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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/25/07

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Written By Dani

“First Love”

Gus is being discharged from the hospital and the Cooper’s are rushing around to put a welcome home party together for him. Daisy goes to Gus’ room before Buzz and Frank arrive to take him home to Harley. Gus asks Daisy about what she said shortly before the fire. Daisy says she was just being dramatic and freaking out because she was scared about being sent to the boot camp. Gus accepts that. Harley is tickled to death that she and Daisy have been getting along so well and Gus will be coming home.

At Gus and Harley’s house the Cooper clan celebrate eating good food and toasting the guest of honor.

Dylan and Billy have coffee at CO2 where Dylan tells Billy of his concerns about Daisy and Gus’ relationship, Gus’ drug use, and the truth about the fire. Billy believes Dylan is jumping to conclusions and over reacting but something is simply not setting right with Dylan. Dylan goes to Harley and Gus’ house and watches the festivities from outside until he sees Daisy playfully shove a cookie in Gus’ mouth. Dylan forcefully knocks at the door and the mood turns to quiet and uneasy as Dylan walks in. In the middle of a toast to Gus Dylan receives a call from the lab at Cedars and learns that here were drugs in Gus’ blood the night of the fire. Dylan slaps a drink out of Gus’ hand and lunges for him. Frank pulls Dylan outside where Harley steps away from the party to talk to Dylan. Dylan tells Harley his suspicions about Gus and Daisy’s relationship and all that he knows about what has been happening of late with Gus and Daisy. Harley defends her husband . Knowing he doesn’t have to argue with Harley Dylan presents her with Daisy’s laptop. Harley sits in her back yard and watches the web cast of Daisy confessing her love and connection with Gus and makes mention of the kiss they shared.

After all the guests have left and frank takes Jude and Daisy for ice cream Harley confronts Gus, showing him the web cast. Gus begins to put everything together and explains every incident to Harley truthfully. Harley believes Gus and everything he explained did sound very logical and like something Daisy would pull.

Daisy slips away from Frank to return home where Gus and Harley confront daisy as a united front. Daisy blows up calling Harley a bitch and accusing Harley of turning Gus against her because Harley is jealous knowing Gus really loves her. Daisy storms out of the house instead of going to her room as Harley asked. Furious Harley knows she cannot deal with Daisy right now. Shortly Daisy returns sitting in the back yard Gus goes out to try and reason and talk with her. Daisy doesn’t want any part of what Gus is selling. When Daisy sees she isn’t going to get her way and that Gus is in love with Harley not her she throws the name Natalia in his face. Gus is confused asking where that came from. Daisy explains how Gus was mumbling that name in recovery. Shaking it off assuming it was just a memory from his subconscious Gus admits he did know a Natalia once in high school but he has no idea why that would have come up. Getting back on track Gus pleads with Daisy to go back in the house and talk to Harley. Daisy goes inside but stomps past Harley going to the attic. Daisy retrieves one of Gus’ old high school yearbooks and looks up the last name of Natalia. Calling information Daisy is on the phone with Natalia as Harley and Gus are downstairs trying to figure out what to with Daisy. Daisy asks Natalia if she knows a Gus/Nick and Natalia replies “yes, he was the love of my life” .

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