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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/10/07

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Written By Dani

Matt, Vanessa, Dinah, and Mallet discuss who could be behind the withdrawals and transfers on the Cayman account. Mallet is convinced Cyrus Foley is behind the shady activity. Mallet and Vanessa leave the room to take a close look at the online account. Matt confides in Dinah that he is the one who has been moving the money around. When mallet and Vanessa return Vanessa is more and more convinced that Mallet is right Cyrus is the culprit. The bank calls Mallet and asks to speak with him about Cyrus. All are certain they are going to learn that the money has been stolen by Cyrus. Excited for the break in the case Mallet is soon disappointed when the banker explains he called a meeting with Mallet and Dinah because Cyrus used them as a reference on some bank paperwork.

Mallet is irritated but wants to push on with the investigation . Dinah tells Mallet what matt had shared earlier and asks him to back off and let Matt deal with it. Looking into this more at this point would only hurt Vanessa . Mallet agrees unless he discovers Cyrus is snooping around Matt and Vanessa’s account. Cyrus calls Dinah upset that the money is at the bank but he can’t get to it because marina won’t stop following him, everywhere. Cyrus moves into the boarding house after deciding to open a checking account and stick around Springfield.

Olivia and Jeffery argue insistently over what is best for Ava who is standing between them . Olivia wants to encourage Ava to go after her goals professionally or personally. Jeffery wants Ava to be successful but not with the Spauldings. The arguing becomes more and more heated until Ava storms out but returns. Olivia gives Jeffery and Ava time to talk calmly and rationally. They have a nice father daughter talk. Ava admits she wants to work for Spaulding but on a personal note she just can’t stop thinking about Alan Michael even though she doesn’t want to care for him or think about him. Outside as Ava and Jeffery talk Alan Michael and Olivia get into a heated conversation and tempers flare more when Jeffery joins the fight. Jeffery punches Alan Michael when he calls Olivia a whore.

Ava rushes to Alan Michael’s side and takes him to the Beacon where she cleans up his wound. Alan Michael feeling defeated asks her what she wants from him. Alan Michael tells her he has already lost everything including her. They kiss passionately . Alan Michael assumes the kiss meant more than what it was. Ava becomes angry at him as she watches him unravel. Ava tells Alan Michael she only kissed him so she would know she could and walk away. Alan Michael blows up accusing Jeffery and Olivia of getting into her head and poisoning her against him. Ava leaves telling him to stay away from her.

Doris gleefully puts together a wedding album. Ashley worries anxiously about there future now that Alan is awake and knows she is the one who shot him. Doris reassures Ashley that Alan promised to keep it quiet about Ashley being the shooter because he loves them and wants to protect them. Alan Michael has taken Alan to the hospital for a check up. Alan praises Alan Michael on what a good job he has done with the company and the family while Alan was in his coma. Alan Michael eats up the long awaited praise but it is cut short when Alan adds, he doesn’t see where he found the time considering he was trying to seduce Beth. Alan Michael turns on Beth claiming she was the one who came onto her. Alan defends Beth and proclaims “The real Spaulding is back” Alan tells Alan Michael he intends on reclaiming all that is his. Alan Michael is resistant when he learns Alan has already called a board meeting and he will be replaced as CEO of Spaulding. Alan continues his vengeance on his son by casting him out of the company completely, the house, and his life as his son. Alan Michael is crushed and begs for Alan not to let Beth tear apart the trust they have finally built. Alan turns to him one last time and tells him Beth has nothing to do with it Alan Michaels single-handedly tore any trust he could have for him apart.

After his check up Alan returns home to take care of Doris just as he promised Beth. “Honey, I’m home” he calls for her but adds “the real me is back” under his breathe. Doris shows off the wedding album to Alan who points out the photo of them when they were taking their vows, “I can’t speak for the big guy but I know lawyers know, vows are made to be broken” Doris not seeing what is coming ,still believing she has the upper hand answers with “Well I am a lawyer and I know our prenup is as tight as Beth’s smile.” Alan looks through the book and appears to be happy to see the fond memories until he comes to a photo of Ashley. “Oh and look there is a photo of the person who shot me.” Alan doesn’t wastes time getting to the real point of the charade. Get out, tonight. The only way he will keep Ashley’s secret is if they leave his house today. Doris throws Ashley out as a sacrificial lamb calling Alan’s bluff but Alan shuts her down bringing up her less than spotless past especially recent events. Alan promises a lot comes out in court and if Ashley goes down Doris will certainly go down with her. Doris and Ashley pack and leave the Spaulding mansion with their heads hung in shame. Before they leave Alan has some parting words for Ashley. “You are not a Spaulding and you never will be. If you were a Spaulding when you shot me you would have killed me.” Alan has rid his life of what he perceives to problems standing in the way of family unity. Alan sits at his desk drawing bars over a photo of Josh Lewis “Sorry Josh. We all have to make sacrifices.”

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