley hugged Cassie and she told her that Daisy was in juvenile jail. Cassie told Harley that it was going to be OK.

Harley saw Coop at the diner and Coop told her that he saw Daisy and she was alright.

Reva went to see Daisy in the juvenile jail and the warden would not let her see her. Reva saw Daisy in the hall and she called out to her and the warden would not let her go by. Reva wanted to leave a message for her.

Cyrus went to the warehouse to get his money and there were two police officers there.

Daisy and Ashlee were sitting in their beds and they were getting ready to go to sleep. Daisy could not sleep and she told Ashlee that she missed her family and that she felt like she was lost. Daisy said to Ashlee that she was glad that she was here. Daisy reached her hand out to Ashlee and she grabbed her hand and she held it as they turned out the lights.

Harley told Gus that she was worried about Daisy. She wasn't sure that sending her there was the right thing.

Reva was sitting on the bench and she thought about when her and Josh made love in the prison.

Cassie walked outside and she called for Tammy. Tammy came to Cassie in a vision and Cassie reached out her hand and she held Tammy's hand.

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