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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/17/07

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Written By Elizabeth

The first half of this show did not air due to news coverage.

Inside Company, Buzz is at the counter on the phone.  Sounding frustrated, he leaves another message and asks her to call him back. When he looks up he sees Ashlee staring off into space. Across the restaurant, Coop and Ava share a table and are talking.  Buzz sees that Ashlee is upset and tries to assure her that Coop and Ava are merely friends.  "She did quite a number on him. She is just trying to patch things up." Buzz explains, referring to Ava. Ashlee shakes her 'head looking sad and tells Buzz that Ava merely needs to walk into the room to grab Coop's attention.

Ava looks intently at Coop as she tells him that it was easy for them to go from friends to lovers before. She seems to think that it should be that easy once more. Coop, on the other hand, disagrees. He tells her that it is too hard to go back, especially when she 'traded up' for her lifestyle change. She shakes her head, apologizing once more breaking his heart. She goes on to mention all the lies that Alan-Michael has told her. Ava even casually mentions the gun in the Spaulding Mansion. Coop is instantly interested, and yet still wonders why she would choose to work for a family with so many secrets. Ava looks down at the table. “I like my job and I am good at it." She tells him quietly. Coop shakes his head. "You sound just

Like your mother." He tells her annoyed.

Ava instantly begins to defend her mother, upset at Coop's comment. "I like the way that you automatically assume that I meant that the bad way." He tells her with a grin on her face. Before Ava has a chance to say anything else, he tells her that despite some of Olivia's issues that she makes his father happy. Coop also reminds Ava that soon her mother will be a part of the Cooper family.  Ava nods and looks like she has finally realized something. Looking into Coop's eyes she tells him that perhaps she would have done better if she wasn't so quick to shut everyone out.

"I hope that I didn't screw this up." Ava tells him sounding sad. Shaking his head, Coop tells her that he's here for her, anytime that she needs a friend.  Just then Coop looks up across the restaurant and sees Ashlee with her hands full. He jumps up to help her.

As Coop reaches Ashlee he jokes with her about his book. Distracted, she doesn't get the joke and he has to explain it to her. She blows him off and mentions that she has a lot to do with the customers. Coop looks worried and wonders if everything is truly ok with her. He instantly wonders if it has something to do with her getting kicked out of the mansion.  She shakes her head, and reminds him of what they were doing before Ava came into the restaurant.

Coop apologizes to Ashlee for being rude.

Alan-Michael is freed from the chair he was tied to at the Beacon. Olivia warns him to stay away from Ava. Alan-Michael ignores her, letting both Olivia and Jeffery know that he doesn't need their help.

Once outside the room, Jeffery checks with Olivia to make sure that she is okay with what they have just done. Olivia nods, but still looks upset.

Gus looks weak and is lying in a hospital bed. He tries explaining to Harley that Daisy was upset. Harley nods, letting him know that she's aware of that. "She was mixed up, like when I was a kid." He tells her. Harley looks confused as Gus continues to try and explain what happened at the hotel. As he is talking, Dylan pokes his head into the room and tells Harley that he needs to speak with her now. She looks down at Gus and tells him to get some rest before leaving.

In the hallway, Harley finds herself alone with Dylan. He explains that their daughter is in the cafeteria and will be back soon. Dylan gets to the point immediately. "Daisy didn't start the fire." He says. "Gus did. He was high." Harley looks shocked.  She begins to defend her husband immediately.  Dylan shakes his head; he doesn't want to hear it.

Inside Gus' room, Daisy is by his bed. She tells him that she prayed for him to be okay as she strokes his head. Gus smiles and tells her that the important thing is that she is okay. Daisy smiles and begs him not to tell Harley about her confession to him. "She'd hate me forever." Daisy says as she pleads with Gus not to say anything.  They are interrupted by Harley who mentions that Dylan wants to see his daughter. Reluctantly, Daisy leaves her step-father's bed.

Daisy leaves the room and sees her father outside. She tells him that she's happy to have him around now, even it it is only for a short time. Dylan smiles and tells her that he's glad to see her as well.

Inside the room, Harley tells Gus that she needs to know what happened with the fire. "Daisy.. went to sleep early. The rest was all me. It was all me. “He tells her weakly before nodding off.  

Olivia walks into Company talking on her cell phone. Buzz instantly smiles when he sees her.   She is all over the place conversation wise. Eventually she admits to Buzz about kidnapping Alan-Michael with Jeffery's help. Buzz can't believe what she is saying, although he does seem to feel that she is doing it for all the right reasons. "I've learned something." She tells her fiancé. "My gut doesn't go for the juggler anymore. And I don't want power and revenge anymore, and that's because of your faith in me. "Buzz reminds her that they are going to be married soon and seems concerned about her involvement with Jeffery. Buzz flat out tells her that Jeffery can have absolutely no part whatsoever in their marriage.

Jeffery is outside of Company and looks inside to see Olivia and Buzz hugging.  He instantly imagines himself as a family with Ava and Olivia. Alan-Michael interrupts his daydream and mentions the kidnapping to Jeffery. He goes on to try and rattle Jeffery's cage by mentioning Olivia.  He insinuates that Jeffery and Olivia have feelings for one another before walking away.

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