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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/12/07

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Written By Dani

Marina sits in her car watching and waiting under the self proclaimed notion she is staking out Cyrus Foley. Cyrus opens her passenger side door “Coffee” he offers. Without invitation he slips into the seat next to her and calls her out in the way of a joke that she is stalking him. Marina expresses she is convinced he is up to know good and she will be the one who’s there when he slips up to make the arrest. Cyrus is confident all business in Springfield is legitimist so he plays havoc with the flustered detective. Marina gets a text message from buzz calling an emergency Cooper family dinner. Marina hand cuffs Cyrus to her and is in route to Company. While Marina was stalking Cyrus Olivia joyfully asked Buzz to call all the Cooper’s together for a celebratory dinner. Always willing to get the family together for a dinner especially under happy circumstances Buzz agreed still without knowing fully what they will be celebrating. Olivia explains they never set another wedding date after they called off the elopement, and she wants to set a date and celebrate if Buzz still wants to marry her. Of course he does Buzz explains and is more on board with planning the impromptu dinner.

Daisy stops in to pick up an order of fries but disappoints Buzz and Frank that she can’t stay for the dinner. Daisy is kind to and happy for Olivia and offers her congratulations. Popping the cork on a bottle of champagne Frank, Olivia, and Buzz begin to celebrate while setting up for dinner. Frank jokes with Olivia about the fiery Geek men and families and Greek traditions. Olivia is intimidated but enjoying the family attention and prospect of being part of such a big wonderful family. Frank isn’t pleased but is polite when Marina arrives with Cyrus in tow. Before going in Marina agreed to uncuff her “prisoner” though he wasn’t being charged with anything, he would behave and after dinner she would kiss him. Rolling her eyes she agreed. As Marina offers her congratulations and a hand in the kitchen Cyrus calls Dinah to complain about Marina’s constant observance of him.

Just before dinner is served Jeffery accidentally walks into Company not realizing it was closed for a private family function. He tries to make a smooth exit but Buzz calls a truce and invites him to stay. Jeffery hangs around long enough for Olivia to give a heartfelt toast to her finance and the entire Cooper family for being so wonderful and welcoming. Feeling uncomfortable because he is falling in love with Olivia offers his own toast to the happy couple and leaves. Olivia walks him out. Before Jeffery could get out the door Cyrus stopped him and asked him about the possibility of putting him on retainer. Jeffery tells him to give his office a call tomorrow. Frank is curious as to what Cyrus “has done” to need a lawyer. Cyrus explains it’s not what he has done but what someone else is doing. Cyrus gives the details of a person following and hawking him. Frank explains that it sounds like he has a stalker. Frank offers police assistance but Cyrus tells him he doesn’t really want to go through the police because his stalker is one of them and is very beautiful. Frank and Buzz put it together and look at Marina. After the dinner outside Cyrus wants his end of the deal, a kiss. Marina refuses saying “she would never….” Cyrus kisses her.

Cassie talks to Reverend Rutledge about the details of the wedding at the prison. Rev. Rutledge offers inspirational advice to Cassie who is persistent in moving on with her plans to marry Josh as soon as possible so she can be granted a conjugal visit. Before heading to the prison to visit Josh Cassie catches Jeffery at CO2 and shows him the photos of Josh’s injuries. Jeffery doesn’t have much hope to give Cassie but tells her he will call Mel and do what they can. At the prison Cassie is informed she is no longer allowed to see Josh. She becomes upset insisting there is some kind of mistake but the guard double checks and she is on a list given by the inmate of people he does not want to see.

Reva drops Daisy off with Billy for a visit. Daisy must complete her homework and studies first. Billy notices right away that Reva is wearing her wedding rings and asks why. Reva tells him the story of visiting Josh under the pretence of a conjugal visit. Billy doesn’t think it is a good idea and believes she is enjoying wearing the rings she once wore when married to Josh. Reva denies at first that her feelings for Josh played into agreeing to Cassie’s plan, she only wants the best for Josh. Reva goes on to explain the trouble and harm Josh is in. Billy understands the harm his brother is in but there is nothing Reva can do pretending to be his wife again. Reva tears up thinking about Josh’s injuries and how she felt when she was taking care of him nursing the bruises. She emotionally admits she wants Josh no matter what. Billy tries to tell her as a friend that it is too late and goes on to point out he continued to tell her she would loose him when she was sick if she didn’t tell Josh of her illness. Reva pulls herself together to prove Billy wrong not believing it is completely over for her and “Bud”, she admits she kissed him and it was real. Billy is frustrated at Reva’s typical hard-headedness believing she is going to be the one who gets hurt. Reva feels what Josh needs is someone strong who can help him the way he helps other people and Cassie is too emotional and weak to help him at this point.

Cassie calls Reva, angry from being told to leave the prison, and asks her to meet at CO2. Reva tells Billy she isn’t surprised because after talking to Josh yesterday he wants to put some distance between himself and Cassie. Josh does not want to marry Cassie and prison and will not do it. Reva agrees it isn’t a good idea and does not hide the fact that she made that clear to Josh. Reva leaves and Daisy returns. Daisy asks Billy is she can move in with him. He immediately says no but tells his granddaughter that he will speak to Harley and Dylan. Daisy and Billy have a nice talk about Dylan and his divorce. Both think it would be nice for him to come around more for everyone. Cassie tells Reva the only way she can help Josh now is if Reva goes back to the prison under the pretext of a conjugal visit. “No, no, no “ Reva refuses. Cassie comes unraveled and begs Reva to pretend to be Josh’s wife again, Reva agrees with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart.

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