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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/26/07

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Written By Dani

I first want to apologize for the lack of detail. It is my job to write a daily update for Guiding Light and I was fully prepared to do so today but when I received my mail I had an invitation from the National Academy of Television to attend the Daytime Emmy awards. As you can imagine I was ecstatic and completely consumed in the news and was not paying very much attention to Guiding Light.

Today’s show began with Ashley accompanied by the oh so supportive Coop confessing to shooting Alan. Just before Ashley could sign the official typed copy of the confession Doris bursts in demanding that she not sign anything and take back everything she had said. Ashley becomes visibly upset crying and insisting it was the right thing to do. Doris attempted to turn Ashley against Coop stating he was only using her to get his long time family friend out of prison. Coop stayed quiet but was solid support for Ashley.

Jeffery arrived upsetting Doris even more, who insisted that he leave she had not nor would she retain him for legal counsel. Coop stepped forward and said he and his family had retained Jeffery O’Neill for Ashley because they stand by and support her. Infuriated at this point Doris tried to beg and plead with Ashley to think about what she was doing and how her life and Doris’ would be forever ruined. With tears in her eyes Ashley explained she couldn’t live with the guilt any longer and she wasn’t a “nobody” as long as she did the right thing.

Meanwhile Reva and Billy argue over Reva visiting Josh in prison . Reva confesses shortly into the argument to sleeping with Josh. Reva is torn not wanting to hurt her sister but loving Josh with all her heart she doesn’t know how to accept what happened between them at the prison. Cassie who continues to come undone day after day confronts Beth who is giddy with excitement while out baby shopping. Beth stands a strong ground with Cassie, which doesn’t help Cassie’s mental state. Cassie goes to Billy’s suite after talking with Beth at CO2 and is face to face with Reva as well. It is here Jeffery arrives later to tell Josh’s loved ones that Ashley has confessed to shooting Alan.

The news of Ashley confessing is great because unknown to Reva, Billy, and Cassie even in solitary Josh is not safe. A guard hands him two notes one from RJ a colorful childish drawing claiming “We miss you Josh” and the second a threat from Vinnie.

I apologize again for the lack of exact detail on today’s episode of Guiding Light.

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