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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/9/07

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Written By Richard

Daisy snuck into the back of Reva's car. She asked Reva not to tell anyone that she was there. Reva was surprised to see her there.

Cassie said to the guard at the prison that they need to help Josh and he didn't want to hear her any longer. He had tried to have her removed, and she would not leave. Alan came in and told him to let her stay. Cassie was happy to see Alan and she went over to him and hugged him. Alan was surprised.

Dinah tried to keep Mallet in the dark about her deal with Cyrus. Mallet wanted to spend some time with Dinah in the hotel room, but he was interrupted by a phone call. He went to the station. Dinah went outside for a minute and she went inside to find Cyrus sitting there waiting for her.

Rick said to Beth that Alan was no good for her. He said that Alan would never change and he was puzzled why Beth would want to be with Alan if she told him she loved him.

Reva brought Daisy to the diner and she wanted to find out why she was in the back seat of her car. Daisy told her that she was being sent to a teen boot camp and she asked Reva not to tell Harley. Reva was upset with her but she didn't want to see her go away.

Alan told Cassie that he had changed. Cassie told Alan that he had to go to the police and get Josh out. Alan told her that he had his lawyers working on it. Cassie had tthought hat he was playing games with her and she blasted Alan for wanting to hurt Josh and for killing her daughter. Cassie slapped him and he thanked her doing that. He said that he needed that.

Dinah yelled at Cyrus and told him to get out of her apartment. Cyrus convinced her to help him get the money from Vanessa. He took her out and bought her a wig to look like Vanessa so she could steal her money.

The Corrections Officer came in the diner and he noticed Daisy and Reva and he came over to take Daisy away from her. The Corrections Officer had a very bad attitude towards getting Daisy in shape. Reva didn't like it and she told him that Daisy was staying with her. Daisy was so happy and she hugged Reva. She said that she would be an angel with her.

Rick argued with Beth about Alan and he told her that he though she would want to be with him. Beth told Rick she needed to see Alan once again and then she would let him know how she feels about him. Rick was upset with Beth and walked out.

Alan told Beth he was glad that she yelled at him and the slap made Alan revert to his old self. He threw his cane on the floor and he started to leave the prison. Cassie picked up the cane and she said to him that he had to tell the police that Josh was innocent or she would hit him with the cane and send him back into the coma.

Alan laughed at Cassie and she would not put the cane down and she asked him to help Josh get out of prison. Mallet entered the room and he made Cassie put the cane down. Alan told Mallet to arrest Cassie and he would not. Alan said that nothing has changed since he came out of his coma. He left the room.

Dinah used the wig to act like she was Vanessa and she was upset that she was going to hurt her Mother. Cyrus told her to let the banker in and she did and she pretended that she was her Mother to get the money from him. He noticed that she signed the paper as Dinah.

Alan came into his house and he yelled and told Beth that she was having a affair with Rick. Beth wanted to know what happen to the new Alan and Alan told her that he was dead and he was back to his self.

Dinah told him that Dinah was her security password and she signed again. He accepted her reason for the mistake and she got him to leave and he didn't know anything was wrong. Cyrus came in and he kissed Dinah.

Alan was bellowing and yelling at Beth and he said to her that he hates Doris and he wanted her out of his life. Beth was kind of glad to have Alan back the way he was and she told him so.

Dinah pushed Cyrus out the door and Mallet came in a little bit later. Mallet said to her he suspected Cyrus was involved in Vanessa business and he would send him to jail if he finds out he steals from her.

Alan listened as Beth told him that she pretended to be pregnant with his child so he would want to be with her again. Alan told her that he wanted to be with her and she wanted to have a baby with him. Alan liked the idea and he said to her that he wanted her to help him get rid of Doris. Beth told Alan that Alan Michael tried to seduce her and that he tried to up his medication when he was in the coma. Alan told her that he would deal with Alan Michael himself and they went to bed together,

Reva wanted to find out who would try to hurt Josh in prison. Reva and Cassie said that they had to find a way to get inside the prison and get close to Josh. Cassie said that she would get inside the prison with Josh and to do that she would marry him.

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