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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/13/07

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Written By Richard

Rick came into the Diner and he found Alan there. Alan said to Rick that he knew that he wanted to kill him when he was in the coma. Rick said that he wanted him dead but he would never kill one of his patients.

Josh was confronted in the prison again and he was attacked by one of the guys who attacked him before. He punched Josh hard and ran off as Josh fell to the ground. Josh was worried about Cassie and if they or Vinnie Salerno would go after her.

Cassie was trying to find a way to get in the prison to see Josh again.

Reva was all dressed up to go and see Josh and Daisy commented on how she looked like she was going on a date. Reva told her that she was going to see Josh in prison. Daisy wanted to know how you know when you find the person that you love in life. Reva said to her that when it happens she will know. She told her to follow her heart. Reva went to leave and she saw Harley and Gus at the door and they wanted to see Daisy. Harley was upset with Daisy.

Harley and Gus tried to get Daisy to go back to the program for teens. Reva tried to stop Harley from taking Reva to the camp. Reva said to Harley that Daisy was a good girl and she didn't need to go to the camp. Daisy told Harley that she didn't need to go to the camp. Harley got a call that Jude has a fever and she went to go get him.

Susan confronted Beth about lying to Alan about her pregnancy. Beth told her that she wanted a family with Alan and she knows that a baby would do it. Susan had told her that Alan was no good for her.

Alan demanded that Rick stop trying to steal Beth away from him. Rick told him that he would do whatever he has to to get Beth back.

Reva told Harley that Daisy was going to be just fine. Reva was worried about Daisy and she told Harley that she was a good girl. Harley didn't need advice from Reva. Harley called her out on the fact that she was going to see Josh. Harley told Reva that they both wanted what was best for the people in their life who they loved.

Gus was tired and Daisy asked him if he anted her to drive. He told her that he was going to drive but they might not get to the camp tonight.

Josh met with Cassie at the prison. Cassie told him how much she was worried about him and how she worried that he might have his arms broken or be beaten again in prison. Josh said to her that she had to get on with her life and she needed to stop worrying about him and she had to do thing with her kids and distance herself from him. Josh told her that he didn't want her to come and see him anymore. Cassie was shocked that he would say that.

Reva ran into Alan as she went out the door. Alan asked Reva to come with him to dinner. Reva refused. Reva told him that she was headed to see Josh. Alan told her that Josh was some lucky guy to have two ladies fight over him for his attention. Reva told Alan that the reason he was alive, was to clear Josh and tell everyone who really shot him. Alan laughed at Reva as she got on the elevator.

Harley and Rick talked about Jude and how he was feeling better. They were at the hospital. Harley told Rick that he should keep away from Beth and that she is bad news for him. Rick said he cared about Beth.

Daisy and Gus stopped by a hotel so they could get some rest on their trip to the camp. Daisy told Gus that she sometimes feels as if he is all she has in this life.

Josh said to Cassie that he can't watch her fade away like this and he was telling her not to come and see him anymore to make it easier for them. Cassie did not want to hear this and she begged Josh to not do this and to sit and talk with her. Josh asked the guard to bring him back to his cell. Cassie was upset as he left her and went back.

Gus called Harley on the phone and told her that they did not make it to the camp and that they were staying at a hotel for the night to rest up. Daisy did not want Gus to go to sleep yet and she had to tell him something.

Reva ran into Josh as they were bringing him back to his cell. She asked the guard to have some time with him and they let them have some time together. Josh told Reva what he had told Cassie to not come to the prison and see him anymore. Reva said that she would talk to Cassie for him. Reva was going to get up and leave, and Josh told her not to leave.

Cassie ran into Beth at the Diner and she argued with Beth about what Alan did to her daughter and Josh. Alan got there to meet Beth and they walked away to go and have dinner. Alan gloated and told Cassie to say Hi to Josh for him.

Daisy said to Gus that she was going to get locked up tomorrow and she needed to tell him something. Daisy told him that she cared about Gus and that she felt that he was the only one who understood her. Daisy told him how much she cared about him.

Alan and Beth sat down to dinner and Beth told Alan that she was pregnant and she was carrying Alan's baby. Alan was shocked at first and he didn't know if that was she really wanted but Beth convinced Alan that she did want his baby. Alan said that he saw this as a new start for them. Alan said together they could be powerful and they could get rid of the people in their life who tried to hurt them like Alan Michael and Rick.

Rick ran into Cassie at the hospital and she pulled him aside and she told him that Beth had lied before about her baby and that she found out she was pregnant just recently. Cassie told Rick that the baby could be his.

Reva was surprised that Josh would ask her to stay with him and she told him that she would be there for him. Josh said that he enjoys it when Reva comes to see him and it reminds him that he is not a prison number but he had a life with Reva and their kids. Reva said that she had played his wife before and she would play his wife again to make him happy. Reva told Josh that all she wanted was to make him happy. Reva grabbed his hand she squeezed it.

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