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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/30/07

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Written By Richard

After arguing with Gus Harley goes to Dylan’s suite with Daisy. While they reminisce and enjoy light conversation Daisy receives an email from grandfather Buzz. The email is his wedding invitation set for next week (the exact date is unknown to the viewer). Daisy is happy for Buzz and Olivia but tickled by the fact he would email the invitation at the same time. Harley and Dylan join in on the laugh about how bizarre yet buzz like the emailed invite was. Daisy becomes saddened when she realizes she has nothing appropriate to wear to the wedding that is in one week. Dylan wanting to do right by his daughter offers to take her shopping. Harley goes along fearing what Daisy will pick out. The threesome really make a time of their day out on the town. Harley, Dylan, and Daisy return to Dylan’s suite all happy with the choice of dress. Daisy is loving the one on one yet family attention by both biological parents. Dylan remembers fondly how “hot” Harley once was. Harley jokingly replies “and I’m not now?” Harley and Dylan remember fondly the lives they once had and shared as a couple. Ultimately they remembered the good people and parents they became. Daisy loved it every second.

After a while of too much biological family camaraderie Harley became concerned when Gus did not call as he normally would by this time. Harley wondered aloud and let her disappointment show. Daisy pushed “Forget Gus. Aren’t we having a good time?” Harley admitted she was having a nice time but was concerned greatly, this just wasn’t like Gus. Pleased inside Daisy took Harley aside and asked her not to ruin their good time or worry about daisy and Gus. Daisy assured Harley she wasn’t trying to come on to Gus. Loving where it looked like things were going between the two Harley pried further as to where and who Daisy had visited. Harley wanted all the details on this friend in Chicago, not to be prying but to just be a part of her daughter’s life. Daisy tried to evade the questions best she could without revealing her true reason for being in Chicago. Harley was acceptable of her daughter’s answers and let it good for the sake of a good afternoon continuing to be good .

Meanwhile Gus and Natalia meet face to face for the first time in 15 years. Gus is really taken aback but willing to catch up with his past love. Gus and Natalia move about and around CO2 reminiscing and catching up on where their lives have taken them, Gus mainly doing the talking. After worrying about Gus’s whereabouts and the fallout from their argument they had, Harley phones her husband. Gus is hesitant but answers admitting it is his wife before answering but playing his actions and location off as work. Gus claimed he was on location at an accident. When a rookie officer presented Natalia with a citation Gus took it and promised to take care of it. Natalia felt the familiar security she had once felt with Gus/Nick. Gus bid a fond farewell to his past love and exited to make a quick appearance at the beacon where Harley waited for him after requesting that he meet her. Natalia remembered and savored her latest moments with Gus/Nick with longing. We haven’t seen the last of this character.

After clearing the water with Harley about Gus Daisy is up for getting some lunch. Dylan agrees. Harley declines giving father and daughter some time alone. Harley slips into a sexy brown and gold dress and waits for Gus. Gus walks in and Harley appears from the restroom and asks “I just wanted you to remember your wife?!” Gus is dissolved loving Harley and only Harley through this entire ordeal.

Mallet and Dinah search the warehouse together for the stolen money. Mallet is now more obsessed than ever with the Cyrus Foley case. Dinah has a bouquet of flowers in tow. Mallet asked confused if they are for him. “No” she answers they are for Blake, she thinks her father would want her to go visit Blake. After conversation about Mallet going to stand by and support Dinah when they find Cyrus Dinah heads out leaving the flowers behind. Mallet takes the flowers to Blake. Dinah goes to check on Matt. Dinah finds Matt passed out at lunchtime and his suite is a wreck. Seeing that Matt has been drinking a lot Dinah pours out all the booze she can find in the suite. Matt shows Dinah a file he has developed on Cyrus Foley. Dinah kindly encourages him to look and work towards the future. “My mother is a very forgiving person. She let me back in her life.” Dinah points out. Dinah cleans and encourages Matt saying only positive things. Matt takes Dinah by the hand and asks why she is being so nice? Matt points out Dinah has never even liked Matt no less been his friend. Dinah sighs in discomfort.

Mallet takes the flowers Dinah left behind to Blake’s hospital room. Mallet decide to eat his lunch in her room all while confessing all that has happened and most of all “the person or man” he once was. Mallet expresses deep, deep regret over being that person and bringing into Dinah’s life who is really trying so hard and is being a good person. Mallet goes on and on until his consciences seems to be eased. Mallet leans over Blake to kiss her good-bye on the forehead when she opens her eyes.

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