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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/11/07

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Written By Dani

“Just Pretend”

Reva and Cassie discuss the various ways they could arrange a visit alone and unmonitored with Josh so they can get to the bottom of who is hurting Josh. Reva suggests Reverend Rutledge but Cassie has her own idea. If Cassie can’t get in anytime soon to marry Josh and get a conjugal visit she will send Reva to the prison as Josh’s wife. Reva is resistant and doesn’t believe the prison will believe her. Cassie doesn’t think the government agencies will exchange notes. Reva still doesn’t want to do it and becomes upset at the idea of pretending to be Josh’s wife. Cassie begs and believes this is the only way to help Josh. Reva gives in reluctantly and agrees. Reva purchases a lipstick camera and puts her wedding rings on.

At the prison the warden searches Reva’s purse discovering a note Cassie had given to Reva to give to Josh. Reva blows up in anger accusing Cassie of not getting the message that Josh and Reva are married and in love. Reva tears up and tells the story of discovering cancer and being on the brink of death. Reva explains during her cancer scare she did push the two people she loves most together, her sister and Josh. But when it looked like she was going to pull through she and Josh realized they loved each other and decided not to file the divorce decree. Reva insists Cassie just hasn’t gotten the message and won’t give up. The warden takes pity on the recovering woman who has been given a second chance with the man she loves. The warden allows Reva a conjugal visit with Josh.

Reva waits in the designated room. Josh is confused when the guard tells him his wife is here for a conjugal visit and stunned when he enters the room to see Reva. She explains Cassie’s plan and reasons for sending her in. Josh insists he is fine but when it is obvious Josh is in pain Reva pushes for an answer as to who is hurting him. Josh refuses to give up the name of the person responsible for beating him, Josh will not even acknowledge someone is after him. Finally reva lifts Josh’s shirt to reveal cuts, scrapes and bruises. He claims he had a fall in the hall way where there was spilled water but reva is wise to what a beating looks like. She promises if he will tell her they can get him transferred but Josh blurts out “it doesn’t matter he will find me.” reva is certain there is one individual who has it out for Josh but he will not tell her who it is. Reva applies a cool damp rag to the bruises for a little comfort. They kiss.

Josh comes back to his senses and asks Reva to lie to Cassie and tell her everything is fine. Reva knows Cassie will not except that everything is okay because she is already convinced he is in harm . Josh feels she will believe it if Reva is the one who tells her. Reva convinces Josh that Cassie is so convinced she must help him she is already working with the Department of Corrections about arranging a wedding . Josh is upset to learn that Cassie wants to marry him in prison feeling she deserves the wedding they always dreamed of. Josh asks for reva opinion on marrying Cassie while in prison. Reva admits she feels it is a bad idea and would only make Cassie’s life on the outside worse.

When Reva is leaving the prison the guard, that saved him from further attack just before his visit with Reva, confides in Reva that Vinnie Selarno was the one ordering the abuse to Josh. The guard wants to help Josh who he feels is a good man. The guard’s brother came back from Afghanistan after loosing a leg and was treated at the Veteran’s hospital Josh built.

Cassie waits anxiously for Reva to return from the prison and runs into her best friend Harley on Main Street. Cassie tells Harley about her idea and Harley questions whether that was the best thing to do. Cassie is assured it was the best and only option right now. Cassie trusts Reva completely. Harley will not let it go, that she feels it is a bad mistake to allow Reva to be alone with Josh especially in a conjugal room at a time when Josh is already vulnerable. Cassie has complete trust in Reva.

Harley goes to the prison to talk to Officer Peyton about how Daisy is doing. Officer Peyton is shocked that Harley doesn’t know that Reva took full responsibility and custody of Daisy. Harley is angry that Reva has inferred in her and Daisy’s relationship once again. Harley sees Reva and Josh kiss as guards lead him back to his cell. In the parking lot Harley confronts Reva. The conversation starts of friendly at first and Reva invites Harley to get in the car with her but Harley immediately accuses Reva of being up to no good by pretending to be Josh’s wife. Reva defends her visit. The confrontation quickly moves from arguing over Cassie and josh to Daisy. Harley and Reva scream insults at each other . Both insult the other’s mothering skills. When Reva has had enough she orders Harley out of her car.

Cassie anxiously meets Reva expecting good news . Reva shaken by her argument with Harley and guilt ridden over Vinnie being the once responsible for bringing harm to Josh Reva is not in the mood to talk. She gives Cassie a quick rundown of what happened but tries to avoid questions and details with her mind not being Josh and Cassie. Reva did forget to give Josh the love note she sent to him but lies and says he loved it. In her car, Reva tries to remove her wedding rings and discovers they are stuck. Reva has a moment of thought and decides it is fate that her rings are stuck.

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