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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/27/07

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Written By Dani

Harley and Gus drop Jude off at the hospital with Rick. They hang out discussing their plans for the day and errands they must run. Harley gets agitated and acts nervous when Gus volunteers to pick up a lamp for Daisy’s bedroom while he is at the mall getting a soccer ball for Zac. Before going to work as a candy stripper Daisy records herself on her cell phone documenting her feelings for Gus and Harley’s misunderstanding of both daughter and husband. Daisy also mentions feeling that Gus sold her to Harley. After arriving for work and running into Gus and Harley Gus pushes the issue about the lamp asking what type of wattage would you like. Daisy confused by the question is left alone for a moment for Harley to step aside with Gus and tell him to let the issue go. While Harley is correcting her husband Daisy swipes Harley’s keys whispering you will thank me later Gus.

Harley and Gus move from the hospital to Company where they are moving boxes about. The true reason and destination of the boxes is unknown to the viewer it was just something urgent that they had to do today and gave them ample opportunity to speak. The duration of their chat about parenting turned from a simple conversation to Harley then Gus getting more and more upset at the other. Harley wants Gus to have absolutely no part of any parenting of Daisy. Gus questions then turns accusatory of what Harley is implying about his overall role in all of the children’s lives. Gus also has great issue with Dylan’s involvement of their family dynamics. Gus can’t believe Harley is not accepting him as a father to Daisy after she tells him “Daisy has two parents” Harley becomes flustered and blurts out “It’s you’re fault!” accusing Gus of sitting back and allowing Daisy to fall in love with him. Gus is crushed and disgusted at the same time.

While Daisy’s mother and step-father argue over her she has driven Harley’s car to Chicago to visit Natalia. At Natalia’s apartment Daisy introduces herself as the person who had called the other day. Natalia passes the conversation on the phone off as being over-dramatic but invites daisy in to talk. Inside Daisy explains that Gus is with her mother but they are having problems. She goes on to tell the very beautiful Natalia that she doesn’t look at Gus as a step-dad but as a friend that is why she has found Natalia. Gus’s lost love listens as Daisy tells how Gus has been down lately that is why she wanted to throw him a party and maybe invite some of his old friends to learn what Gus liked when he was young like the kind of music he listened to. Natalia is understanding of daisy’s problem but tells her she cannot come to Springfield. Daisy politely exits leaving Natalia with the open offer if she decides to change her mind.

Gus and Harley part ways to cool off after a pretty intense fight. Harley goes to Dylan and Gus goes to the hospital to locate Harley’s keys then returns to Company to be greeted by a very anxious Buzz. At the hospital daisy has just returned and is out of breathe when she runs into Gus again. Gus knows without question and not being kind that she stole the car again. He asks her how she could do it and tells her how disappointed he is in her. Daisy begs for his discretion but tired of the stress, tension and lies Gus refuses to keep another secret, make another excuse, or tell another lie for Daisy’s sake. Insisting on the keys being turned over Gus prepares his coffee at CO2 figuring out exactly how he is going to tell Harley about Daisy latest mischievous deed. As he rehearses what he will say a car crashes into a light pole and the ever dutiful cop rushes to the aid of the car’s occupants. Getting there just in time the driver stumbles out obviously injured and collapses in Gus’ arms. In an instant he recognizes the driver he is holding and whispers “Natalia”

Alan Michael begins his day by awakening to a photo of him and Ava laying on the pillow next to him. Buzz and Olivia converse and are happy when Alan Michael phones Olivia disguising his voice and stating he is with Springfield PD and he would like to schedule an appointment with her as soon as possible to discuss a matter concerning her and Alan Michael. Olivia becomes nervous after remembering the afternoon she and Jeffery held Alan Michael against his will. Olivia rushes to Jeffery’s room at the Beacon and pulls him out of bed with a very young and hot woman he has picked up. Olivia lectures him about sleeping with women the same age as his daughter and tells him about the phone call. Jeffery tries to calm and assure her that everything is okay because he had not been notified and if she were wanted for criminal charges they wouldn’t schedule an appointment they would come pick her up. Olivia takes little comfort and they argue about Alan Michael, about what they did to him, about their pasts, about Olivia’s new found family, and Jeffery’s womanizing.

As Olivia and Jeffery talk and argue Alan Michael is at Company filling Buzz in on what they dynamic duo did to him. Buzz blows off Alan Michael’s accusations and it puts him in gear. After getting rid of Alan Michael Buzz takes it upon himself to plan a wedding for next week. He goes as far as to design an invitation and email it to all of their guests. When Olivia returns to Company stressed out she is greeted by a very excited Buzz who gives her a printout of their invitation and gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him on the date stated on the invitation. Olivia accepts kissing buzz and telling him how much she loves him.

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