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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/24/07

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Written By Dani

Cyrus watches Dinah and Mallet leave their suite at the Beacon as they prepare to go visit marina who is being released from the hospital today. Mallet and Dinah exchange ideas about where Cyrus could be and who he could have been working with in Springfield. At Cedars Marina is ready to be released and get right back to work. Still obsessed with Cyrus Marina wants out on the streets to catch him. Frank is frantic to catch Cyrus and tend to his daughter at the same time. Ashley tries to tell Frank at CO2 that she is the one who shot Alan but Frank is too worked up to listen to Ashley’s nervous excuses leading up to her confession. With Mallet and Dinah present Marina questions who the female accomplice could be and looks hard at Dinah. Mallet defends his wife and Dinah in turn defends Marina who is being overly watched and protected by Buzz and Frank. Appreciating Dinah’s support Marina backs off. Insistent more than ever that it is time for her to return to work Marina bickers with Frank about what is best for her. Over ridden with guilt over shooting his daughter Frank makes a stand. Buzz and Frank have arranged for Marina to have a suite at the Beacon with all the luxuries she will need during her recuperation.

Finally getting rid of Frank and Buzz Marina takes a breathe of relief to have a moment to her self only to have that moment interrupted by Cyrus appearing from out of the bathroom. Pleased at first to see him Marina immediately takes on the role of dutiful detective. Cyrus casually wields Marina’s service revolver as an off handed threat. He wants her to return to the warehouse where the stolen money is hidden and retrieve his money. Cyrus cannot do it himself because the entire area is a crime scene and only cops are permitted in or out.

Matt begs Vanessa for forgiveness and to work through their problems together as the loving couple they are. Vanessa is cold and resistant to having anything to do with Matt at this time. Dinah and Mallet have returned to their room where they brainstorm about Cyrus and his where a bouts . Dinah is vague trying to avoid direct questions concerning Cyrus and specifically the stolen money. Mallet listens as Dinah rambles aimlessly and begins to believe his initial thoughts about Dinah’s involvement may be true. Listening and searching the closet for evidence Mallet discovers the short gray wig hidden on the top shelf. Furious in a fit Mallet confronts Dinah, slamming furniture and throwing stuff around the room. Why he demands laying all the blame on her for choosing to get involved with Cyrus again. Dinah genuinely weeps in sorrow and guilt admitting when Mallet forces the question that she helped Cyrus because she had no other choice. Mallet claims you always have a choice….. “because Cyrus knows about your past and your secrets and threatened to go public if I didn’t help him. I did it for you.” Mallet stops dead in his tracks stunned and speechless and is so very sorry his actions has put Dinah in such a horrible situation. He apologizes explaining he didn’t just keep the secret to protect him but for Dinah’s protection as well. Dinah stops crying when Mallet comes to her taking her face kindly in his hands and promises that together they will fix their past and present mistakes so they can move on to their future together. They kiss and make love.

Ashley is flustered when Frank won’t listen to her confession and wants to get back to Marina. Coop promises that no matter what he will always be there for Ashley. Ashley asks Coop to just allow her one more night to eat , laugh, and be without stares or judgment from other people. After the truth comes out she fears for the way her life will be and how her mother will be treated. Doris is frantically searching Springfield for Ashley fearing that Ashley was on the brink of telling someone that she shot Alan. As the true friend that he is Coop prepares a dinner for Ashley that is all her favorite foods and tops it off with candles. The gesture touches Ashley but the moment is ruined when Doris arrives and drags Ashley out of Company. Disappointed Coop waits for Ashley to return. Doris takes Ashley to the jail and points out this will be your life if you tell anyone. Doris tries to appeal to what Ashley wants most in life, acceptance and love but when she sees that tactic isn’t working Doris threatens criminal charges for Coop. Upset and confused Ashley returns to Company but sits outside on the bench thinking . Coop sees his friend and joins her with friendly advice. Coop accompanies Ashley to the police station to confess and sits by her side as she begins to tell her story. Doris feels she got through to her daughter and sits alone on Main Street looking to the heavens and simply says “Thank you God” unaware of where Ashley is and what she is doing.

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