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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/23/07

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Written By Richard

Josh and Reva were in the prison room and they made love. Josh did not know how it happened after it was done and Reva didn't know what to do. They were both happy to be with each other but they also expressed regret as well.

Ashlee was angry with Coop for getting her to admit that she was the one who shot Alan. Ashlee ran off and Coop yelled for her to come back. Ava came and she asked Coop to talk with her.

Daisy sat with Gus as he was in the hospital and he called out for Natalia. Daisy asked who that was.

Harley and Cassie were talking about Reva and Josh. Cassie told Harley that she had a bad feeling about Reva. Harley told Cassie she saw Reva kissing Josh.

Josh and Reva talked about how this one time meant so much to Josh. However, Josh cried that he could not stop thinking about the 15 years that he is going to have to spend in prison and not spend time with his family. Josh told Reva that Cassie is future and he said he was sorry to Reva for using her tonight. He told her that he was grateful that she saved him tonight but he said that he should have pushed her away. He said that he knows that she loves him and he loves her but he should have pushed her away.

Frank ran into Ashlee and he said to her that he can't stop thinking about the gun shot. Ashlee wanted to know what he was talking about. Frank said that he was talking about Marina and he felt bad that he could have hurt her. Ashlee asked him what he does to deal with the guilt.

Coop was looking for Ashlee and Ava wanted to talk.

Harley said that she was not sure what she sure that it could have been nothing. Cassie was not sure and she thought it must have been something and she was upset. Daisy walked over and she said that it was nothing because Reva told her so.

Dylan came to see Gus and he accused him of using drugs. Dylan said that he was not going to let him hurt his daughter again.

Reva and Josh got up and Reva got ready to leave. Reva and Josh said goodbye to each other. Reva told Josh that she would do her best to protect Cassie, and that she made a promise to her mother to always would look out for her. Reva said to Josh that when he feels sad to always think of the woman he loves. Josh said goodbye to Reva through tears. Reva left.

Coop did not want to listen to Ava. Ava said to him that she was not the kind of person who uses people and she asked Coop to try and work things out with her.

Dylan said to Gus that he must be on drugs again and that is why he started the hotel fire. Gus asked if he was jealous of the relationship that he shares with Daisy. Gus told him that he is always there for Daisy and Dylan got upset and started yelling at Gus. Harley came into the the room and she got Dylan out of the room. After that, the monitor went off and Harley called a nurse into the room to help Gus.

Ashlee came to see Coop and she admitted that she shot Alan.

Cassie came to see Reva at her house and she said that she knew that she went to see Josh. Cassie asked what happened with the two of them when she was at the prison.

The nurse told Harley that she thinks that it was just a setback and that Gus would be fine. Daisy came in and asked Harley if he was going to be alright.

Dylan broke into Harley's house and he found Daisy's computer and he found the confession of Daisy on the computer saying that she kissed Gus.

Ashlee told Coop that she shot Alan and she cried and cried to him. Ashlee told Coop that she and her Mom had a hard life and that she wanted to be a part of the Spaulding family for so long. She said that she heard Alan saying bad things about her Mom and she loves her Mom and she couldn't let him say those things about her Mom.

Harley told Daisy that Gus was going to be fine.

Dylan watched the confession of Daisy saying that she loved Gus and she felt bad for saying these things about her Mom's husband.

Coop told Ashlee that she had to go to the cops and tell them what happened. He said that Josh is an innocent man and he shouldn't be in the prison cell for shooting Alan. Ashlee was scared that she would go to prison. She had to do what was right for Josh.

Reva told Cassie that she talked with Josh and the only time that he smiled when she was in the prison with Josh was when she mentioned her name. Cassie was so excited to hear this and she thanked Reva for saying that.

Josh had one more altercation with Vinnie Salerno and the guard was going to put Josh in solitaire. Vinnie said to Josh that he saw Reva when she was here and she makes him very upset. He gave Josh a warning and pushed into him and left. Josh dropped the picture that he had in his hand, he picked it up and it was a picture of Reva and Cassie.

Coop and Ashlee went over to Frank and Coop wanted Ashlee to admit to him what she did. Ashlee walked over to Frank and was about to tell him the truth.

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