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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/18/07

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Written By Dani


Today’s episode opens with Cyrus, Marina, and Dinah each thinking about money and what money means to them and those around them. Cyrus feels money is the answer to everything and the only thing worth having in the world. Marina thinks money IS indeed the root of all evil. Dinah acknowledges she once felt that money was the only thing that mattered and now that she has more in her life she would give any amount of money to have a nice normal life she has worked so hard to get.

Cyrus starts his day on Main Street only to be met by Marina who reads aloud from a book titled The Pathology of a Thief. Catching a moment of privacy Cyrus phones Dinah to complain that Marina will not give him one second to breathe, in other words he can’t get to his money. Dinah instructs him to relax she has taken care of everything, not because they are partners but because she wants him out of town. Marina walks along the sidewalk on Main Street reading her book when she is grabbed from behind and dragged away. The kidnapper is Mallet. He leads her to Company advising her that her “shadowing” skills are lacking and she needs to let up. Mallet goes on to tell her to relax and enjoy…….. her surprise birthday party! Just as they walk through the door Marina’s friends and family yell surprise, throw confetti, and blow party horns.

As Marina is getting a true surprise Cyrus pops in on Dinah to explain he cannot get his money from the bank because when Marina caught him at the bank he had to open a checking account to look legit, so now they have all his information. Dinah is resistant to help but is soon intoxicated by remembering the great scores they once shared. Giving in Dinah pops on a blonde wig. As she tries it on Vanessa busts in with out knocking. The mother and daughter talk about the missing money and Vanessa’s concerns about the way Matt has been distant since the money went missing. Dinah becomes nervous and pushes Vanessa out the door when Vanessa asks Dinah and Mallet to join her and Matt for dinner. Dinah tries to pass Matt’s change of behavior off as stress and tells her mother not to worry about it. But for now she must go to Marina’s surprise party. Cyrus slipped out of the room when Vanessa entered.

Cyrus and Dinah disguise themselves as a wealthy couple from Texas and go to the bank to close out the account under an assumed name. The plans comes off without a hitch. Cyrus was handed a suitcase full of money. Dinah rushes off to join in on the celebrating at Company and Cyrus takes his loot to a storeroom. Frank gets an alert that there has been a large withdrawal but learns the description didn’t match Cyrus, plus there was a woman with the customer. Frank still decides to handle this himself rather than alert his over zealous daughter. Unbeknownst to Frank Marina has already slipped out of her party after becoming suspicious when she learns that the early surprise party was Dinah’s idea.

Cyrus sits in the storeroom admiring his money and is held at gunpoint by Marina. Marina feels there is more to Cyrus’ antics other than just money. Cyrus jokes “what do you think there is some tragic childhood” Outside Frank and uniformed officers have tracked Cyrus and announces on the megaphone for Cyrus to come out. In am attempt to get away Cyrus shoves marina into a stack of boxes. The impact from the fall causes her gun to go off shooting herself accidentally. Cyrus leaves but returns to discover the lifeless body of the Detective that has dogged him for weeks. Cyrus rushes to her side to attempt first aid and comfort. Cyrus talks to Marina confessing the truth about his past and the facts that brought him to become a thief. Marina is alive but weak and lethargic.

Mallet has realized both Frank and Marina are missing from the party but before he can aid his friends and colleagues Matt gets a call and drops a bomb on Vanessa as Dinah and Mallet listen. Vanessa sees the frustration her beloved husband is dealing with and asks for him to finally open up to her about what is bothering him. Matt confesses he had wanted to keep the truth from Vanessa but too much has been done. Matt goes on to tell Vanessa that they are going to be held personally liable for the missing money. Vanessa is not concerned at first until she learns they are not insured and neither is their backer in the Caymans. Matt has one last thing to add, the backer from the Caymans was not a legitimate banker and he is making threats.

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