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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/2/07

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Written By Dani


Fantasizing Reva pictures herself at the prison to pick up Josh and stumbling over her words to admit she still loves him and never stopped. In her fantasy Josh stops her and completes her thought while mimicking the same feelings. He takes her in his arms and passionately kisses her. Shaking the thoughts from her mind she comes back to reality waiting for Josh to finish his paperwork. Just as Josh finishes she smiles at the sight of him. Cassie runs into Josh’s welcoming arms from behind Reva, from out of no where. Reva is crushed when she sees how happy Josh is to see sister Cassie. Reva tries to slip away unnoticed but Cassie stops her and thanks Reva for all the help and support she has been for both Josh and herself. On the verge of tears Reva assures baby sister that all is okay.

Cassie and Josh first make their way to Company to pick up RJ and grab a bite to eat. RJ presents Josh with a crayon drawn picture of himself, Josh, and Cassie as a family. RJ asks if he can call Josh “dad” , touched Josh says of course. RJ runs off to make a special dessert for Josh. Cassie seems thrilled to have Josh home but there is something still not right. Josh is concerned that Cassie is not as well as she is pretending to be. Cassie tries to convince Josh that everything is okay now that he is home. Reva returns from the prison weeping and drinking champagne from the bottle. She goes through a box of old photos from when the kids were smaller and she and Josh were together. After finding a picture that Shayne drew when he was a small boy of “mom and dad” Reva is brought to her knees with pain. Reva pulls it together to call Marah who only darkens Reva’s mood when she lectures Reva on fighting to get Josh back. Reva crying asks for Marah to please drop it.

Josh and Cassie make their way back to the suite Cassie reserved for their first night together. Kissing and stumbling through the door a bellman interrupts and gives Josh a note from Billy asking for his help in Billy’s suite. Cassie encourages him to go it will give her time “to get pretty”. Reluctantly Josh goes but instead of seeing Billy Josh text messages Reva and asks her to meet him at the lighthouse. Reva arrives ready to tell Josh the truth. Josh says he knew she had something to say at the prison that’s why he asked her to meet him. But also Cassie cannot know what happened that day at the prison. Reva agrees at first that Cassie shouldn’t know but Josh senses more. When he calls his ex-wife on what is the matter Reva tells all that she still loves him she has always loved him and she will never stop loving him. Josh returns the sentiment but explains he has moved on. Loving Reva was so hard, unstable, and complicated. Loving Cassie is so easy and simple. Reva turns angry when Josh refuses to give into the “Josh and Reva saga” and turns on him angry pushing him away telling him to leave her alone. Both are staying at the Beacon so Josh walks Reva back who is resistant to the gentlemanly act. Reva bids a good night to Josh outside her door but he comes in when Reva enters her room and trips over the box of memories in the dark. Reva becomes more upset crying demanding he leave. Josh gets angry pointing out see you need help and you are pushing me away like you always do. Reva blurts out before he leaves “I will love you until they put me in my grave.” With his hand on the door handle Josh turns and answers I’ll love you just as long. Before Josh leaves he finds the drawing by Shane on the floor. Reva tells him to keep it. Josh returns to his suite with Cassie. They make love.

Buzz comes to Reva’s side as comfort. Buzz asks her to please attend his wedding. Reva realizes how lucky Olivia is and hopes Olivia knows what a great guy Buzz is.

After an exhausting session of sex Josh receives a call on his cell that is a wrong number. Cassie answered and is amused his number was mistaken as a pizza delivery restaurant but is saddened when she discovers the drawing by Shane of Reva and Josh . Cassie says nothing and goes to sleep. The next morning she awakes before Josh and dresses to go running. Josh wakes and flips on the television the head line is about Ashley going before a judge later today. Cassie becomes angry showing no sympathy and refusing to listen anymore blaming Ashley for taking Josh from her. Josh tries to convince Cassie Ashley was just a kid and she was scared. Josh has forgiven and will support Ashley.

Rather than go running Cassie heads down the hall and catches Reva just as she is leaving. Cassie is combative and accusatory as she confronts Reva laying all responsibility on her for “running into Josh” the night before. Not liking cassia’s attitude and knowing Josh belongs to her Reva says she is through with the lies it is time she is honest but will not have this conversation in the hall. The sisters go back into Reva’s suite. Cassie tries to lay guilty blame on Reva for moving in on her man. I guess Cassie forgot she was stealing her dieing sister’s husband from her rather than focus on her own daughter that is dead now and the sick sister that she supposedly loved. Thank goodness one of them was born with a backbone, Reva let Cassie have it the whole dirty truth from her feeling for Josh to hinting more happened at the prison than just a visit. Reva told her sister everything with her head held high and with confidence.

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