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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/4/07

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Written By Richard

Josh and Cassie sat in bed together and they got ready for the party for Josh tonight. Cassie told Josh that he does deserve this party. Josh wanted to go as long as it would make Cassie happy.

Reva and Dylan talked about the party and Reva told him that she was not going to be working at Lewis anymore.

Coop and Remy talked about the party for Josh and Coop told Remy that maybe he shouldn't go to the party. Natalia came in for work and Coop introduced her to Remy and he seemed to liked her. He was in a bad mood though, drinking and not talking too much.

Harley and Gus confronted Daisy about the fact that she was skipping school. Daisy said to her that she was going to try and do better from now on. Harley said to her that they had a meeting with the judge right now and he was going to question her.

Cassie came into the bar and she walked over to Reva. Cassie offered to buy Reva a drink.

Harley, Gus, and Daisy waited for the judge but he was taking a long time. Mel came to be Daisy's lawyer for skipping school, and Daisy thought it was stupid to have her there. The judge showed up and he told Daisy that she better have a few answers for her.

Coop got Natalia ready for the job at the diner, and he asked her if she had any questions. She asked him about Remy and if he was coming to the party and Coop said no.

Josh and Billy talked about buying more property for their business. Dylan came in to see them and he told the two of them that Cassie and Reva were there together. Billy told him that he should not leave them together.

Cassie asked Reva to come to the party for Josh tonight. Reva told her that she wouldn't come because of their fight the other day. Reva said that there are too many unresolved feelings. Cassie wanted her to come but Reva said said she wouldn't and she left.

The judge talked to Daisy about her skipping school and he was mad at her. He wanted to know what direction she had in her life. The judge showed her a picture of her running a red light in Chicago and Daisy and Harley were surprised to see it. He told Harley he would drop the charges if she had a plan to get her on the right track.

Natalia talked with Remy and she asked him if he worked with Gus. Remy said that he knows him and he asked her if she had a thing for cops. She told him that Gus gave her a ticket on time.

Cassie and Josh were together and enjoying the party. Reva came in and she gave Josh a big hug in front of Cassie.

Harley told the judge that she wasn't prepared for this meeting. Harley told Daisy that she was happy when she came back to stay with her but she has turned her house upside down. Harley told her that she puts the lives of her other kids in danger by taking risks. Harley told the judge that she needed help with daughter.

Reva and Cassie talked about Josh and Cassie asked Reva if she was going to be like this every time she saw Josh. Reva told her that she she didn't know.

Billy and Josh walked outside and Josh told Billy that he was not going to go back to Lewis. Billy was surprised when he said this to him.

Josh told Billy that he wasn't going back to Lewis. Josh told Billy and everyone that he feels the H.B. would approve. Billy told Josh that he was OK with it and and Josh was glad. Josh told them that he was going to spend more time with his family, Cassie, R.J., and Marah and Shane and he told everyone that he should be doing something different with his life. Josh thanked everyone for being here and he he said let's have a drink.

The judge said to Harley that he appreciated her honesty. The judge told Daisy that he was going to send her to juvenile jail. Daisy was upset and she begged the judge to reconsider. Harley said that is not what she wanted. The judge said that it was the best for her. Daisy got angry at Harley and she said that she didn't want to be in the same room with her and she wanted the judge to take her to juvenile jail now.

Harley said to Daisy that she would visit her every day. Daisy told Harley and Gus that she didn't care about them any more. Daisy congratulated Harley and told her that she got rid of her and now she doesn't have to look at the mistake that she made anymore. Harley told Daisy that she wasn't a mistake. Harley wanted to know if she did the right thing. She hugged Mel.

Natalia talked with Remy and she asked him why he was no longer a cop and he told her that his friend was killed and he couldn't stop it. Natalia told him that walking around acting like a jerk wasn't a good way to honor her memory.

Cassie and Josh danced and they talked with Billy and they were happy together. Cassie told Josh that she was going to go out and get a drink and she asked Josh if he wanted one and he said no.

Harley and Gus went to Josh's party and they were greeted at the door by Natalia. Natalie said Hi to Gus and she called him Nick. Harley asked her if she knew Gus and how.

Reva came over to Josh and she hinted at the fact that she was upset and she wanted to be with Josh.

Cassie walked outside and she saw a vision of Tammy.

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