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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/3/07

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Written By Dani

Jeffery and Coop rehearse and prep Ashley for her sentencing hearing scheduled for later in the morning.

Josh reads the front page of the paper and is approached by Alan. Josh is friendly surprising Alan but then he remembers that feeling of euphoria that you feel after just being released from prison. No worries, that wares off he cautions. Josh says he has been given a second chance and is not going to waste it on hate. On his way back to the suite Josh comes face to face with Ashley as they are heading out for the courthouse. Josh listens with care and concern as she apologizes and offers her his forgiveness and he will accompany them and testify on her behalf. Jeffery and Coop are suspicious at first but as they listen to Ashley and Josh’s heartfelt conversation and knowing what kind of man Josh is they welcome his help. It pays off because at the hearing Ashley is sentenced as a minor and gets three years at juvenile detention. This is good for a tender girl like Ashley, verses hard prison. Coop doesn’t attend the hearing because Ashley will be sentenced as a minor so the courtroom is closed of to bystanders and friends.

Olivia runs around Springfield trying to tie up loose ends for the last minute wedding Buzz has planned and emailed invitations to. Ava in haste tries to get Olivia’s attention talking over the phone call Olivia is on. Finally giving up Olivia hangs up to see what is so urgent for Ava. Ava wants to enlist Olivia’s help to help her get Coop back. Ava has realized that she wants kindness and security and warmth and love exactly what Olivia wants. Sympathizing with her daughter she agrees to help. Olivia changes the subject asking Ava if she will be Olivia’s maid of honor. Ava jokes depends on what kind of dress I have to wear. Olivia shoots Ava a knowing glare and Ava says yes, smiling back.

Olivia asks Buzz to reconsider who is best man is going to be and asks Coop. Why? Buzz wonders but figures it out when Olivia tells him Ava is going to be her maid of honor. Buzz is concerned seeing that Olivia is helping Ava to win Coop back, not wanting to see his son hurt again. Against his good judgment Buzz agrees. Before Olivia arrived frank questioned Buzz’s motives for wanting to marry or “tie Olivia down” so quickly. Buzz explains he just wants to give her what she wants and needs. He wants her to wake up everyday and know she is safe and loved . Frank understands and gets on board.

Ava tries to make small talk with Coop who is trying to stay busy and is distracted with worry and wonder about Ashley’s fate. Coop isn’t interested in talking about Ashley or anything else with Ava. The bright spot in his day is being asked and accepting Buzz’s request that he be his best man. Later, still waiting to hear from or about Ashley Coop tries to write his best man speech. Ava joins him at a table and tries again to speak with him and tells him she will be Olivia’s maid of honor. Coop is happy for her because she is making way with Olivia. Ashley and Jeffery are quick to report back to Company to update Coop. Olivia waits outside to give Ava time alone with Coop. Olivia stops Ashley who is anxious to go inside and tell Coop the verdict. You shouldn’t spoil Coop’s good news by bringing him down with your good news she suggests. Wanting the best and happiness for Coop Ashley tears up and agrees that Olivia is right. Seeing that she hurt Ashley Olivia tells her to go on in but Ashley makes the excuse that she has a lot to do before she reports to juvenile hall and she will call Coop later and leave him a voicemail. Ashley runs off . Jeffery is in disbelief Olivia would do something so cold. Olivia hints that she has a reason and points in the window . Jeffery and Olivia peer in the window to see Ava and Coop sitting together and having a pleasant conversation. Jeffery still doesn’t believe what Olivia did was right. Coop looks up and sees Jeffery. Abandoning his conversation with Ava Coop runs out asking what happened at the hearing. Jeffery believes that Ashley should tell him herself and if Coop hurries he can catch her . Jeffery points in the direction Ashley headed in. Coop jets off to catch Ashley.

At the Beacon the tension in Reva’s suite is so thick you couldn’t cut it with a machete. Reva stands her ground truthful and open. No holds bar Cassie asked for the truth and she will get exactly that not a sugar coated story she wants to hear. Reva is confidant and angry not caring how she hurts her sister, who if I may say didn’t Cassie proceed with a relationship with her dieing sister’s husband with no regard for Reva? Funny how things come back on you? Reva admits there were more to the visits to the prison and she loves Josh, has always loved Josh and will never stop loving Josh. There is nothing Cassie can do about it and Josh already knows everything. Cassie tries her hardest to stand her own and appear to be as confidant in her and Josh as Reva is about what her and Josh once were and always will be. Reva sees Cassie slowly coming undone and pretending she isn’t threatened by Reva. Josh calls asking Cassie where she is. Cassie lies and Reva questions why. Cassie stares at her blankly. “You don’t want him to know how insecure I make you.” Reva says with confidence. Reva warns the cards have been laid on the table and things will lay as they fall. Cassie tries a last ditch effort to convince Reva that she is going to marry Josh. Cassie mentions the fact that they are going to marry four or five times in a matter of a couple of minutes. Reva doesn’t say it but the look on her face says it all….. You’re not married yet. Cassie composes herself to tell Reva with all that has been said she feels it is best that Reva not be a part of the wedding. Fine. Reva stands with her hands on her hips but does shed a few tears when Cassie storms out crying also.

Back in her suite with Josh Cassie does not admit to knowing anything about Josh meeting with Reva the night before or her confessing her feelings for Josh. Cassie does admit her hatred for Alan and pain over losing Both Josh and Tammy was too much for her and before Josh got out she had begun following Alan again. She confessed to following him to Chicago and even threatening Beth. Josh tells her everything will be okay now he is out and they are going to have a lifetime of happiness from here on out. Josh embraces his fiancé who hugs him back but concern rips across her face. Later Cassie sits in silence and deep thought tears welling up in her eyes. Josh assumes it’s over Alan Spaulding but in fact she knows she has an all out war on her hands with Josh’s “soul mate”

Alan has the pleasure of running into Reva on Main Street. In a series of insults Alan points out that Reva wants and still loves Josh yet he is with Cassie. The insults fly back and fourth. Alan’s insults turn-out to be off handed inspiration about what a fighter Reva is especially when it comes to Josh. Alan’s disappointment in the gutless person Reva has become provokes her into lashing out “If I want Josh, I can have Josh!” Though Alan has his own way of showing kindness and friendship he winks, smiles, and nods his head approving “That’s what I thought.”

As hearts in Springfield are breaking and lives are finally coming together I want to send a heartfelt Happy, Happy Birthday out to my very best friend Doug Larkin in Virginia Beach, VA. Happy Birthday Doug, the true friend who has stood by me through good and bad better and worse. I love you! Enjoy your day!

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