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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/16/07

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Written By Richard

Daisy and Gus were at the hotel. Daisy said to Gus how she felt for him. Gus told her that he loves Harley and he loves her too, as his daughter. Daisy said to him how she felt the two of them had a really good connection and he said that they do, he loves her as a daughter and that's all it ever can be.

Jeffrey came to see Olivia at her Apartment and she told him that they shouldn't be spending a lot of time together because it brings back old feelings that they had together.

Alan-Michael was walking with Ava on the Main Street and he told her that he wanted to take down Alan, his father.

Alan and Beth were on the Main Street and Alan told Beth that he wanted her to be his wife again.

Cassie warned Rick that Beth might be carrying his baby.

Daisy said to Gus that she thought the two of them got close. Gus told her that what she was feeling was a crush. Daisy was upset and she didn't want to have to go to boot camp. Gus left the room and Daisy took out some pills and she slipped them into a drink.

Harley was at the diner and talked with Cassie about Josh. Harley told Cassie not to let Josh try to push her away. Harley told Cassie about how she had to ship Daisy off to the boot camp and she worried if she would forgive her or not.

Gus asked Daisy what she wanted to watch and she gave Gus the hot chocolate to drink with the pills in it. She told him that her crush was going away and she watched as he started to fall asleep from the pills.

Jeffrey was playing with Emma and Olivia came in and she talked with him. Jeffrey asked her if she knew what Ava was like as a kid and Olivia said that she didn't know. Olivia told him that they weren't in love and they didn't have a future with each other.

Alan-Michael got Ava to admit that she almost fell in love with him.

Alan was passing out cigars to everyone on the street and he told Rick that he was going to be a father again. Rick told Alan and Beth the baby was his.

Ava told Alan-Michael that she was innocent when they were together and he was conning her. He told Ava she was playing the innocent game and she was doing what she was doing to get ahead in the company.

Rick told Alan that the baby was his. He was angry and told Beth that her plan did not work. Rick left. Beth was shocked that he would say that.

Ava walked into Olivia's Apartment and she wanted to talk to Olivia and Jeffrey. She wanted to know how to not become someone who uses others in life.

Daisy watched as she waited for him to fall asleep. He got a phone call from Harley and she had wanted to see if they were all right or if Daisy had tried to run away again. He told her they were fine and he fell asleep. Daisy got into bed with Gus and she lit the candles in the room as she stayed next to him.

Beth said to Alan that Rick lied to him and that the baby was Alan's. Beth did admit she slept with Rick. She said she wanted to give Alan a child.

Olivia and Jeffrey said to Ava that she was not a user and that she shouldn't listen to what Alan-Michael tells her. Olivia did admit that it was OK for Ava to want to move ahead in her life and sometimes you have to do things that you might not normally do.

Daisy woke up and she saw that the candles were burning the curtains and they caught on fire and she got up and tried to put them out. Daisy was upset and she tried to pour water on them.

Daisy watched as Gus was brought into the hospital and was upset.

Harley and Cassie saw Dylan at the diner and he said hello to the both of them. Harley asked Dylan how long he might stay in town for. Dylan said to Harley he might stay permanently. Dylan asked Harley where Daisy was. Harley told Dylan that Daisy was sent away to boot camp.

Alan said to Beth that he love her. Alan said that he understood why she did what she did and he wanted to have a family with her. Beth was very excited.

Alan-Michael told Alan that he had one more child to grow up and despise you. Alan said to Alan-Michael that the child would be worthy of his love.

Olivia and Jeffrey wanted to work together to crush Alan-Michael and get him out of Ava's life.

Cassie saw Ava sitting down at the diner and when Ava left her table for a little while, she walked over and grabbed a piece of paper off of her table. It had to do with Alan-Michael's company.

Alan-Michael was tied to a chair in his Apartment. Olivia and Jeffrey had broke in and tied him up.

Rick told Beth that he ordered a paternity test to see if Beth's child is his or Alan's.

Alan called his lawyer and he told him to make sure that the annulment papers to end their marriage were on his desk in the morning. He told him that Doris could not fight it unless she wanted to see her daughter spend time in prison.

Daisy waited in the hospital with Gus and the nurse came in. The nurse asked Daisy if there was anyone she should call and she said that she was the only one here. Daisy stood and she waited by his side as she hoped for him to get better.

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