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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/1/07

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Written By Dani

As Matt continues to spiral downhill distancing himself from Vanessa he pushes away the one friend he has left, Dinah. Dinah and Matt argue with Matt still questioning why she is being so nice to him. In desperation Matt tears the room more apart than it already was looking for a pen claiming if I can’t see Vanessa face to face I will write her a letter. In the middle of Matt’s fit Dinah gets a call quickly letting Mallet know now is not a good time. Mallet blurts out “Blake is out of her coma” Stunned by the news Dinah is on her way. Before leaving for the hospital Dinah suggests that Matt go with her and he will be sure to run into Vanessa at the bedside of an old family friend. Seeing the possibilities Matt agrees. Mallet sits by Blake’s side trying pry her memories from her. Blake is evasive saying the first thing she remembers was Mallet saying her name but there was something about the way she said it. Rick gives Blake a clean bill of health but she will have to go through physical therapy because her muscles have weakened.

Guests anxious to see Blake awake begin to arrive. Mallet sticks to Blake’s side each having a slight edge of discomfort. Mallet catches Blake up on all that she missed good and bad. When Dinah arrives she rushes in past the other guests and lays some flowers in her lap and taking her hand. Rick pushes everyone out of the room so he can prepare Blake for one last test. Waiting nervously in the hall Mallet tells Dinah that he had confessed his past to Blake just before she awoke. Rick comes to the couple and tell them Blake won’t leave for down stairs until she sees them both. Mallet and Dinah quickly run to Blake’s side. In the room Rick and Blake explain the need for special care and extensive physical therapy. Mallet and Dinah agree and go along not understanding where Rick and Blake were going with this conversation. Blake explains she wants to be somewhere safe where there are no secrets and everyone knows everything about everyone…….. Mallet and Dinah look at each other.

Cassie sure that josh is going to be released today gets a perfect evening in place for Josh’s homecoming. Billy sees the anxiety Cassie is experiencing she seems almost scared and worries for his soon-to-be sister-in-law. Knowing that Reva and Josh slept together and their history of always ending up back in each other’s arms Billy fears one of the sisters is going to end up broken hearted, and it will probably be Cassie. Josh gets a phone call when Jeffery is finalizing his release with the prison officials. “Are you busy tonight?” Josh jokes. Thrilled to hear his voice cassia’s joy is escalated when he tells her he will be home to her tonight.

Cassie runs errands all over town with one stop being at the florist where she runs into her once arch enemy Dinah. Dinah asks if Cassie is going to see Blake also. Cassie can’t believe Blake is awake but explains the flowers are for Josh. Dinah kindly listens as Cassie talks about what she has been through this year and how with Blake waking up and Josh being released things seem to be looking up. Dinah sympathizes with Cassie and what she is and has been going through but advisees that she take things slow. Dinah speaks from experience once you get to a certain point of hurt and disappointment you seem out of control and even crazy but your pain takes over everything. Cassie does acknowledge at one time she thought Dinah was evil and crazy but she does understand now what drove her to behave the way she had.

Seeing the possibility for problems not too far into the future Billy goes to the prison where he visits with Josh before his release. Josh is excited but the conversation turns serious when Billy tells Josh that Cassie has been through too much heartache and cannot take anymore so he had better think really hard about what it is going to be like when he gets out because Cassie can’t handle anymore pain nor does she deserve it. Josh assures Billy nothing has changed between him and Cassie but without any words Josh knows Billy knows he and Reva had slept together. The brothers don’t exchange anything else Josh simply says “Reva”.

In a suite at the Beacon everything is set and Cassie waits in anticipation for Josh to arrive. Josh waits for a ride in his own clothes. A guard comes in “Lewis you ride is here” Happy to be leaving Josh turns to leave and sees Reva “Hello Joshua” she says and he stops dead in his tracks staring at her smiling.

Cyrus and marina continue to hold up in the room they have been in since Marina was shot. The two go back and fourth in petty conversation. Finally it is time for them to make their move. Cyrus dressed in a police uniform takes Marina at gunpoint to the warehouse and instructs her to relieve the officer posted to watch the crime scene so they can retrieve the stolen money. The officer leaves but had recognized Cyrus and went for backup. Cyrus held Marina hostage and got away with her. Unhappy about the events that played out at the warehouse Cyrus complains, back in their room until Marina collapses unconscious.

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