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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/20/07

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Written By Richard

Coop sat in the diner and he was thinking about Ashlee and what she told him. Lizzie came to see Coop. She was happy that he called her.

Ashlee talked with Billy at the cafe and she wanted to know if Josh is doing OK in prison. Billy told her that it was tough for him but he was OK.

Reva was in the prison seeing Josh and she brought a bottle of booze in the prison to Josh. He was very happy to see her at the prison.

Alan was in his room and he was surprised to see Cassie there.

Josh and Reva sat down together and they talked about old times and how much fun they had. Just then, the prison guard said for the inmates to go back to their cells.

Coop wanted to know what happened when Lizzie found Alan Michael and Beth with the gun in her house. Lizzie said that it was hard to accept the secrets in the house. Coop asked Lizzie how she is dealing with losing Jonathon and Sarah and she said that is he was dealing with it every day and it was hard. Coop asked her about the people living in her house with her and about Doris and Ashlee. Lizzie said that Doris is a wolf and Ashlee tries too hard.

Josh and Reva talked more about the old times and then Josh started to talk about R.J. and Cassie and how much he missed them too. Reva took that as her cue to leave. She handed him a letter from Cassie and she left while Josh read the letter.

Josh read the letter and he smiled and he was sad at the same time. Cassie told Josh how much she loved him and Josh had a vision of Cassie and he cried.

Reva was leaving the prison and she ran into Vinnie Salerno and he told her that he would pay her back for what she did to him. He threatened Josh and her.

Cassie gave Alan a gift and she begged Alan to help her get Josh back. Alan was touched by the gift that Cassie brought him and when Cassie talked about Lizzie and Tammy, he started to panic and he told Cassie to leave.

Josh talked to a vision of Cassie that he saw and he cried and told her that the ten years in prison is hard for him. He said it's so hard because he is going to miss her and the life that they were going to have together.

Coop found Ashlee and he asked her if she needed any help.

Lizzie and Roxy came into Alan's room and she called out for him. She talked with Roxy and she said to her that Alan must have called her here to do something for him and that Coop called her for a story. She said they only seem to want to use her for something.

Cassie ran into Billy and he told her that Reva had gone to the prison to see Josh and she was surprised that she would do that.

Josh yelled at Reva for coming to visit and he told her he wouldn't be able to stay at the prison if she kept coming to see him it would make it hard for him to put the past behind him.

Coop asked Ashlee about the Spaulding's and Alan and she broke down and cried and told him that he treated her mother badly and she was upset because she loved her mother despite her problems.

Alan and Lizzie talked about Cassie and he told her that she brought him a gift and then she went crazy. He said that he think she might be having a mental breakdown. Lizzie told Alan that she just lost her daughter and Josh and she should be allowed to grieve.

Billy and Cassie talked about Reva and Cassie was worried if Reva went to the prison for the wrong reasons. Cassie told Billy that she can trust Reva and she tried to make herself see that.

Reva would not leave Josh alone in the prison and she continued to talk about the past with each other. Josh told Reva to leave and when she would not, he kissed her.

Alan said to Lizzie that he wanted to make sure that he has Lizzie's support when they have to deal with the baby that Beth is carrying. Lizzie talked about Rick and how the baby needs to be with it's two parents. Alan told her the baby could be his and Beth's. Lizzie said that no matter what she would support Alan and Beth and the baby.

Coop kept asking Ashlee questions about Alan's shooting and Josh being in jail and she started to get upset. She asked him why he was asking her these thing. Then Coop came out and asked her if she shot Alan. Ashlee was crying and she did not answer him.

Cassie was waiting by the phone and she was hoping that Reva would call her. Cassie was upset and nervous and she wanted to hear from Reva and Josh.

Josh and Reva were in the prison cell kissing each other and they moved from the door to the bed. Josh and Reva started to make love.

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